9 - Wishing Well

Wait, whoah.

Well, feels right, I guess we really did...

Sigh. Feels so good.

Questions and worries are quiet here still, but one manages by long ugly training to fight through the beauty.


“M—” Ghk. Jeez, came so hard I forgot to breath in again after I sighed. Yum.


“Are we going to regret not using protection? I think I put about a gallon of come in you.” Being so vulgar is still new, but it feels good.

Giggle. “I know, yum." Grind up against you mmmm...

"Cum is for breakfast, not making babies. Don't worry, Master."

A certain set of expectations and assumptions about my future detonates, anticlimactically winking out like the screen of a computer dropped into the ocean, sublimating out of existence like an ice sculpture on the surface of the sun...no. Like a snowball in hell. Heh.

What was I thinking? After all the adventures ended we were going to have a white picket fence and 2.5 half-breed human-demon kids?

I guess no kids ever ought to be kind of a thing or something, but all I can do is laugh internally and feel a little bit relieved. If I ever wanted that life, I don’t now.

I want... “You called me master.”

Mmm! What are you up to now, tail? Oh, yes, let’s wrap you around Master’s thigh. I love how I can barely wrap you twice. So big and strong.

The tip of her tail pushing at the back of my leg startles me, but I manage not to jump and figure out quickly what she’s trying to do. Monster love. Terrible and cute.


She takes a moment to respond after getting her tail in place.

"You're my Master. I'm yours and you took my cherry and fucked me like a slave so now I call you Master. That's what you want, right Master?"

"Yeah. Wait, are you saying you don't have a choice? Is this like the not being able to move while I was claiming you?"

To so nothing of this whole business of her somehow being a virgin...

Nuzzle nod nod submissive-face.

She moves in my grip, tail coiling tighter on my thigh, bending an arm around to clasp mine where it encircles her.

"Is that how you want things?"

"Yes Master. I'm meant to be owned. I get really sad if I'm not."

Mine. The thought thrills, fills me with a bottomless peace. I’m a monster, but I’m happy in a way I’ve never understood to be possible.

As if in an attempt to distract me from my existential drama, my stomach growls melodramatically.

“I’m hungry.”

“I’m yours. Just take.”

You did it. You really did it. I didn’t think you’d have the guts the first time, but you carried it off, you even managed to hit me for real.

Just you, always there. Yours. I’m in heaven.

She twists around in my arms, tail un-twining to let her face me, and I kiss her, drinking the nectar out of her mouth. It takes the edge from my hunger and soreness, enough that I can manage curiosity.

Even in this small act, Lyra’s reciprocal need and hunger as she pulls energy from me - maybe healing her own sore muscles? - tugs at my heartstrings. To be needed this way, by this soft, vulnerable creature, is heaven, as surely as is the view above us.

Her happiness to please me as she relaxes in my arms when I finish drinking is almost a physical force, for all I know could literally be a physical force, some side-effect of how succubi work...

I need to understand.


Every interaction now feels like a diverging road between what I believe about love and Lyra’s reality. I’m sated, happy, grateful, and I should respond to that with the soft, reverent indulgence of a lover, and yet instead that feels like a lie, picked out against the truth in monochromatic relief and looming shadows by the warm purple light of the star in my arms.

She’s mine. I can be sweet, I can be kind, but for us love is the uncomplicated presumption of ownership. Anything else, coming from me, is just going to be play-acting.

“Yes, Master?”


“I’m...this isn’t really what a human girl would want. Not that I mind, I don’t think I actually ever wanted a human girl, but...what’s it like for you? What do you get out of this? I know why I want this, but why do you?”

“This is what I am, this is what I’m made for. It feels good and the way you feel when I call you Master and do what you say is so...unf.”

“I taste better when I’m kinky.”

Nod nod nod.


Okay banzai, answer Master's question honestly.

"But not just that. I need it, Master, I'm sorry if that makes you feel pressured but it's not just food to me it's like...it just feels right, and I hated making all my own decisions while I was lost from you it was the worst like I could do what I wanted yeah but the only thing I really wanted was you and being your fuckslave and it's really complicated and stressful trying to figure what to do all the time and I just didn't like it, Master. This, being your hench, is what I'm made for. That's why I didn't like freedom. I'm Hench all the way into my heart."

Ask an impossible question, get an impossible answer.

“I’ve read about this stuff. We’re supposed to negotiate and...”

