18 - The Witch

How are you doing, little one? Is something hard?

Bwaha Goddess your cock is very hard I know that's not what you mean though. I just really really want to taste it super much and I feel very horny from watching you play with the Captain and please Mommy may I please lick your cock clean?

Various sounds of digging into boxes rattle out of the closet (doesn't the Captain have dreamwork- or slave-based organization?) as I absorb this. Why would I expect her to even be capable of such an existential crisis?

You're going to lick every inch of it thoroughly, right now, cuddlecunt. Don't leave one single drop behind, understand?

Yes Mommy lick you clean right now.

HELL YES SSLLLURP cleaning-tongue GO.

She falls to, instantly lost in the task, her busy lips and tongue a weird sensation, their warm, hungry caress visually happening where she cradles my cock in her arms but mapped by my brain into the empty, coolly-airy space between my legs.

Holy fuck this is delicious SLURP lick EVERYWHERE.

Gooooooood cocksleeve. You got turned on watching the Captain dominate me, did you?

I do my best to couch this as one of those dominating humiliation-questions, but I rather suspect some of my surprise leaks through.

That's weird, the bottom should be fake, but it tastes completely real. Can the band make itself alive like the captain's strap-on does?

Hey where is the band, is should be on the end of your shaft behind your balls, shouldn't it? Weird...

She pauses her licking to look up while she dreamtalks to me.

Uhuh! You're so big and tall I said maybe you'll break the ship fighting and when you couldn't I said fine I'll set you free by making you want to play with me and then the Captain came and said you can't be free that way either but you saw me I felt you looking and you fought super super super much to get out of the Captain's cuffs so that made me horny because I saw how bad you wanted to break out of her scene to play with me instead and then she got you into subspace and you still kept on looking at me so that made me horny too because isn't it suuuuch a hot thing to have a person you feel submissive toward saying they want you to please them especially if they fight for the chance to play with you like you were fighting for me while the Captain was raping--Goddess I'm sorry did I say something bad?

It comes to me I'm probably showing the shock of realizing what should have been obvious from the start. I stuff it down for Lyra's sake, wondering a bit what the fuck is wrong with me, and shake my head dismissingly.

You're fine. I'm...just having a weird ride back from subspace. Keep going until you finish telling me this, now.

Yes Goddess. It's suuch a turn on to be so wanted even being raped couldn't distract you from me entirely and then I said wait humph Mommy gets a rape scene she could actually be fighting and entirely not consenting to and it made me even more wet because it's hot to imagine how it might feel for you to take me that way except I'll never know because we tried the most thing like it you could do with me back in your room on Earth and I was instantly just like yes I'm yours no fighting you win.

I'm done now Goddess.

It's like...even if the captain's closet is actually a portal to the elemental plane of slutty lingerie (we're currently, see, in the elemental plane of kinky lingerie), she'll still be back before I can unwrap the layers in what Lyra's just said. I can either be in it with her, or juggle working through it with whatever weird effect the captain has on me.

And, horrifyingly, wonderfully, the experience I've just had shows me the way through this.

I think there's still hope, snugglebutt. I bet you were just so desperate to be pleasing and obedient you broke before I even touched you. Maybe another time, you'll find you can fight back, and we'll see how the Bones protect you from me or not.

I said what!? I should, by all rights, be declaring their protection void with what's been happening, but somehow...it goes right along with the story Monster tells of the making of this world.

Also, if the captain will try her luck with them, maybe...so can I.

Goddess that would be so much fun please make sure you rape me hard if I resist you even slightly a little bit of fight might just be the most I can fight ever I am just a cocksleeve not a big scary Goddess like you are.

Remember this conversation when you're begging me to stop, then.

Yes Goddess I will and if I can fight back I will because it might be the only time I feel wiggly enough to try to ever.

As it stands here, it's a weirdly thrilling castle in the air. If we delve into it--what if I'd been able to think about the captain's taking advantage of me? I won't call that missing out, I won't--

--but I would have hugely missed out.

Good cocksleeve. Is my cock entirely clean already?

