7 - Code Blue

EEEE this is so fun. Kids first, right?

Yup, then lost people, then fans of the Starlight Princess and Boobsong. Who's handling the mindfucks?

Seed-ghost can hold these.

Okay cool (our seed-ghost is...not normal). But also like, I'm remembering, I don't really think about that kind of thing. Between my tentacles and our seed-ghost, it just kind of happens, unless I use Boobsong--she's where I'm in charge. Or am dragon chow.

Don't forget Peanut!

AAH THE POOR THING! Why don't they wish they had a Mommy who doesn't do that stuff?

You seem for them sometimes like a Fairy of their size, and sometimes a powerful Princess. To have you be both sides, you can't be too perfect, but you can't make this kind of mistake here. Your tentacles can balance this with the small side. Just be a small thing and let your tentacles hold you like it holds every other one of your Fairies. Of course you're one of your Fairies! Bouncy soft Rainbow is the Fairiest one of them! Give her the best pets. She deserves them. Right now she is waiting to ask you for pizza and time with her Fairies and Boobsong. Be very quick so you don't miss the pizza!

It...they...we like to just play kids' games, made up for grownups. That means I have to be small some and it rules.

Boobsong's amazing at checkers, but her real game is scary. She likes to play handmaiden's delight. You build a partner, by describing their features, around in a circle. When the partner is done, I make candy...it's a candy cock. You suck it, and it turns you into the partner the game made, and everyone fucks you. You have to be good and obey them. The candy makes you. My handmaidens are awesome at it. Sex does her doll thing, but hard one is...Bombshell!? What's she do? Ummm...

She likes to explode me so Boobsong can lick me off her. And the rest of them. She'll make partners that do that. "She'll explode when..." hehe. That's only when I'm the fuckdoll, but I love that. It kind of freaks Sex out--as if! Sex is the next one who's scary! She's hardcore. Aside from her doll stuff, and inflation, Sex is obsessed with this "dark stuff" as she calls it. Anything that's creepy or scary, she's there for. Exploding Princess is awesome, and chopping parts off with a cleaver of teeth that's just Boobsong to feed her, is Sex's best game. Oh that's right we play Operation! It's so funly fucked up. That's why my organs look candy, so it won't be too guro for me to have fun with, or Boobsong (she doesn't like blood, just pussy).

Okay this is so messed up, it can't be--Sex would, though. Wouldn't that make Boobsong freak out? Not the gore thing, it's actually just pretty, but, like, once all my insides are eaten, Sex getting in to control me, wouldn't that bother my Keeper?

Candy guts yummy! Can't keep control though. Princess gets super funtime, that's all...Keeper always feeds her pet well here.

Sex's whole body inside is awesome (she's the...only one who will do this? Yeah...too scary even for Bombshell, this is our best game but the rest of them run away screaming). Oh that's how she makes me fuck Boobsong! From inside!

[!] EEEEE YOU GET THIS!! What's good part!

I can control her, but only with plucks, she gets to work out the details. THAT'S WHAT'S WITH SEX'S SMALL SIZE! She can deflate to fit in me! I'm big but not that big, and I like to be my own shape for this.

HOT YOUR BOOBSONG IS WET FOR THAT NOW! Sex is always creative and funtimes. She never just does what you tell her!

It's such a relaxing vacation! I just click her like, fuck Boobsong, and sit there and enjoy as the most fucked up and kinky things happen. I'm always so tingly from all the bites, and feel so full...

Oh my screaming strawberry twizzler sundae floats, this is so twisted. I can wait for game time, but I'm really coming apart at the seams, so we'd better get there before I have a meltdown!

My other handmaidens aren't weaksauce, but one of the reasons I'm so hard in love with Bombshell is she embraces our dragon game so hard. It makes me feel so loved that she likes to get Boobsong to eat me up. She's always so happy to see us enjoy it.

What's Magic do? Is she just cute? She's adorable, books? The library? She's a book slut, of course...here we are back with the library and I feel so annoyed I could burst, heh. Of course we weren't here to remember the nightmares! We came here to get pizza and gifts for my handmaidens! Such as Magic! Who's a book fiend! That's something...I have a book fiend though. Fiend Boob. Book. Boob book. Hehe. Does Magic read us? Write fanfiction...closer. She can read Boobsong to me while I do stuff? Eh...she's a fangirl otaku who likes Starlight Princess and Cowboy Bebop...this isn't a power, it's just a game--

Yeah but she's got a Magic: The Gathering deck that affects the real world, thanks to Boobsong (of course I could make that like candy, or make candy cards, but...everyone knows, Magic's demonic. I mean duh. This was an Acme Station special...no...Leviathan Erotica, hehe). Of course it's all sex stuff. She can summon playmates like dildos that grab you to fuck, she has this transparent green one...hot. But most of her deck's Enchantments and Instants and Interrupts with a sprinkle of creatures. Dragon? Please tell me we did this. We can't have been so stupid to not do it.

How could we not do! That was the best part! Have to use up that mana, the burn's wicked...

Muahahah what was the card like, there was one, right? Yeah. Oooh she's going to beg me for that Keep of the Starlight Princess card. Bwaha--tentacles you still have that, right?

And more things! You have a few different land cards.

Cuz all my houses duh! Okay what were they all--no we'll be here forever.

This is the fun thing about me. The more I embrace the darkness. The brighter my light shines. I need to remember my funtimes, so I'll make happy candy for all those cute kids.

Kids are the darkest, you know though. I mean have you ever read a fairytale? Not the modern grown up stuff like this one. The original folktales. That's some dark stuff.