“I’m yours and you can do whatever you want with me. There, done.”

Omigod that face. Hah.

Understanding blossoms, just in time to save me making an ass of myself.

“This...this is why you’ve been watching me or possessing me or whatever. You were figuring out if you could be happy as my...being mine. If I could give you what you need. If you’d be able to make me happy without being miserable. You said you looked all over Earth trying to find me, this is why. To figure out if you could say that to me and be okay. Yes?”

What’s the word I’m avoiding? Property? Slave? Pet? ‘Submissive’ doesn’t seem to really cover the height of the cliff we’ve just jumped off, but none of the other ones that always show up in slashfic or BDSM FAQs really seem to fit, either.

Nod nod. “Yeah. I need to be owned, I need it like I need lust, but if you’re gonna spend eternity as somebody’s love slave, you need to be sure about them and you’d better like what they’re into. I’m sure about you. I know who you are. I’ve spent a while finding out.”

Okay so actually it’s even better than that, but one thing at a time.

“So this is just...how you work. This is what makes you happy.”

“Yeah. And I...I can’t have any questions. This gets rid of the questions for good.”


Dammit, I was so going to get out of talking about this part, too, but no, I have to be a stupid Hollow Heart and blurt out ‘love me love me’ at every opportunity. Well, Banzai. Naked for my Master.

“I can’t wonder if you want me near or not, I can’t wonder if you like how we’re fucking, I can’t wonder if you’re happy. I can’t wonder if I please you. I can’t wonder if I’m overwhelming or not enough. I need to just know. If I’m chained up and following orders, I know. If I have to sit at your feet for watches and watches wishing you’d fuck me I know I’m not too much, and if I can’t turn your touch away I know I’m not too little. This makes it safe enough. To love as hard as I love.”

Something clicks, a subtlety of our interactions through the night I might not have otherwise noticed, and I lift Lyra’s chin from where she’s settled it against my chest as we talk and make as if to kiss her.

Aw, yes Master...no? Nf, don’t lick your lips and open your mouth like that if you’re not gonna kiss me. C’mon, please?

Yus, ki...nf. Hehe, teasing Master. C’mon, kiss me.

She reaches for the kiss, hopeful, but stops short when I don’t take it. I tease once more, and she makes herself ready, once more, but still doesn’t leap for the kiss when I pull it back, and then I actually make contact and she’s soft and wet with nectar when I do and slowly uncoils as we kiss long and deep, at first just yielding with a coo to my tongue licking her lips and reaching inside her, and then gaining aggression as I present myself to it, sucking my tongue, shifting her mouth to pull my lips between hers and do something that seems to focus the flow of lust between us through that one point and thereby draw a moan out of me that neither of us expects but she clearly enjoys—

Oh fffuck, oh Master, you liiiiike this, don’t you? C’mon, more...boo.

It’s tempting to go on making out for hours, but I have to know if I’m right.

“You haven’t broken a kiss since we met. You haven’t started one. Even when I was about to die...”

“Well, that first time in your room, and when you were dying like that, those were about consent, but yeah. It’s not mine to start. It’s not mine to take away.”

Unf that was fun. I don’t think I could sound any more turned on if I wanted, that had better drive this home.

“I know sometimes I can get kind of opinionated when things start wrapping my cunt, but this is what really makes me happy, Master. This is what I wanna be.”

“Alright, that’s what we’re doing, then. I’m not going to pretend it isn’t what I want. I don’t like questions either, at least not that kind. You’re mine, you’re not going anywhere, you do what I say. No questions.”

Oh my fuck, you really are Hollow Heart too! I was sure, so sure, you’d just be Overlord maybe with a side of Dres because of all the computer stuff. I was so sure all that hearts-and-flowers-and-forever stuff in your head was just window dressing you thought you were supposed to be into because your religion told you to, but no, you really are, just like me. The seed-ghost made me this way for a reason.

“Good. Master.”

Tie me to you, so tight.

“And I promise to try and deserve all the trust you’re putting in me. To take good care of you and everything.”

“Nobody on this raft deserves anything, and we’re both gonna be spiked if we start thinking that way. This is about what we both need.”

“But thank you. Trust means a lot to me, like I said.”

Questions and questions and questions, there’s so much to learn, but one of the less interesting ones haunts me, brought to the fore by her romantic phrasing before.