Shake shake eep sluuuurrpp...mmh...

Shockingly, she actually is managing to make it clean and dry, though her tongue feels soft and wet licking me. If the captain isn't back when she finishes, all her hard work will be ruined by my grabbing it out of her hands and ramming it down her throat where she stands...

"Here, hold this please."

As if on cue, the captain emerges, wheeling what seems to be a carved ebony armoire into the hallway--no, she's carrying it, and kicks the door shut from between us with her heel so she can shift it towards me.


I nearly fall backwards, unprepared for some combination of my nectar-enhanced strength and weight (glancing at my arms shows me how ironically more muscular I've become, though the muscles are smooth instead of rippling), the armoire apparently actually being ebony veneer over balsa, and whatever anti-gravity spell the captain can reasonably be expected to be using here.

"Come down the passageway and into the chamber next to the closet. You can put that down anywhere inside it."

The captain's voice floats past the massive box in my arms, and I thread my way down the passage and into the open door just a bit past the closet as promised. The room seems cozy, but there's enough sense of space that I just march a few steps inside with Lyra on my heels and set the armoire down to get my bearings.

"Thank you. Klapta, door, make a cushion for our new friend's seedling and bring out my changing-set."

The door to the room silently closes, and in the middle of the deck of the cozy cabin with its soft couch-circle and roof sloping reminiscent of officers' quarters on the Enterprise (though the ceiling is solid and hung with tapestry instead of a window to the stars), a black satiny cushion with purple trim bubbles out of the woodwork, followed by a trio of full-height mirrors like one finds in the dressing room of a department store, though these are ornately trimmed and look as ancient as both the ship and (I'm increasingly suspecting) the captain herself.

"You're welcome, and thanks. Have a seat, little one."

Poing cushion down slave pose on it hhaaah comfy!

"Give me just one swing of patience with your arms that way and you'll be watching me cum again..."

I glance down and realizes I've folded them to gaze down at Lyra, pushing myself into very epic cleavage, so I push them up even further, and face away from the captain, looming over Lyra, ogles back, pie-eyed.

Patient quiet mind wait what will you order me silent poised.

When a heartbeat of this has passed, I let them drop as I turn to face the captain, teasing her with what she's just missed--and remembering too late that this will make me bounce.

"I am trying to get you to make me horny, but it's not just for myself. You're wearing a Mark of Non-consensual Pedestal. You have to be displayed, every minute you're in public. The thing you still have choice in, is how to be displayed--maybe. That's what I'm checking now. These stockings, garter belt, and panties, would turn me on a lot to see you wear them. I'm giving you them to wear now, but the chest of lingerie is there and you have my permission to take any other outfit you like and see yourself in that one instead. Here."

The captain rises from where she's sitting beside the armoire, and presses a stack of filmy-satiny white fabric into my hand, then sits again, leaving me with my heart one step further in my mouth to be holding what barely feels like enough cloth to encircle me if unraveled, lacy as a wedding gown, and know it's for me to wear if I want to which I conceivably might being as I'm a girl now

For a moment I'm nonplussed at her vague description of the experiment until I see how that's the point, and step up to the armoire which has sprouted a maze of drawers and tiny compartments--


"Alright, I was about to look through our seed-ghost wants to tell me something. Lyra, bl--fuck. I don't suppose you have a black mirror handy?"


Seedling communication requested.

Still over my shoulder, aware of how twisting makes my breasts weigh on me oddly, putting my hand up to them to give Lyra a better view after the fun of her staring before:

"Cuddlecunt, come here. Our seed-ghost wants to tell you something."

Bound up slink to Goddess staring at your breasts the whole way bwaha I was naughty! Wait it's not naughty if you show them to me dammit.

Granted, seed-ghost.

"Goddess it wants you to hear me tell you how the mark works with how you present yourself and it says you'll be happy if you let the Captain hear this when you hear it the first time."

That can't possibly lead to anything interesting and surprising, especially if it's asking Lyra to be the messenger of thisI hesitate, gathering Lyra close to me with my free hand.