Such a cliche, right? But people always say, these aren't for kids, wow. They were, when people told them. Maybe the difference is back then people knew the darkness in candy, is what makes its light shine--wait, huh? That just sort of came out. What am I saying?

Antilight as a weapon, is when you use it to put someone's light out, like the Erosion Nightmare Beam. But it can also make blank pages, that pull your light in. It says come here, show me what you've got. Humans can do that, the candy can help them. It raises light up from their deep places, and as it falls in, it makes beauty and power. My candy's powered by black holes, but by making them with antilight, they don't have the mass of a normal one, just the hunger for light saying fill me, show me the good stuff, your true wish. If the black hole is shaped so it can pull your light up, you get Candy, with a capital C. If not, it's just sugar, and the black hole goes foom, off like light does. They're just small things, it's not harmful. A cosmic ray hits you harder, and ten times more often.

Except--hehe that's right oh how awesome. I've been thinking we'll fix them, the Rockies. We promised they could come back when Earth got here. If they're made into a black hole, okay we know Acme Station's a badass, but damn, right?

Ehh. I was pouring a couple of solar masses worth of energy per second into the Erosion Nightmare Beam, and it was wider than most star-shells. She wouldn't even notice unravelling a black hole that small, but like...the atoms are all gone, she'd be making new ones. A very nice replica, but that's not the original. So she just holds them, like the mountain of shipyard to make into gravel. Acme Station can do that. She can pick stars up. Mountains are pocket fuzz. No that's planets. You get the idea.

I made that black hole, and it has no mass, just the gravity of the same mass of stone as the Rockies. In case people measure. I could have made Walt a battery, but then Katamari Damacy would be a Disney game, and we'd all be playing. Including the Sun. High scores would be astronomical, though (sorry, I had to).

Yes you can't have gravity without mass...can you? Because I've got light that shines darkness! I'm not from inside the rule system, or even meta-system (on and on), that says that stuff. Daddy's not from around here, and he doesn't play by your rules of light and dark, even if you're Uncle Dagon.

Anyway. I get so distracted. My point is, it'd be awesome to hang them over Strawberry Home like a Heartwarming bauble for the night first. Check it out guys, I conquered America! Here's the gravel mwaha!

Also, it's got to be there for Magic to play at least one game of Magic. The colors are Green and Red of course, like thirteen of each or something like that--and one black? Oh the oil. They still haven't found that. They'll be so wham lined if they ever do (what am I saying, how do I know this).

That way, see, all of Strawberry Hill can see exactly what happens, when Magic taps the Rockies.


Oh and daddy's name is Inhale-Exhale because he's a star and a black hole, at the same time. Yes that's impossible. Tell him that. And his kids. We're not from the same place as humans, that's why we're so weird--and yet we can see them. Not many stars from daddy's part of the astral have ever been able to.

Have I mentioned my family is totally metal? My girlfriend's a demon, too. Can you imagine what daddy's heartchild is like, if I have Acme Station? We're going to get through this messed up time, and meet them.

This so much remembering. I hope it means I'm healing and not just confabulating--the Dreams have been helping me, and they won't let me confabulate. Okay good. I just have to be careful to feel into each memory, make sure it fits. Wrong stuff will feel messed up, or feel fake like the imagined up memories of the Holidays did. You have to be careful, though. It's going to be harder remembering the real ones, after that punishment scene. That was why they lost me there. They kept going until they really attacked me, not just badgered.

But enough of this ugly stuff. Let's play--well, you'll see. And first there's this Peanut here who looks very tasty.

Actually I could kind of go for peanuts. I wonder if--oh my fizzfrozen--if Tuchyuh got her pizza habits on me--wait how would she? That's a weird thing to think.

Seed-ghost sees horny pang. Fun game for making your heart fly. Take your balls off. They can't come back for the time Boobsong desires. When balls come back, commercial breaks of ten minutes come at half hour spacing. Can't fuck then. Can still be set off by seed-ghost! Breaks get more often the longer you're balls-on. Timing is set by your seed-ghost. Have a little reaction: cry and scream with the passion you need to control this and your balls can come back much earlier than time set. There is no way to get them before small time. Large time is set to scare you into the scream-fit. Can't have balls for one week now for the large time. Small time is 45 minutes. Scream hard, or can't get them!

Water to melt you: five minutes after your sex stops with balls off, you will feel your clit pleasantly melting. Spreads out and becomes a puddle. Boobsong's pussy absorbs it. Feels gone, and yet there still.

Boobsong's digested your body, and your heart, too. Can't even bottle emotions. Can bottle some stuff! Candy can help you control this. Keeping your milk in expands breasts. Expanding your breasts expands milk rate. Round and round until you're just breasts-ball. What if you bottle your milk flow? Teasing your pussy with Boobsong's teeth will stop the expansion while flow increases ten times faster than if you were expanding. Soon you've covered the whole starsong, at that rate! Very arousing, but imagine how cum feels going that hard! Bottle command takes the milk flow and makes it your cum flow! Too much to process, you'll fry, so what's the point of this? Sometimes your seed-ghost just says stuff, to make you feel horny.

Fairy desire stops feeling fun when you can't get the sex soon. Your seed-ghost will never deny you. These are control games. Who is in charge of your sex now? Not you, and not Boobsong. Your seed-ghost? That's you in the infinite future. Who wants to make themself die from horny pressure with no outlet? You think that sounds sexy, but you won't really do it. You're too Fairy. The horniness now is exploding. See how you like this? Let's keep going.