Being stuck with her for the rest of my life? Yes, please. Growing old together? Hell yes.

Except, except, there’s the rub.

“Lyra, what do we do when we’re all old and nasty and too creaky for sex? Like, I’m assuming you don’t really ever get to be done with sex anymore than I’m going to get to be done with eating. Right?”

Wait, for real? Have you still not figured it out?

Well, good. I did want to know if you’d keep me not knowing about the perks, I think now I do. Let’s drop a hint or two.

“You actually can be done with eating now if you want, nectar really will keep you going just fine.”

“I know, but, you know what I mean.”

“I know. Just...please take when you need it. I don’t want anyone thinking I don’t take care of my Master.”

Changing the subject. Not a good sign. I knew there would be some horrible catch hiding in all of this.


For some reason, she takes my sword-hand, the one I shredded so badly falling before, caressing the still nectar-slick knuckles and then kissing them tenderly, and then, with surprise on her face, almost hungrily, licking them clean before she seems to realize what she’s up to.

Whoah yum that’s...Sade's silvery taint I have sweat-reactive nectar after all, huh. Fuck. I just hadn’t found the right human. Fuck dammit seed-ghost, are you going to leave me any dignity at all? I can barely think when Master's hard as it is...

Anyway. Bigger cocks to fuck...dammit, self.

Master’s cock’s going to be covered in this and I bet I didn’t swallow up all the cum with how hard you were pounding before. Fucking fuck, I will stay on task. Master asked a question and the answer is going to be super fun.

“How’s this doing? It was pretty messed up-looking before. I um, might’ve kinda zoned out in Human Anatomy being as I’m not much of a top, but isn’t it pretty bad when you can see your bones?”

My hand is fine, completely healed from the combination of touching her nectar-covered form during sex before and, presumably, all the nectar I’ve been drinking. It feels fine, honestly it feels better than it has for years, with a suppleness in the wrist I didn’t even know was missing. Have I had carpal all this time and not noticed? I’m young, but I’ve spent a lifetime on the keyboard, maybe I actually managed to prematurely wear out...




Not possible.

That’s too much. That’s too much to ask for.

Even here, even among all these wonders. Too much.

Things like me, there’s no place for us in heaven. Is this what we get instead?

Dear Sade I would’ve gone through this whole ridiculous joke of a life I’ve had just to see that expression on your fa....WHEE hehe OOF held down NNGH

Come on, fuck me again, you know you want to!

Oh helllll yeah, force me open...

I’ve jumped her and have her on her back on the raft, spread eagled, wrists in my hands and legs forced apart by my hips between them, but I’m not going for sex.

“What does nectar do. Exactly. In extreme technical detail to the best of your knowledge. Answer.”

My face is an inch from her’s, eye-to-eye. I can actually feel the fire in my eyes.

Fucking hell this is what they actually mean by a dom’s eyes boring into you I didn’t get it before now I get it eep.

Alright, manage to think, self. Yes, probably getting fucked shortly, but not if you don’t follow this order.

Deep breath. 

"My body is made of ichor that comes out of my heart made from the lust you feed me, and it makes me a body shaped like me, like it expresses who I am the most I guess faithfully it can, but it's not just like exactly reflecting my soul because sometimes you feel crumbly or gross or sad and it's be really bad if I got all physically gross when I felt bad emotionally, so it actually reflects the person I'd most want to look like when I'm like, at my best, so that way I'm always at my hottest and I can get healed by a good fuck better if I'm sad or whatever, even if I don't feel as hot as I look. So then like, nectar is just ichor that's filtered of all the me by my cunt or ass our mouth, which just makes it into slippery turn-you-into-your-sexiest-most-you-self-you'd-want-to-look-like juice (that part's important, the self you'd want to look like, because it's hard to seduce when you don't want to look how you do so there's always some of how you want to look deep down in it). So that means that if you get it inside your body by drinking it or absorbing it through a hole in your body's boundaries like a place with no skin like the head of your cock it does the same thing to you, like makes your body reflect your soul but as your sexiest you and not just a perfect mirror which would be kind of boring."

Just for a moment, just one single Planck-time, everything stops, all the universe goes quiet, the lights of heaven go out and I can’t feel Lyra’s softness against me or smell her lust, as I do the math on this.

It makes my body reflect my soul.

Souls are immortal.

