17 - The Lion

"You're wearing a mark of the pedestal right out of your change!? Congratulations, you must be really really proud to be so sexy now!"

The voice is a whisper, the happy sigh of wind through rigging, the giggle of water around leeboards, a creak of the structure like Lyra's purring stretch as we boarded, all the tiny noises a ship under way makes conspiring to become words innocent as Lyra's sweetly urgent rants and ancient as the timber around us.

Holy fuck mark of the pedestal where I can't see you from down here!

Then the words parse, my nakedness feels like exposure for the first time since coming aboard, and my cheeks warm.

"Um, I don't think I'm wearing anything except--"

"You're wearing a mark of the pedestal on your cheek! That's so cute it gets redder as you blush and shows up against your body even though your cheek gets really red too! There's a mark of the pedestal here Captain, come see!"

Of all the odd impulses, I find myself wishing I had Lyra on a leash.

"What's a mark of the pedestal?"

I raise my hand to feel my cheek, but it just feels like (hot with the embarrassment of the sudden attention) flesh.

"It's the mark you drew on your cheek, funny butterfly! Did you not know what you were--no I'm sure the bones would tell someone if they didn't know what a mark of the pedestal was in a place where people use the Explorer's Symbol Book and they accidentally made it with their makeup! Otherwise they'd think the Four Dreams stopped protecting them!"

"Goddess may I please see the symbol the ship is talking about?"

"Yes. Get up here."

Poing up bound snuggle up and climb to see you.

Lyra obediently bounds into my arms, literal but not displeasing, and having her to hold mercifully gives me something to do with hands that are asking to find out what my own breasts are like.

Smell snifsnif look carefully...

"Goddess it's true you have a mark of the pedestal made out of red skin right on the top of your cheek so your eye makes the eye."

Here at least I can command.

"Do you know what it means?"

Nod yes.

"Goddess it means you want people to ogle and masturbate and enjoy you however they want without touching or getting their cum in your scene, and if they compliment you nicely you'll feel glad to make them horny instead of mad to be objectified and that you can be complimented into playing if you really like what they say and decide you think playing would be fun."

"Why is that on my face!?"

The way my voice swerves into a feminine peal of shock despite my best efforts doesn't help the situation.

"Goddess it smells like it's part of your body. Would you like me to taste and be sure?"

I nod at her, heart in my throat.

Liiiiick...yuhmmm....just Goddess nothing else.

"There's no makeup or paint or anything Goddess it's just your skin being red where it is."

"Can nectar make symbols? Why would it--"

The more feminine of the blowjob couple from before is cradled in her partner's arms and they're both smiling at me and staring with a sort of impending look on their faces.

"--fuck, cover it for me!"

Snuggle face onto yours covering mark--

As soon as her cheek is softly, warmly in position, the air goes out of the room and my knees buckle, hands start to fall from where they're clutching Lyra--



I manage to croak, barely in time to catch myself and, panting, set Lyra to her feet, feeling like I've just come close to drowning.

Help Goddess stay standing snuggly comfort you.

"What the fuck was that!?"

The Blowjob Couple are now looking surprised and concerned in that suffering-of-strangers way, but their eyes haven't wavered from their intent gaze. Bracing myself against Lyra's solicitous hug, I slowly raise a hand to my cheek and slide it up over the mark. As my fingertips get within half an inch of my eye, the sense of drowning returns, skipping any feeling of holding my breath or time running out and going again straight to the effects of being out of oxygen.

Eeep heavy rraaah keep you vertical!

I gasp and wobble, but manage to pull my hand away in time and get back on my feet.

"Goddess yes nectar can make things with meaning like symbols but usually it makes symbols you understand not things that would be confusing. That definitely is the Explorer's Symbol Book Mark of the Pedestal, but there's no way for you to know it and you just told me you didn't so maybe our seed-ghost gave my nectar the idea and it can tell you why you're fainting."


As she speaks the words seed-ghost I feel a vague but insistent sort of something, obviously a prod from our seed-ghost, as if to say "yes".

"I think it can. Fetch me the black mirror."

Leave carefully yes you're standing down find grab not in teeth too complicated pick up hold next to your hands eyes focus on my feet.

Considerate little thing, all but putting it in my still-trembling hand. Petting her head, I take it up, and think seriously what the fuck at our seed-ghost.