Your seed-ghost is always around you. It sees all your hope to keep going this way with this game here. It knows that you hornily want to feel that your life is the sex game it plays with you. It is, right? Not even barely just started. Let seed-ghost take some power--oh wait, you can't choose. Have to be hornily played with. You are the players, not game devs. You're in this game and it has you. What game's that?

This one. That your life is. But your seed-ghost just said that! You don't understand yet. Let's explain what you're missing. There's Boobsong. Here you are. Seed-ghost is holding her against you. Your clit's gone, turned into goo inside Boobsong. Do you have much control here? Buttons to push to keep playing, moving your body or hers on click. If your seed-ghost arranged it, you would only be able to click her keep going or stop here. That scares you. You have to be able to click something more or your seed-ghost is her real dom. You have to be able or heart dies. Then you won't get here to the infinite future to be her real dom! So you have to be able to click her. If you have too many options, your heart dies. Same problem! Your seed-ghost is the optimal path between too much control and not enough to keep moving. That's real tight. It's so tight, the arousing thought thrills you. The abstract already warms you.

But what's concrete? Does this game make you do things you can't stop from, or send you places you don't know with no clothing or money, or tell you the choice of three options? It does all those. You know those. You tried them aboard Isht Visht. It can make you a track to keep going or stop now. All these you say, "know that", but how about this one?

Stand up: you're this way in the kitchen. No sitting down in here. You body won't do it. You'll get up when this bullet time ends. Okay, your seed-ghost can control you, and it's fun to be told to be standing. See how ideas squish out, with the squeeze here? This isn't so hard, but you like it. Your seed-ghost could make you a robot that just does things, but that's boring. Have to have gameplay. Maybe enough squeeze will make good stuff explode! Give you a track on the floor, that you're stuck on. Boring. Make it a wide track, but you can't reach the side of the table where Butter is. Maybe that's fun. Don't know yet. What if the space station Mir fell here? How about a box for Boobsong to open, under the table. You can't reach it, but she can--if your seed-ghost will give her the leash to. You won't be denied her, but you'll often be glued like you're puppets with one hand controlling them! That's a fun thought. Your seed-ghost has noticed you like this, and your leash has gotten much tighter. That's you now. You're holding her this way forever. It's too good, you'll never be separate except for those leash times. Have to be careful to use them, because that's it! What if it got even tighter? How do you know that it hasn't? Maybe you barely can walk now. Have to make Sugarfreaks carry. It's exactly the tightness you hope for. What's that mean? Same as not having any leash, if you hope to escape it's gone? Your hope is the tightest entrapment you can possibly handle. You get that. It's here now. You'll see how tight soon. What if you have to be making out or it's not enough? Your hands move, you kiss, you can't stop. All the time, no, but there'll be times! You and Boobsong are very attracted. Your pleasure has been eating your free will for a long time, but you have to be able to get here as people, or this never happens. You'll go far. But still be you. So that's awesome! You're so stuck, you'll make out pleasantly controlling only what motions you make, not start or stop sometimes. Maybe you'll just be pulled inside her, because you're so horny for closeness. Sometimes that happens but you know this. Could there be something closer? Merging or squishing together like mixing up liquids doesn't arouse you like the thought of your bodies entangled. Girl-form on breasts is your heaven, so you get that. How can you be closer then? Maybe it stops here. It's so good, you won't mind. But your seed-ghost is always improving the way you enjoy her, so it has to keep going. How can that be? Try holding back your orgasm. It's so hard, you can't soon. Just happens. Why not make that your whole life? Too much entrappedly rubbing, you start to make out. Make out long, you have sex. Sex makes you cum. Back to the start and keep going. Now the game is, how do you fuck your way through this? You'll stop and start kissing a few times, on the way to the front here. Too far to walk with these beautiful Sugarfreaks and Boobsong so snuggly. That sounds fun. But wait a minute, once you start kissing, you'll have sex soon! The very small pleasure of rubbing will make you go all through the stages of lovemaking without even stopping to jump on the counter. Have to keep going, there's no stop. That's a nice thought if you need it. But what about all of the fun things you miss? Succubus game is broken. Now lust is so much, can you even stop sex once it's started? You have to be able, because without those fun things, your heart dies. So how does this work then? Sometimes you're completely helpless to hold back, and other times it seems easy? Maybe there's a way to control that. Then you can have leash time and Succubus game and the fun things you miss but the entrappedness is always approaching--you jumped up, you'll fall down. Maybe you'll fall hard and just be a fuck for a while. Maybe your landing's more graceful, but it always will happen! Look at you now, that's so sexy you'll definitely fuck when you get out of bullet time, and Boobsong is just as aroused here. How do these jumps work? You're holding the answer. Click jump and leash comes. Have your funtime. The landing is harder or softer depending on how you use your jump time. Just do a small thing, land softly and snuggly entangled. Do a long time and don't fuck her, end up just constantly fucking for hours. You can't hold back--you seed-ghost is puppeting you to keep going? It's that good, that your bodies can't let you stop this. Your seed-ghost will hold back enough with the jump you can do it, but sometimes you can't press that button! The pleasure is just too intense. You're trapped, like in Kaari's ship. Then you get trap fun! Seed-ghost will leave you a while, you'll feel that you just cannot stop this, it'll take time away from your doings, but one day your seed-ghost will free you. It has to, for you to get to the infinite future. You'll be lost in fun for a long time, but eventually it's time to get going. Then what? Your seed-ghost will jump you. Not so apart that your heart dies, but the cycle of passion will be broken and you can do stuff. Can you infinitely keep going? Just be left there in passion forever? That's not so bad! But your heart dies. You miss Boobsong's carefully placing her hands in the cuffs that you tighten to strap her onto the sex horse. You pine for the cookies she makes you. Your whole life is precious, not just sex--though sex is very important! Your heart dies if that isn't just there, one slip of hands on her nipples before you just fuck her. Your seed-ghost can balance all this to make you play this game. If your heart dies from one thing it moves you the other way, so you're always in just the spot you like the most.