Something hurts, and I realize I’m biting my finger, having at some point brought my hand to my mouth. I let go, taking Lyra’s cheek in my palm instead.

C’mon, lemme suck a finger, they feel so tasty...aw.

...as your sexiest you, meaning (working out the implications of this particular very post-singularity-seeming adaptation) the you most optimal for keeping a succubus fed, as per it being the liquefied power of giving her the body most optimal for keeping herself fed, applied to me.

Which definitely doesn't include old age, or any kind of disease, or, hell, even getting tired easily--it wiped away sleepiness better than the most sublime coffee, before, and similarly erased hunger and thirst. I haven't really had an ache or pain since I started drinking from her, or even felt stiff.

I should probably be facing all sorts of musculoskeletal mayhem after falling off a pegasus and pulling the Gs that car was capable of, but I feel none of it.

Hell, when was the last time I peed? I would have given it some honor if I'd realized it'd be the last time ever.

It's an aphrodisiac for obvious reasons, but won't deaden the satisfaction of sex lest I seek to fuck slightly less often than I would with the deep peace that's come from our earlier assignation as a reward on top of the fun of the act--I know this, because the satiation of that is still wreathing me and yet I can feel the urge for another round like embers waiting to burst into flame at the slightest provocation, as if I'm simultaneously deeply satisfied and as horny as if I haven't had sex in weeks.

Every physical need that might get in the way of being good succubus food, washed away, just like that. It will keep me beautiful--no more hating mirrors!--in tip-top shape, always ready to go, perfectly poised to best appreciate the gifts she's offering me every moment, forever.

There’s no rational response to this.

There’s no irrational response to this.

Well. There’s one, and it’s awesomely both.

“Stay put. Keep your arms above your head.”

Wouldn’t wanna try to be something I’m not and fuck like a human, now.

Nod nod.

You just figured out what nectar actually does, please tell me you’re about to...yup. Hell yeah, down you go. Unh...yeah so dragging your whole fucking body over my cunt is a good move, hope I was supposed aaaarch into it like this.

It’s my first real look at her pussy, I should take the time to explore and get to know, take the time to find out in detail what succubus pussy is even like, but I’m on a mission. Likewise, I’ve read no shortage of stuff on how to go down on a girl and know what I should be doing, but right this moment there are more important things to do, like drink long and deep from the fucking fountain of youth.

She’s already slick, whether from being thrown around or just residually from before, and her flowery musky smell makes me almost light-headed this close.

One thing does occur, before I dive into her. “Does anything bad happen if I drink too much?”

“Nope. Well. It makes you horny, but you figured that out already and that’s not bad.”

This being optimal succubus nutrition...also I did promise to take good care of her, and I meant it.

“Man, whatever shall I do about that?”

It’s as intoxicating as before, and her lips are softer even than her hand, warm and wet and almost kissing back I fancy as suck and lick at them, licking out every drop of nectar I can find, my eyes closing involuntarily with the pleasure when I swallow and the wave of lust and strength goes through me.

Oooh you are thorough. Do I really taste...ooh...this good? I guess I must, it’s like you’re trying...OHGOD yes that’s my clit okay cumming in...mrf! Don’t go away!

Like a relativistic planet killer. Like the speed of light through a belief system. Christians aren’t supposed to care about living forever, we’re supposed to already have the best immortality plan ever, but the fact is I’ve always been so terrified of death I can’t sleep at night. Heaven, so what? The ugly truth is even Jack (C.S. Lewis to those not afflicted by Christian hipsterism) and J.R.R. Tolkien never managed to come up with a heaven I’d bother going to, to say nothing of the pathetic pleasure-wireheading visions you hear everywhere else. Even in a boring heaven there’s supposed to be God, but, well, that’s a can of worms not fit for even the kinkiest bedroom.

It’s the last signpost on the road to hell: seeking immortality. Except, once again the sign is all messed up. I’m not seeking it, it’s right here between my lover’s legs, unexpected and welcome. I don’t have to kill anyone or do anything more terrible than go down on someone who loves me. It should be wrong to prefer this to heaven, but this is heaven.

“I won’t age. Will I? Will you?”

There’s maddeningly little nectar, even in the deep folds between her inner and outer lips. It’d be plenty, even superhumanly much, for sex, but I’m thirsty.