Interesting and surprising and I'll wonder forever what I missed.

Snuggle you snuggly sigh happy. SUPER CURIOUS WHAT WILL IT SAY!

"Alright. Curiosity killed the butterfly. Let's hear it."

There's a weird, falling feeling like the dream of skydiving I once had--it's like falling, it's like flying, but--

--what the fuck is happening to me.

"It says yes the mark would make you faint if you tried to take the outfit you decided from the armoire by your own choice but we can choose things for you by honestly thinking we'd get horny if we saw you in them but it has to be only for our pleasure entirely, so you can't even be like 'I need panties and something for a top' and let me find them. Even if you tell me to find the exact outfit I want to see on you it makes me have to find a new one I'd like because asking for anything no matter how general still means you're controlling your appearance and the mark will make sure you never never have any control of it not even a tiny small amount. Now that the Captain is giving you the outfit in your hand you're going to faint soon unless you wear it how she tells you exactly and keep it reasonably close to her orders to the best of your ability and keep wearing it until you change your clothing master or they decide it would be sexier from their point of view if you wear a different outfit. If your clothing master leaves you, or you leave their sphere of influence, and you don't say you want me to replace them, the outfit you were wearing goes back to the closet of the person who owns it, even if it's yours, and you'll have to stay naked until you can find a new clothing master or give the choice to your cocksleeve. The clothing master can't use this to control your body except to make you wear the outfit they choose so it doesn't let them say they'd like to see you tied up even if it really would be sexy to them. They also can't keep you by taking your clothing away when you need it, so like if we were inside a house that was stockings only and outside required panties they'd have to choose you panties for if you wanted to go out. The rules will get adjusted when situations like that happen so you'll be able to go anyplace you want but this game will always keep following you. Because it's our relationship that you're creating me, if you make me your clothing mistress, you'll be controlling your appearance because you can make a wish and change me to like you to be wearing the outfit you'd like so I can never be your clothing mistress when there's any other option. If the clothing mistress is in a contract that makes them be obedient to other people those people can be your clothing master through them and they can decide everything the clothing mistress can decide. If you take a dominant they automatically become clothing mistress as long as you submit to them. They can be clothing mistress and keep playing this but actually controlling what you look like can't be given away because you already aren't in control of that even enough to submit it to a dominant you choose. The same thing is true with governments and organizations, so if they make you sign a contract with dress-rules you won't be able to join them unless a special case lets you not be part of the rules for that. You won't be able to break or escape having a clothing mistress no matter what you try and if fainting can't make you keep playing the Bones will do something to make you play instead. Next are more ways you'll be forced to gain freedom but now you'll faint unless you're playing these rules correctly. Gain freedom because they'll be like this game and you'll be nonconsensually forced to play and everyone will know that you aren't responsible for how the game is controlling you. Nothing will take you away from me or keep you from being my Goddess no matter what happens because of this and you're not being sneakily made a submissive or given away into slavery these games just are happening to make it easier to enjoy the Four Dreams happily. It's stopping now so you can obey your clothing mistress and put on the outfit she gave you so she'll be able to enjoy you while it tells you the rest of the games you're playing now."

Drowning starts to take me the instant she finishes speaking, and I leap to unfold the clothing in my hand, and it passes as fast as it began.

"There are some things I'd like to clarify if your seed-ghost will answer me."

"Yes. It says you have the choice to ask me here if my Goddess lets me or it will dreamtalk with you in private. If you want to talk to it privately it will only answer about being my Goddess' clothing mistress without a privacy escape she approves of."

"What control do I have about where and when she changes? If I say she has to do it in front of me, will the mark game enforce that?"

Looking at Goddess am I being voice to your seed-ghost.

Most of the cloth unfolds into a white pair of thigh-highs with lace at their tops. The rest is confusing me still with strappy insubstantiality--Lyra is looking at me? Oh.

"Go ahead, answer."

Shake no.