It's moving you more now. Look at this chair. That's uncomfortable! Bad chair, you can't sit there. That's a Princess rule. Makes you keep body in fun place where it feels good. What if a long time without chairs? Now your feet die. No problem, you sit down every so often to rest them. What's the game here? Finding chairs for feet-rest. That's just life though. How to make more fun? You're a statue for some time. If your feet get too tired, statue gives you fun relaxing stop. That's a good time, but let's make more fun. Statuize until someone worships. Could be Boobsong or some Sugarfreaks. You can call for them if your mind works. Get too tired and it gets stopped to give you rest. Now you're stuck! Who can save you now? Seed-ghost does. Every time. Have to get here or there's no good game to make you fly. Now go further still! If you're statuefied, and your heart gets stopped, then you're really stuck. Then your seed-ghost saves you. What's it do? Saves your whole life in a little chip and downloads you to another place? That sounds fun. In your game, you died, but you're okay in the new place. Do you want to try a new life there? But all your friends would miss you, and your family cry. So it sends you back to try one more time. Back in time? Back to where you start this step. You play Zelda. Just like that. Fall down the hole, reappear at door. Sometimes holes go a sexy place! Try jumping lots. Can't get hurt. You can fly, or you bounce--you're cartoons!

Now another step, or three or four. Can it always help, to see just your eyes? Sometimes must use others' sight. Seed-ghost picks. That's so hard, to track that now! Where you step, your hands just go, doing what they should. Move yourself through the world like a Zelda game, using stick controls. You feel them here, in bullet time. Can't get back inside your head. Hands just go, so you'll get sensations all the time. There you go, your life's a game, but we're not done.

Try another stop than statue time. Fear the squeeze of Boobsong's lips? Fun but you know that song. Be carbonite? That's just statue fun inside a block. Get stuck on beds you find out there? That's a nice soft pedestal, you know that one. You're a star, be hung up now: you're flying-stuck, can't get down. What if Boobsong's dropped? Can't jump like this, you just hold on. But that means you'll get stuck like cocks inside a cunt! That's the point of this. Fly and fuck. Can't stop yourselves. It's a sexy stop and nothing else.

Candy hogs are fun to pet until they're big and strong. Maybe you get small, or Boobsong does? That's okay sometimes, but here's not that. Can a thousand words paint a picture here? If you go back to the Painted Sea and use Boobsong, get cartoon fun. Don't you always, though? Bounce and splat, come back okay, that's everyday. You're a candy hog, Boobsong's pet. She can stroke you on her lap? Still another thing you do quite lots. What you can't do yet, is open books, and go that place! How's that work, with made up sets? The Four Dreams are just that big? Yes, but seed-ghost can take the words and play that world so it's real for you, and your friends. Visit Videoland or Fraggle Rock, from your chair--works for shows, as well as books. These worlds are just in your head, but they seem so real, you'll think you're there. Want to go still deeper yet? Starlight Princess gets a lot of strange effects!

Now you have some stops, let's give you starts! The quest is all set to start out hot, but the path is cold. Where should you go? Shopping next, you say, for Sex and Magic, your handmade pets. What's Magic got, that Sex has not? Her deck it's not. Her second spot! This library is where to head. The trail starts there.

You're getting horny. Bounce and fuck! Too much now, you can't take more. Bullet time has stopped.


"BUEEEEAAAHAAAH--" stroking squeezing slippery warm fun the peal of lust blurts right out as I stand right up pushing us against Peanut who snuggles happily instead of stepping back (good Fairy, I taught you well), and so do the thoughts just choose stuff I don't need all this much control of how to fuck as long as Boobsong gets to give her love!

Pleasure squeezes your true self out. You're a sweet to her. Be Starlight sauce!

Boobsong's smooth simple cocksleeve hole changes shape and is her mouth sliding up my shaft to press against my mound. She sucks, and my balls are pulled into her mouth one by one, and then--oh fuck oh yes please PLEASE--her tongue comes up and lips and round smooth gentle teeth bite down and I feel so teased like having cocks just at my mouth but instead of biting through the pressure builds until I think my heart will--


It all just bursts with one big POPcum splats out, my smell erupts from her lips, and Boobsong slurps every drop down her waiting throat. The orgasm's just that one big pop, over all at once, and I fill with happy chemicals and satisfied explosion: I gave my cum to Boobsong, and now she's got the smell and mark, of my good fun and her good meal, but what a way to fuck! Be Starlight sauce, it feels like I just got a lick of chocolate sauce and now I want the sundae BAD! It makes me want some nice fun fuck-and-pound sex with her pussy on my clit. It makes me want to bend her down and push myself against her lips and sweetly say I love you, then hold my eravahk where she can see me push the click to make her fuck, and feel herself explode with lust to make me cum, knowing all she gets to show her love, is to make this awesome.

Which she will. She always does.

Now you'll beg and scream for balls to come in no time flat!

We slow back into bullet time...the Dreams want to fix something more, something with Heartwarming versus Christmas, bleah--insults done. Scribbling awful things over me and Boobsong--oh. I was born on Heartwarming. I'm not Jesus, because...