“You’ll...mmm...you’ll turn into whatever age you really want to be. But you’ll UNH!” Fu-huck you have a big tongue how does it get so far inside me like that oooh... “You’ll, mm, always be tasty and fuckable, every human’s kind of a sex fieeeend deep down unless they're asexual and I knooooooOOH you want to PLAY forever AAAH!”

Trying to eat me up like you need me to survive, like I’m...oh damn. Is this how it feels being fed on by a succubus? That’s...I...aw...okay I love you too I’ll be sure to eat well every time Master.

More, I want more. I’ve licked her bare, and she’s making more, but I want the way she flowed while we were having sex.

Oh. That’s easy enough. Let’s make all those cunnilingus howtos actually mean something.

“Not ever. No dying, either.”

“Not ever. Live forever, just like a DEMON OH MY GOD.”

Fucking hell it’s hard to talk with your clit being sucked on all of a sudden oh fuck okay it was good on my tail this works for my clit too yeah UGH QUIT STOPPING.

“It gets rid of disease, too.”

“It...mmmmm....right. Y. Yes...mm...Oooh...boo!”

“In case you’re wondering, yes, you always need permission to come. Begging will possibly help and will definitely turn me on.”

Before, pulling her up. Her pussy isn’t the only thing that makes more nectar when she’s horny. Plus, optional breathing. The most wicked thought hits me.

“And no swallowing. All that nectar in your mouth is mine.”

Aw FUCK yeah probably should have seen that coming. Fuck fuck of cooourse ohgod you wait until you’ve denied me to start in on the good stuff...

Fuck how am I going to manage to talk to ask permission with my mouth full of nectar? Fuck, you’ve totally thought of that haven’t you, fuck fuck fuck...

There’s too much pussy in my face to think of any more questions, so I set about properly making her horny, trying different things on her clit and lips with my tongue (assuming myself to have already made the ‘I want your cunt’ point pretty thoroughly), circling or sucking or stroking or pinching carefully with my lips. Maybe it’s knowing what the nectar’s doing to me, maybe it’s just over-the-top succubus lust, but trying to open my eyes to watch her reactions is actually too much to deal with and they keep closing on their own so I can focus on her slick, warm, unimaginably soft flesh in my mouth, so I can breathe in her ultraviolet-hot scent. All I can do is listen to her, but fortunately she’s got a literally superhumanly expressive voice and it makes this almost literally like playing her like some kind of musical instrument.


Oh, one important question.

“Last question. Can you come from sex missionary style, that you know of?”

See, I’m not totally clueless.

Nod nod nod.

Wait, fuck, are you going to make me wait all the way through...aw FUCK. Dammit why does that have to turn me on more.

Hands above head, keep ‘em there, no matter how awesome it’d feel...oooh...to play with my breasts, keep hands above head...bondage always makes me feel so sensitive, but this just makes me wanna be touched...yes you too tail, don’t be naughty...

Well, there’s one thing that’s getting touched, let’s focus on that.

I wonder if I actually could play her this way? It’d take centuries of practice to get right...

I guess we’ll find out.

Finally! I can take an actual drink from her now, a small one I have to pull from the musky depth of her cunt with my tongue, but distinctly a drink and not just licking wetness off her. It’s like drinking healing fire, burning through me, enlivening my arms even before it’s down my throat, and I understand: what’s happening to me right now, this is why Lyra doesn’t need a heart. This stuff doesn’t really quite obey physics, doesn’t care about digestion or diffusion rates or anything like that.

It’s just...turning me into my best, sexiest self. But what am I? I’ve never felt human, not really. There’s a question there, but it’s lost in supernatural lust and the taste of monster-girl cunt.

By the way, just in case anyone’s confused, hell yes what a feast this is. Never felt so alive omigod I just neeeeeed to cuuuuuuum wait seriously already? Noo! Where’s my slow? Usually I take forever! I thought I take forever oh fuck need to cum...

I probably should have...

Oh fuck oooh tongue inside me why don’t I get used to the feeling?

...have realized you’d be into teasing when I figured out hunger...fuuuuuck...and needing to get off weren’t the same need for me. Fucking hell, I think I’d cry again if I didn’t know how hard I’m gonna cum when you finally let me.

Oh fuuuck, how into teasing are you? You are gonna let me, right? Is it teasing or making girls cum you have a thing for?

Oooh, yeah, do the circles, I like circles, just a little more...

Fuck, already full of nectar! “Please, Ma...ster, may I...”