"The game will only make sure she wears what you choose right away without changing anything about it. The way she changes into it is up to her totally. If she's somewhere else than where you are after she finishes putting on an outfit she has to send you some kind of communication showing how she looks that's intended to be porn you'd find sexy."


I hold the stockings out to Lyra, still flipping at the strappy confusion with my other hand to keep the drowning at bay.


"Now what? Take these and help me into them and our seed-ghost wants to say something else now."

Take stockings feel them out no stay-up things um.

"Goddess I'm just a silly small cocksleeve but these stockings can't stay up without being held by something like garters like you're untangling from your panties."

"Just hold them then."

Having two hands to use makes separating the tiny bits of soft lacy fabric from each other a lot easier, and I start to make some progress.

"Our seed-ghost wants me to tell the Captain that she can make you change when she sees what you look like if she thinks she would like something else better but when she says she likes what you're wearing you have to keep wearing it for at least the next watch of your time. If she wants to keep changing your outfit that's okay but it has to actually be to make you more pleasing the changing itself can't be a goal."

"How far does my sphere of influence extend? Could I still be her clothing mistress after she leaves my ship?"

The garments separate suddenly into a lacy thong with its back made of ribbons, which I hold out to Lyra, and equally frilly garters.

"Hold this too."

Take thong this is going to be cute! I hope Goddess likes it I want to be loyal if I like what she's wearing.

"Your sphere of influence is where you can control what she's wearing effectively. If you can communicate easily and she can get clothes that will please you, she's still in your sphere of influence as long as you keep telling her things you'd like to see her wearing. That can be anyplace, even outside the Four Dreams."

"What happens if the outfit I choose is the uniform of a particular role that would be expected to act according to procedure?"

The whole situation makes me feel awhirl, out of control, which is exactly the point. Feeling like I'm floating a foot off the ground, I step into the garter belt, try to pull it over my hips, find it's not elastic, wiggle to try and squeeze it up, succeed only in reminding myself thoroughly that my cock is presently cradled in Lyra's arms instead of between my legs.

"Those need to be unlaced. It's behind you when they're on right. Yes I meant to give something you couldn't put on or take off by yourself."

Blushing hotly, I pull them back down, and go to hand them to full-handed Lyra.


Vision: seedling's dreamskin

Not that I mind seeing Lyra's cleavage, but it's right here--ah. Cleavage. I half-kneel so she'll be able to reach, and nod over my shoulder.

"Put my cock in the sheath and give me the stockings and thong and then help me on with this."

GOOD IDEA SMART GODDESS! Hand you the stockings and thong go up right next to you--

"Mommy this sheath is too small. Would you please make it expand for me?"

"It can expand?"

Nod yes.

"It's made from my nectar dripping off of my hand from being inside me and if I can change for you it should be able to too."

Become a cute sexy purse shaped like--

I start to cut myself off because that doesn't make sense, but our seed-ghost disagrees:

Vision: white patent leather heart-shaped cross-shoulder purse with silver-gold hardware and ostentatious oversized zipper

--yes that's perfect change into what our seed-ghost is showing me.

It flows up my back into the new shape as the strap narrows and changes color to a glossy white across my breasts, and the shifting weight sends it sliding down to rest beside me.

It makes an adorable handbag, dainty and femme off my big curvy chest, but now it's too small for my cock!

Vision: spacetime curvature diagram

No way. I hold the bag in front of me and nod to Lyra.

Slide your cock carefully inside HELL YESS IT'S A HYPERSPCE FOLD! All the way down there.

I sigh a bit with the pleasure of being gently enveloped by the satiny smooth lining, then zip the zipper shut and stand up.

"Okay, let's keep this moving."

I haven't felt drowning since we started, and guess that as long as I keep actively trying to get dressed it won't take me. I'm surreally aware of how reflexively unthinkingly this has me acting to avoid it, how much makes it feel like playing the game is just happening to me, entirely out of my charge...

Which is what she keeps saying, but I'm starting to understand what it means...

Stand beside you kneel down and place the garter-belt by your feet please step into it?

"Don't you dare keep your hands to yourself when you dress me, got that?"