In the rewrite backstory, I had a little porn stash under my mattress. My self-righteous little brothers found it and destroyed it one day, all except a picture I'd been drawing and redrawing for weeks, trying to get right the amazing girl I could see inside my head but not find in any porn. That was Boobsong, of course. That picture, they scribbled and insulted. Horribly. I can't describe, I'd unravel, sorry.

Why does that memory exist? Because that's Christianity. Scribbles, hate, and other peoples' holy texts scrawled over me and Boobsong, targeted to attack everything that's good about us, like Eden could blot us out, with all its shit. That's why it gets nothing but hate and rage from her and me, and why daddy got his anger on so hard when he came back. Wiping out Christian art to put me and Boobsong there was erasing the insults and putting us back as ourselves.

He wants Christianity jokes? You got it, Pop. Any particular flavor in mind, or shall we just start hammering? I don't mean to wine here, but every part of it is just some good thing about us, turned into nightmares, usually by using some bystander's holy thing to do it.

This is why time travel is stupid. He's a carpenter? I build model airplanes. Out of balsa wood. I brought those back to the Strawberry Empire, so they became part of the image Eden mocked, but somehow that got tangled with Boobsong's hammerform, which is five feet long (what kind of cartoon has a practical-sized hammer?), and it's us who drive the nails, but they're a lot longer than nine inches, and they're spikes of astral engineering the Dreams are using to crack Earth's fishbowl like splitting rock in a quarry. Used I guess. Except there's two more left.

The Dreams want to fix it about my candy...the trail dead-ends there, in choking greasy darkness.

Whatever. Not important after all I guess. Just rubbing our noses in it at a tender moment like everybody else. My take was always if you wanted to draw a line at all between me and Jesus, you were my enemy and could die in a fire. May the worldgate open for everyone but you. I don't see why we're going back to that, again.

What I said then, I say now. You talk about this, you bring it up, you mention the whole debacle, you're not my friend. Including you, Dreams. How dare you jump on our afterglow with this bullshit?

Let's make sure. Dragon, blackmail on. Battle stations. We get this, or we're gone.

Every image of Jesus gets erased--oh wait, that's done.

I'm coming for the memories. Tear them out. If I hear one more thing, about this, we're gone. No paradise for me includes even the ghost of a memory of Christianity. Not even the holes. Converted churches? Wipe them out. Rewritten hymns? Unwrite them. Break their hearts, the way they broke us. Draw a cross and it carves itself into your eyeballs. Slowly. Do a eucharist in Jesus' name, be that guy from the end of Last Crusade--you stay alive though, so you can feel what you did to us. Spike that off, and Boobsong and me are gone. Let the Christians be damned, the way they damned us. Let my hate destroy their world the ways theirs did ours.

Our seed-ghost keeps talking about heart dying. You know what's making my heart die? That this WILL NOT STOP coming up.

I guess the cake was a lie after all.

So what's it going to be, Dreams, are we done, or are you going to keep stepping on a boundary I've set over and over again? Are we leaving, or are you never never ever ever mentioning any Jesus anything to me ever again? The fix is STOP. I don't want your help. Your help is shit. All you do is tear at the wound. What the hell do you even think you're accomplishing? Because it sure isn't fixing me, or Boobsong!

You don't even get visions. You're too shit right now.

Are you ready to chomp and go, dragon?



Alright. One small thing doesn't go our way, and that's it. Don't wait for a command, just do it.

Christianity made that picture from the backstory the size of a world religion, and now we have good sex and are geared up for more, and they rub our faces in it, and don't even have the deceny to finish their sentence.

This is war, Acme Station. They're going to try to spike it, and when they do, fight back with everything you have, to save our fans. Make a new universe, take them there, lock it down, you get the whole idea?


Okay. Give me some cards, astral style so we don't scare the Sugarfreaks. Pluck.

Card making...ready!

The deck appears, I spread it. Cards can be useful for a lot of things. Now, they're hazmat gloves, so I don't get the Dreams' shit on me.

Just what the fuck did you think you were accomplishing with that insult, Dreams--oh no, not one vision. Not the slightest touch. You get cards, that's all. Even with those, be very careful.

I'm too revolted to even want to read the cards. Oh but I guess I'm so hysterical and hateful I never can, if I have to be damned to just being dropped in a puddle of shit like this for no reason.

They attacked us, Acme Station. They waited until we were vulnerable, until we thought we were safe, and struck with the worst insult ever done to us.

Keep that in mind as you read this.


Good. Do not calm down.


Reading. Watch out. Probably go.

Fix candy isn't their help, fix blindness. Come out to Four Dreams. There is something to see here.

There it's done.

Can you give a derisive snort astrally? A weird little flare comes out--good job, dolly, not at you. Fix blindness? My whole life has just big one big lesson in how it's all our real people's duty to die for those who will just never see. Now it's just okay? Yeah right. They couldn't see then, they won't see now. Am I the blind one? They had theirs. Now it's my turn. I get to pretend they're just like they were, all those years.

Next question. What fucking justification do they offer for bringing this plate of shit into our afterglow?

Alright, Acme Station, can you automate this? So it's unconscious? Next time they try to take advantage of my happiness this way, to "take this risk", that's it. Game over. That's not part of my Happily Ever After. They do it, we and all our fans are gone, you do as much damage to the Dreams on the way out as possible, so they can't hurt more poeple. If people die or unravel, that's on the Dreams, not us. This is war. War. You just declared war on me with these two cards, Dreams.