Okay, self. The mess is sexy. He thinks the mess is sexy. Before he looked like he wanted to actually eat you for real when you were like this.

God dammit still so humiliating. I never really thought I had a lot of dignity, but damn, there goes the last of it.

Not wanting to break rhythm, I shake my head back and forth without letting up, and she whimpers, disappointed.

Oh fuck please fuck me so I can get off this is gonna break me more I dunno if I can break more...

If you drink enough succubus nectar, do you just spontaneously come? It’s been half an hour, maybe, since we had sex, and the only thing touching my cock is the smooth, cool soft-stone of the raft, but it’s throbbing and burning like I’ve been having sex for the whole half hour, and I realize I have to stop moving around or come.

I’m not coming without my cock inside some part of her. I’ve done enough of that for one lifetime. Carefully...

Oh thank Sade come on please yes please god if you didn’t get so much out of making me desperate like this I think I’d just die of it pleeeease

“Once I’m in you, you can come. Understand?”

Nod nod NOD. That I can do. Hell, bet I could do it on command at this point.

I wish you didn’t have pubes, that’s going to be obnoxious. Well, last time it’ll be a problem, if I know you.

Yes please come up here ooh your weight on me feels so good, I feel so small...

Come on hand on my neck. You know you want to. See how much you want...oooh okay this was your evil plan all along huh?

When I get back atop her, her face is covered in the nectar I’ve forbidden her to swallow. If she were human and it weren’t nectar, didn’t smell like candy flowers and sex, didn’t grant eternal youth, wasn’t already getting mapped in my brain as some insane collision of drug, sex and food, would this still turn me on? Would I be into making such a mess of her? There’s no way to know. She’s succubus and it’s delicious and sexy and I’m maybe losing track just a little of whether she’s for fucking or eating because with a succubus those are the same thing.

Drinking nectar turns you into yourself. Fucking a succubus? Maybe kind of turns you into one, or something like it, just a little bit.

I’m a monster. The words center me, an ironclad truth I can cling to as everything I know falls into question. I’m a monster and it feels good.

Neep ooh okay maybe being all messy is worth it if it’s so you can lick me clean one little part at a time like this ooh.

Gotta keep my mouth shut at this point or I’ll undo all your cleaning, you get that right? Please kiss me...OR lick my lips all slow and sensual, holy fuck that’s hot okay.

Please please c’mon....uhuh, yes, lips to lips, good. Now make me kiss you, show me who’s Master, c’mon...

For just a moment she resists the kiss and in another situation I might take this as refusal but just now there aren’t going to be any refusals so I wrap the hand that’s not holding me up leaning over her around her neck, gently, and force my tongue between her lips, and she melts, her mouth opening against mine with a burst of sweet clear nectar, watery and refreshing in contrast to her cunt’s dark intensity, that I have to swallow twice to get down.

Ooooh fuck why is it so relaxing to feel so delicate in your hands? Just wanna melt...

Yes neep okay kissing back now see I’m good!

Yes tail I agree lets wrap you around the arm that’s holding us down. See how much I love this, Master?

When I break the kiss, she gasps a long ragged breath, cooing.

The hand around her neck burns like fire, fire that’s more than the wild energy she’s drinking out through the contact, something deeper and purely emotional. I have her. I press with my fingers, and she surrenders, melting perceptibly beneath me, eyes submissive, wings splayed out behind her against the raft as if in display.


Yes I’m helpless alright come on and OH YES UNH FINALLY

She comes to life as soon as I’m more than just touching my cock to her outer lips, rising off the raft to climb up my shaft, devouring it before I can even get my weight fully on her, and this causes us to fall the couple of inches back to the raft with a bump that claps us together mound to mound. I learn that just because you’re a guy, doesn’t mean your mound isn’t sensitive: she’s warm and soft and wet against it and having her there feels somehow impossible like our bodies are intersecting instead of just fitting together.

The closeness of it makes me come instantly and the last coherent thing I see or think is her kiss-me eyes as I lower my lips to hers.

Kissing someone while you come in them is the most naked feeling imaginable. Doesn’t matter if you’re holding them down.

Fuck yes now let’s grind some things. Scritchy pubes but fuck it I’d make do with a piece of shoggoth hide at this point just actually let me fucking CUUUUUM...