"The purse isn't part of the outfit I commanded. Can I take it away?"

"If it was clothing yes you'd be able to but it's too small to be covering so she can wear it however she wants. Jewelry can be part of your choice for her but she can also choose anything to keep on her as long as it isn't clothes that would cover her body or be in the way of the clothing you told her to wear. If you want to keep the outfit you choose just how you designed it you can say it has to be worn by itself but the purse is also a piece of equipment for sex and she can be equipped to have sex always if she wants to be and you can't use the game to take that away from her."

I step into the garter-belt, face red.

Snuggle right up on your leg and ssssslide myself up with the garter-belt in my--eep I forgot to untie it! Slink behind and start undoing the laces hehe lay my head in the fold of your ass while I work on it.

"She can't be controlled outside her appearance through this game so if you make her wear the uniform of a station either the station has to be optional or it can't be exactly that uniform. If you make her wear anything with meaning it can only say stuff she already wants to be saying or that means something that won't have any consequences for how she behaves."

Lyra's voice is cutely muffled coming from behind me, and her smooth horn and hot cheek make me feel oddly, pleasantly violated against my ass.

There unlaced you now move slowly up snuggling all the way cop a nice big feel of your ass yummy big soft...

"When she gets the outfit on, how long can I change my mind for?"

"When you give your approval of the outfit she has to keep wearing it starting from the moment she knows you approve but you can't take more than ten minutes deciding and telling her what your decision is which means the communication tool has to take less than ten minutes to reach her if you use one."

Tie the laces with space like bondage two fingers good.

"If the stockings get a run in them, can I change before two hours passes for her?"

Now it's time for the stockings. Stand beside you and wait for you to give me them with my face down.

"Yes and she can either be stuck with the damaged part until you change her or have to take the damaged thing off. It's your decision when she tells you it happened which she's required to as soon as she notices or you can say when you tell her the clothing to wear what she has to do if it gets broken."

Stockings, right. I hand Lyra the gauzy, silken poufs, leaving me holding only the tiny scrap of the thong.

Kneel down foot going up put the stocking over toes, then foot, now squidge it carefully up your calf and slide against your thigh mhhh it's so weird without your cock now...

"How would this game work in a place where I can't control her clothing absolutely? Nudity taboos, for instance."

Clip the garter on the stocking kneel and wait--stocking over toes, sliding up your calf and thigh...

"The game means she has to be in a place where you can be her clothing mistress without fighting the rules of the place she lives in. If she could hide in a place with nudity taboos it would be controlling how she dresses which is what the game keeps her from doing. Yes that means she can only go places where your outfit choice is legal but remember what it said about using that to trap her you can't be controlling using it. When the trapping rule applies it only matters exactly precisely to the letter not the spirit of what clothing laws would force her to be trapped otherwise. If she wants to cross a place like that she still has to wear exactly what you choose for her including things underneath the clothes she's wearing to be legal, and when she gets out of it she can only keep wearing the clothes you gave to get her past if you decide you like them better--otherwise she'll faint right away if she doesn't start taking them off and going back to the outfit you gave her to start with."

Clip stocking into garter adjust you look so pretty oh please like it you look wonderful!

Lyra looks up at me excitedly, so I hand her the thong, too.

"You'd better adjust that very thoroughly once you have it on me."

Bwaha yes Goddess!

"Just one last thing. If the clothing I choose is painful, what happens? I'm thinking about corsets, especially."

Ready with the thong kneeling by your feet. Oh I bet you need me to answer before you brain works huh poor Goddess.

"This game can't be used to do body modification or torment which is very important it's super glad you asked it because it's not just painful clothes that might be torment she also can only wear fabrics that are silky enough and don't feel scratchy or have tags or stabby things because her sensory system is overloaded by them because its designed for her to just be naked always which makes clothing kind of mean already. It says we should remember it said designed but not talk about that now because it's a very big huge topic and this is very important."

'Designed' is definitely a wham line, especially since I've felt that way about clothing for as long as I can remember--