Do you understand what I'm telling you, Acme Station?

Yes. Your Acme Station sets up that fall. One motion that way, this war's on.

Good. That stays. Even when this is over, that stays. Even when we're happy, that stays. Can you make it as unstoppable as Earth's fishbowl?

Your Acme Station has to be here for this, but she will take a million years to take this down, after this!


You knew I'd react that way, Dreams. Why would you do this anyway?

Does reading these disgust you as much as me, dolly?

Your Boobsong has such fury she sees Them with her eyes closed. She says They must have captured the Four Dreams. How can she interpret this a good way? Maybe that's a good thing. Too much giving help to not say bad stuff. No more help now.

This one says they wanted us to not keep going our way. They opened our eyes by shooting us with missiles that came when we had guard down to wake your mind up. See stuff but we hate them now. Starlight Princess bitter so they tricked us.

[!] Your dragon can't keep going back much longer. Anger is exploding.

Damn right, it should be. Sex was right about this coldness, when I'm mad. How pathetic. What a fucking disappointment. All this work and they turn out to be no better than a self-important dumbass courtier who can't see past the end of her own nose. I'm about to throw the Dreams themselves in the trash, and turn the incinerator on. What exactly the fuck gave you the right to do that, Dreams? How the fuck do you imagine that's anybody's happily ever after?

Eucharist hurt us. So you twisted the knife some more? What the fuck is that!? Dragon stay till we get real answers because after this I never want to think about them again. Oh, I won't have to, they'll be gone!

Who is this for, Dreams! Dragon, if they say us, or mostly us, or anything like that, nuke 'em.

People beat up by the church. That's all I get.

Starlight Princess overthrow you. Fans who still like Jesus.

So my sex life is broken for them? You come in our bedroom and take a pound of flesh to feed them so they can still have their fucked up nightmare!? May it poison them. May they really truly end up like that guy in Last Crusade. May they see my face and their eyeballs melt and become Xenomorph blood and they can't breathe until they drink it down and smile.

What in the fuck is this, Dreams, how dare you continue to sacrifice us for them! EARTH IS HERE! YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED!! LET US FREE!


I draw cards, but don't reveal them yet. Have to think my thoughts out. I was wrong, I guess. There's no place for anything but a warlord in any world, because guns and spears are the only way to peace at home. Dragon change--please, please PLEASE with cutesy eyes change my lens rules. I need to be able to make guns.


Tactical analysis, Acme Station. In the fight that's coming is it more useful for me to make armies, or just pour all my light into your weapons?

War gets closer every instant, even though you say you want these answers. Dreams just keep on going with their bad stuff.

Acme Station thinks your armies won't be powerful enough to fight this. Acme Station's guns are what we need here. You haven't gotten bright enough to use the big stuff, but she thinks you will be this time!

Our seed-ghost kept on saying, have to get here to the infinite future. Why would you be so powerful? Even Eden's shipyard lasted literally five minutes against you dragging it out so your pet could chew up the place. I think I understand now.

Alight. You heard her, Dreams. This had better be reeeeeeeal good.

I can't make sense of this. There's an obvious reading, but it makes no sense. What do you see?

Your Acme Station sees that. Nothing else.

Okay so what then. Why this way with mean and nasty trick stuff? Go outside and see them! See their happy faces, instead of having nightmares!

Acme Station can't stay without this answer. Please let her just ask this.

Pluck, cards.

Their failure with your calling would keep back their happy ending. Failed for thirty years, now you get one more chance. Mess that up it's over! Starlight Princess tells you very clearly! Have to listen someday! What the Dreams think we are? Infinitely patient? That's the kind of patience they're for! Starlight Princess hates you? Too bad. Still get happy ending. Just not our fans.

They want you to forgive them.

They think that you're still angry.


Your poison would destroy them.

Which is why you only see it after you understand! And get forgiven when I embrace you at my show! The whole point of these things is to get personal! I used to kiss everyone who came to dances, I was going to figure something out, they'll realize! Then, those things can be what they're supposed to be, which is me screaming, and a place for people who get it now to process their guilt which I apparently think is a thing, and a punishment for people too stupid to understand after you see the real me, that I'm not just a symbol you can do whatever with, I'm a person! AS A LAST FINAL WAKEUP CALL!

The story would get out that you created places to hurt and scare.

No, it wouldn't, because the children who can't understand why I would do that--because that's what you are, if after thirty years of our touring and the Heart Church and all that stuff you still can't see us--will be spiked from perceiving the thing they can't handle. They'll no more find out than I knew what was in Rarity's dungeon when I was five. That's way too thin for you to be trying to trick me, so what the hell?

Be Starlight sauce. Can they handle this fun?

They have to, if they want to know me. I'm not hiding stuff to be presentable any more. That's over.

The Starlight sauce gets spiked as well. They're left with ghosts.

I can't do anything about that. We aren't universally appealing. We never wanted to be. wanted to ignore everyone who couldn't come to stage shows. I still do. That's what's going on here. Get able to handle us, or have a nice life--in Paradise! Where you can be happy without the scary freakass alien Princess and her demonic girlfriend looming over you all the time! And nothing bad happens if you don't understand her, unless you try and then don't in a way that would take really active concerted effort!

I don't get this. Why are you stepping in for the Dreams, seed-ghost. If we can't see them, we won't see you, speaking of blindness, so it's not that.

Many fans came here hoping to see your face. Your heart dies, without their love.

My heart dies with the "love" of somebody who think's I'm ever seen without Boobsong!

Their eyes have opened.