No, kissing someone while both of you come and you hold her down is the most naked feeling imaginable. There’s something in the exchange of power, that says, “This is what I really am", and says, “I know", and says, “I love you and I trust you with my life”. There is...nothing to compare. Nothing I’ve ever felt like it. I have been dying of thirst for nineteen years, and today I’ve finally had a drink, really and truly. The nectar is good, and living forever, is, well, immortality, but this feeling, right here? Lyra’s bare surrender and unguarded affection? This is what I’m going to live forever for.

Oooooh fuck yes oh so good and so hard inside while I cum yes please oh yes so worth waiting for oh FUCK YES!

If I weren’t coming already, the way her voice makes every atom of our bodies sing when she comes into our kiss would.

Uuunnnnnh...holy fuck how in Sade’s deep wide toybox is it possible I’ve never figured out till now I’m my own vibe if I can just hit the right note? Ooooooh...something about kissing? Gonna have to figure this out for sure...

Once again, we seem to come for beautiful, luscious ages, and when it ends I collapse on her, releasing her neck, panting and spent, her tail still coiled sweetly around my left arm.

“So, whaddaya think? Like my nectar?”



Hey, where are you going? I’m digging the heavy Master on top of me thing! Oh, okay, just rolling off so you can hold my hand while we look up, okay, that can be nice...

Silence settles, and we spend a long while just looking at the heavens, lying side by side on our backs, my arm under Lyra’s head for a pillow, her hand clasping mine, tip of her tail tracing various tickly-arousing paths on my body.

After a while, motion catches my eye, and I twist my head around to look. Low against the still-open Eye, meteors or falling stars are moving, points of light dropping slowly towards the Sea.

“Hey, look, meteors! Make a wish? Wait, does wishing on a shooting star actually work for real? I’m a little shaky on what qualifies for ‘no such thing’ lately.”

I’ve got a wish alright. I’ve got him right here.

Wonder if there’s anything about that in the library? Someone must have tried it.

Mrf, can’t see. Where? There. Waitasec...

“Oh dude! Yus! We didn’t miss them!”

Poing! Okay it worked before. I hope they like my smell...

Lyra leaps up, reaching for her cunt.

“What? What is it?”

“Those are ships. Everyone must’ve come topside to watch the Eye open, I mean it’s quite the transit, Omega’s gotta aspect the Eye just right to make it open, and supposedly it’s good luck for your relationship or pickup game if you play by Eye-light. It’s been long enough for a decent scene and some aftercare, as we’ve demonstrated, so that’ll be everybody going back inside now, which helps us out a lot because now we can catch a ride without me having to port downstairs and beg a ferry for you!”

I wish you were strong enough to go the whole way on nectar, that’d be so much more romantic. Well, soon. Hell, you might be already, after that little feast, but I’m damn well not going to find out the hard way.

Everyone going back inside. How in the fuck was this raft not already taken? We didn’t get here that early.

“I’m thinking they might be a little far away?”

“All we need to do is have one get close enough we can make out its colors and I can send them a message. Will you watch the sky with me, Master?”

Bleh, why does saying that taste like the inside of a pillow?


“Um. If you’re ready to go downstairs now, that’s what we’d do. Master.”

Better. Awkward as fuck, but better.

“It is. I’m watching the sky, be ready.”

“Okay. We should clear off the small pentagram, then, I’m going to kind of be in a hurry, they fall pretty fast. Erum, you can tell it’s close enough if you squint and shake your head back and forth and there’s a light that makes a line of different colors, those are the colors I need to send a message.”

I get up and step outside the circles of the smaller pentagram, parsing out what she’s just said.

“They’re using persistence of vision strobes so you can get an ID with naked eyes when it’s still a speck. And then use the ID to send them a message by magic. That’s amazing.”

But she’s busy dipping nectar cooingly out of her cunt to write on the raft, invisible on the black silicone-stone, along the lines of the pentagram, lost in the concentration of the task, a look on her face I’m pretty sure I’ve sometimes caught looking back at me, reflected in my monitor between lines of code.

What the fuck is the name of this raft, anyway? Please tell me it’s named, I don’t have the stuff to do a flare.

Now she’s gotten up, and is walking around the perimeter of the outer pentagram, mouthing words I take to be Infernal to herself.

Blah blah blah, names of the Four, blah bind summon blah, for the succour of...wait, for real? Ah. Heh. Oopsie.