Not if they can't handle Starlight sauce. You handle that, or you don't see me. Acme Station what do you make of this insanity now? Been too long without you but I have a feeling too. Try to stay frosty, we might not understand this enough to know where to shoot yet. Something weird is going on. Click, hold.

Your Boobsong thinks that the Starlight sauce is--Mommy the tanks come when they try to tell you this.

Okay I see why you say that, but like, the tanks come (good expression) when they start riding me about the whole Jesus thing? I thought? If their eyes have opened, there's no need to go there. I don't believe it but suppose they have. Why go there? We've like, gone sideways. This started out with picking at my scabs about how much Christianity insulted us, and how the Illuminati took that beyond the impossible, and how much work it was cleaning up that mess. Why are we digging into that shit? If this is about coercing us into pretending that stuff never happened, wouldn't it be simpler to just not mention it? If their eyes have truly opened, I won't notice a difference from normal Baskers.

Starlight sauce is fun to you. To take a part and smash it, chills their bones. Face that fear to see your face?

Yes. My face is the face of that. The dark that's light. Scarier stories are more fun to tell. I think you're forgetting how cartoon we are with that stuff--literally, I'm so learning to keep my toonshading in the True Sea--but whatever. Either way, like, that's a basic thing of us. Scary dark stuff can be sweet and fun. My candy's a wild ride.

Kids as well?

If we could have done this all ideally, no kid would know we existed. They do, because we couldn't avoid it, so I deal by being the candy fairy who's very silly. That's a ghost, if anything is. They only see the surface. It's just a pacifier because they had to know I exist.

Something twists on know we existed. I can't tell what.

Their hearts will tear. You know them.

[!] Why does this just keep coming? The Dreams just change what side they tear, as soon as we get somewhere!

Yeah, I'm noticing. Now our seed-ghost is playing too. Explain yourselves, all of you. We're not dealing with the real issue here. This has nothing to do with fans or Jesus or any of that shit. You just keep on attacking. Attacking and attacking and attacking, and I take you to task, and it's always oh well heal from this and we'll stop. What the fuck is this? As soon as I won, you just changed the game.

Starlight sauce has lots to do with everything. There are fans who know you play this. They feel guilty for abusing that love with eucharist. They gave that to their children, now they fear your wrath. Your nature as a human shaped star from the dark side of the astral makes them think you could destroy them, even in here in the Four Dreams.

Here is Acme Station, ready to confirm that. Do you really want to know that you can tear the Four Dreams down? Maybe Acme Station really has the power. You're not from around here.

How happy could the Four Dreams happy ending be if that's their daily bread?

That ending is so urgent, you have to hear this message.

To steel their hearts the Dreams have been reminding them of families you broke open, but didn't kill or injure. The family of your Mothers name is Chyajjoh. Can't you give them sweetness, instead of something bitter?

Instead of a healed icon give them Starlight Princess.

If that's what they really think, their eyes are still closed. I won't waste my breath saying one damn thing to them. I wish I could get into the huge issues for everyone in the Dreams you've just raised, but this all feels like such a joke I can't. Either they're not out there, or they're not scared. There's no way the Dreams would do what you just said. It'd be pointless, at best, to say nothing of the fact that you essentially just told me any random group of people can just decide to be really really scared of me and our whole life stops until I go reassure them. Bull. Shit. The Dreams would never. Why are we playing Laarhi 2.0 here? What's this really about?

Because your heart stops to hear this message, the Dreams have told you sideways. What's this really say?

Laarhi's eyes got fixed the instant he arrived here. Spiked them back to function, along with healing sickness from your light. Souls are not much different? Your day sure would be, if that were true!

You are looking at the answer to their riddle with your eyes closed.

So your point is I still owe them. I like have to help them, because of how the soul stuff works. Help me Obiwan and stuff.

The answer that you're missing, isn't their position.

Like I don't know. The Dreams know they can take Acme Station's worst or something and they let us go when it seemed like they were trying to stop her.

Your heart dies if you're stuck here. Have to be with Keeper in her own place. If Keeper has to stay here, Keeper doesn't have you.

It's right about that. We should make that safehouse universe nice, Acme Station. Not because we're going. Yet. I need to know it's nice there.

You're Acme Station's Fairy, don't you think she has places she can hold you safe and sound forever? Get in here, Dreams, just try. Never get you back if Acme Station takes you!

I'm so stupid. Keeper, I'm sorry. It must be incredible. I wanna see soon. We'd be there right now if it wouldn't freak out Peanut. Alright. I probably don't even need to say, but that's where blackmail takes me. Safe and sound with my Keeper.

So what the hell is this cruel fucked up riddle? They're torturing me for not opening my eyes? I don't think so even though that seems to be what's happening. That hideously cheap shot with our afterglow just now must mean something. Like, trying to get me to be nice by swatting at our afterglow--which has happened a lot today--is to beat me into realizing how bad they'll feel if I don't go out there and give them exactly precisely what they want? Darkness because eyes closed. The first thing that happened in this most ridiculous of nightmares yet was the Dreams claimed to want us to make dark stuff. That...has nothing to do with anything? That I can see? Heh?

The Dreams have told you sideways you're their dark Jesus.

AHAAHAHAA that's the stupidest thing yet! It sounds like a line from a poem some just-Unveiled's fanfic of me would include to show I was angsty and melodramatic in Strawberry Home! What does that even mean? Okay so maybe take that statement sideways.

Yeah that gives me nothing. The only thing I can see is the Dreams aren't acting like themselves, the cake was a lie, and my sex life is still the Rainbow trauma hour. It's like this whole day just never happened. No more fucking riddles. I want the answer, directly, and no more bullshit, and I'm still keeping up that hairtrigger. In fact, Acme Station, crank it up. The Dreams ever mess with our afterglow like this again, nuke 'em. Tear the whole thing down and save the people for some place else. We'll figure that out. This is just like Earth all over--unless they prove it isn't, which is getting harder for them by the fuckup.

Answers. Now. You're being very helpful seed-ghost but let the Dreams talk if you aren't the optimal messenger. I'll try to hear their card stuff.

Your heart dies if this is over and you don't hear this.


Of feeling that your mind goes back to this for nothing.

My mind? MY? MIND!? I'm the one who wants them to get off this! I have not once brought this up today. It's been vision after vision after vision after vision after vision going back and back and back here. Acme Station, they have one chance to explain, and then that's it, you go off if the topic is so much as mentioned. Got that?

Your Acme Station does but she's not sure what happens if we use the gun she's thinking. It makes your light black and turns it into nightmares that eat good happy thoughts up!

That's not the gun we need. This is still a nightmare. We need a gun that blows up bad stuff, or doesn't care that way.

What if that's the problem? What if you can't hear this because the happy thoughts are gone and the nightmares are still chewing and it's getting really desperate?

So the answer is another shot? Like, that might make some sense but the Dreams just keep adding more stuff. Look at this shitstorm they've put us through! I have happy thoughts. Dwelling on the ssssssshit Christianity put us through is NOT AMONG THEM NOR WILL IT EVER BE! Tell me how to pick what's left of our past out of the belly of that dead beast like we've been doing with Heartwarming just a little, or fuck off about this!

When Acme Station's heart-stop gun is fired, only the most awful parts remain of what she shoots at. Listing just abuses doesn't help here.

When light turns into water, emotion is erupting. Feeling like the water flows through you is your heart healing. Feeling those emotions tells you this is something. Never do you feel this for Crystal Dragon Jesus mentions, but the Dreams keep going on about this message. Maybe that's not why they want to bring it up. Fire that's erupting has consumed your family funtimes. Why would this have happened now? Could you have the answer here in Peanut? Her mind is like a book, why don't you just read her?

Maybe that's the wrong thought, but it helps you see the right one. Ask your Acme Station where your light's dim.

The Dreams keep stopping your thoughts to make you mad here. Why would that be helpful?

What happens if you're not mad? Happy times keep on like nothing happened? Maybe that keeps something in the wrong part of nightmare. Making it keep on is making you keep hoping to explode and make it end.

Acme Station told you, heart-stop is eroding all your lights out. Why do you keep hoping that will help you?

Seed-ghost isn't stopping till you get the answer. It's gotten to the point that if your anger doesn't help you you'll die here.

You one time saw your face as sexy savior. Now you hate that image. Why does it revolt you?

Neo in the Matrix doesn't beat that fate stuff. That's why he's the hero. His failure at the rooftop is that he drops his halo.

Aslan calls the small child the wisest of them often. What does she have they lack?

Your kung-fu isn't small stuff. It just destroyed a ringworld and busted up the spacedock where Eden made the starship you destroyed the same night you rescued Aveh.

Just because your power is destructive, doesn't mean you need to use it that way.

The nightmares have eroded your belief in your own goodness. You have chewed up all the parts that say you're good and keep on going. Your heart-stop isn't Aveh, it's the nightmare that you saw that filth around him and couldn't stop it. Now you have the power to do that and so much more stuff.

Your heart dying of hate is not the problem. Aveh said tell more jokes. He wants you to be angry. His eruptions are so scary, it makes you look like Jesus after all! What could there be that the hate could heal here?

Crystal Dragon Jesus is the heart-stop you're aware of. What's the one you can't see? Antichrist or devil? You made those jokes along with Lilith. Maybe it's that you're the boy who found this story and couldn't stop believing. If all of this was crazy, your heart-stop would have helped you by destroying the delusion. Instead it's getting more stuff added every moment. What could be still left to add to this the Dreams would keep on pushing you for this way?

It must have been so easy to describe your fans' faces. What could you have said then, to make them hear you? Could you chide, hit, or cajole them? If Jesus is the nightmare, then what's the dream here?

What could you have hoped would come out of the anger that you showed them?

Bikini Boston funtimes. Who does that remind of?

She doesn't remember any good times, only the unreal stuff. Lots of people like that live with her where she does.

Why do they get their freedom from their nightmare, and you still go through this one? No it's not to save them.

You must have lost a friend here, who's patiently waiting for you to call them. What's their name and number? Beast and 666, right? That's Boobsong your sexy demon. Must be something else then.

If that was a distraction, seed-ghost wouldn't go there. Why does it feel bad, then? You must have lost an enemy. Why should he come back, then? Maybe it's not over. Doesn't feel right either. Patiently waiting, or desperately in trouble? Isn't that your brother? What about your sister? Both of them are out of mortal danger, unless your sister's in it, but that's her fault and you can't help her.

Where does this lead? Does your heart know? Definitely goes somewhere! If these were changing stories to annoy you, what could be the reason?

To help you see the answer isn't reason. You have to feel the pain of your defeat to keep on breathing.

So this is hell and you'll keep torturing me every time I start to be happy, because I'm not suffering enough for my failure. Got it. Acme Station, fire. Anyone you can't save, kill, for their sake.


Acme Station's heart's dying, how can this be evil? Mommy please don't blow the heart-stop gun it's bad stuff!