I guess that explains how we got this nice spot all to ourselves. Where do Sade play? Anyplace they shouldn’t. No, wait, fuck, we actually belong here! Hah! This was the best place we possibly could have had our first-ish time!

Anyway, return address managed. At least I know we’ll be on their map.

All ready to go, just need the colors. “Okay. Now we get to watch and wait. Somebody should be along shortly, there’s going to be zillions of ships out here, I bet half of the Four Homes came to watch all this.”

Get myself out of the circle before I step someplace stupid and smudge a line.

I guess we’re standing now. Good thing you’re so very lean-against-able...oh man, another hand taller and I could nestle your cock in my butt. I’m so begging for heels when we get downstairs.

Lyra’s warm against me, her wings silky on my chest where they fold down to lines that she nestles along her shoulderblades, and I enfold her, her breasts a warm, welcome weight on my forearms. When she looks up to watch the sky I can’t resist kissing her on the forehead.


“We’ll seriously never age or die. For real.”

“Never ever, I promise, Master.”

I shake my head once again, fake-disbelieving but happy.

“How far can it go? If I lost an arm, would it grow back?”

“Takes a few weeks and a lot of nectar, but yeah. I mean it just turns you into yourself, there’s not really a limit on what that means if that’s what you’re asking. I’ve met a couple people who gender-flipped - relax, they were pretty psyched about it so I wouldn’t worry unless you’ve got a whole world of fantasies I somehow missed - and a lot of people get elf ears or fur or whatever. It’s all about what’s really you, what you'd want to look like if you could.”


The phrase echoes in my head: what you'd want to look like if you could.

What is myself? What am I? I’m a monster in human form.

I could do with a few hundred tentacles right about now.

Yeah, that’s not gonna haunt me or anything.

“I just...fucking hell. I can’t take this in. What’s the catch? There’s got to be a catch, right?”


“I dunno, this, you, all of this, it’s too good to be true, it started out too good to be true when you showed up in my room and now it’s just...it’s too much. This is too much to ask for. There must be a catch, wish fulfillment always has a catch.”

"Oh, no, Master. It only works like that in death-worlds like Earth where you can't do things without using something else up. Here we create more stuff by doing things, which means stuff can be free. There's no catch."

"I was being philosophical, but you're...oh. The conservation of energy thing. You and I literally add energy and matter to this universe every time we fuck...and sex probably isn't even the only way to do that, huh?"

"It's the best one..."


"It's not just that, though, Master. It's like...this world doesn't keep score, maybe? Like, on Earth stuff can only usually happen if it like, adds up with everything that's happened before without changing the amount of energy in the universe, but here the world doesn't care about that. So like, things happen that wouldn't on Earth and it doesn't have to like, have a reason. Like the ocean. It doesn't fall down or turn into a black hole, because it just...doesn't. That's not what this world is like. Cool stuff is allowed to exist here just by being cool."

I should tell you the Five Pointed Star and clear all this up, but I want you to read it to me first so NNN.

There are more lights visible now, moving across the sky. Lyra’s right, there seem to be hundreds, many rising instead of falling, heading off into the waves above us.

"Anyway, life's never fair. Why does it always have to be unfair against us? Now it can be unfair for us."

I turn my head, lowering my view to look Lyra in the eye as I enquire further into the consequences of non-entropic spacetime and whether she's saying we're in a literally benevolent universe, and one of the lights smears out into a streak of out-of-order rainbow, and I point, all reflex.


It’s coming our way, falling gently through the sky.

Lyra slips out of my arms and dives for the pentagram.

“Woo! And it’s close! Okay, we’re going to have like half a ges once the message is sent, so be ready to jump in the water.”

Purple red blue yellow green blue PUSH!

Thank Sade, it worked. Mostly. I need to suck better at this.

For a moment, nothing seems to happen, and then the speck of light bends its course to head straight for us, dropping at an angle. A few seconds later, a shimmering light of a color I can’t pin down runs along the silver lines of the pentagram and then a line of text in the angularly calligraphic alphabet I’m beginning to assume is Infernal snaps into being in the center of the inner pentagram, glowing against the black raft-stuff.

“What’s it say?”

Lyra’s watching the speck that’s grown into a glinting needle-pointed deep-green sliver in the sky as it hurtles towards us, intent, but glances down.

“’Certainly, grab hold!’”

...of course they’re not going to stop and dock just for the two of us. Well, banzai!