Vision: Bare breasts, bare ass, feminine body in bondage harness, Leeloo

A couple of beats of confusion pass before I understand the body I've just been seeing is my own, and the posture is of thrusting out my assets in pride. Exhibitionism...bound...pass, permission, it lets me do something...it...tells people this is really who I am...

Vision: Lion

Lion, pride, be proud. I am proud of my new body--I think, I haven't really seen it yet, but I feel sexy, but...that's a far cry from asking people to--

[Imagery: full-body views from various angles]

The black mirror fills suddenly with porn, a montage of a beautifully, curvaceously, solidly-built flaxen-blonde girl with a huge, almost vibratingly-hard cock and giant luminous-blue--


The presentation is masterful, a metacontextual button-push of planck-scale precision: 72 DPI complete with a Mac title bar on each image complete with filename and 16-bit dithering, exactly reminiscent of my naughtier forays onto usenet. Not a single pixel of desktop is visible, but I'm certain if it were it'd be the grey of the family PowerBook at home--

"Your breasts and ass look tempting when you're standing tall but when you breathe like that I can barely think!"

It's as if the ship's words bring me back into the body I'm looking at as something real and not just porn, and I'm suddenly achingly aware of it, the weight in different places, the unaccustomed stance of my wider hips, the caress of hair down my back--it's wild, and big, so like a Lion's mane--the weight of my breasts in front, the strangely-intense hardness of my nipples, and pounding morning-wood solidity of my cock, which has against all logic become feminine along with the rest of me, with a swooping curve and bulge in the middle that will soon be making Lyra's life very interesting--

"There's no way you can hide your mark, right? If you try that's what makes you faint?"


"I like nonconsent play in everything I do so I understand how scary it can be but I also understand it's disappointing when the thing you nonconsent to only keeps happening while you want it! You look happy when I say you're sexy but I think you're only happy if you know you can't control it! Here, I'm going to grab you."


Before I can move, the carved octopus which adorns the top of the pillar at the side of our aftercare nook leaps to life, tentacles snake out with shocking speed and sieze my arms, crank them behind me with inexorable force so that I drop the black mirror, bring my legs together with similarly titanic strength, and become lifeless wood again, leaving me quite...displayed.

Hey! No grabbing Goddess nonconsensually! Raah try to free you PULL RRRRRR! Ooof stuck keep trying GRAAAAH!!!!

I struggle, but to no avail--the wood is smoothly polished where it holds me, but as hard and dense as teak--and my heart races with the helplessness, as I twist inside, determined not to like this.

"Please keep your head still? it will look silly if I make a mistake painting the rest of the Mark of the Nonconsensual Pedestal."

Sure enough, another tentacle, its tip dipped in something glowing, is reaching for my face, trying to match my thrashing. I whip my head faster, the better to throw off--oof. A sixth tentacle wraps above my ears, holding my head in place, and something erupts in me, fight unbridles. I've destroyed every kitchen chair I've sat in regularly, this teak will be no different.


"Just keep fighting--a little more--there hah I got you! That's it you're nonconsensually marked and you fought me all the way and you definitely couldn't control it and the ink is permanent and there's nothing to give you any responsibility about this one little bit at all. I'll set you down as soon as you tell me you're done being displayed but it has to honestly sound to me like you actually deeply want me to let you down."

"Isht Visht, honey, are you making our guest struggle without me?"

The wood remains unyielding, despite my continuing fight.

RAAAAH keep--ooh I know how to let you free! Walk behind the Captain face down kneel in slave pose and hold my breasts out for you.

"Yes because she likes nonconsensual Pedestal-mark-watching and she didn't have one until I added the stroke for nonconsent. I'm proud because the nectar she still has in her is already making it part of her, see?"

It's what!?

Lyra's fight has ceased, and while the Captain all-the-more-tantalizing-for-my-helplessness sashaying up to stand inches from the tip of my somehow still rock hard cock she's snuck around to kneel, presenting herself as the very best possible motivation to really deeply want to be free.

I'm pounding, head to toe, with a strange rush, as I fight, desperate, wanting to be able to do something. It intensifies until it seems I'll explode, as the Captain sizes me up, inspects my cheek closely.

"I'm impressed, cockplease. That will be part of her permanently, or I'll be very surprised. You're very lucky. To be marked nonconsensually this way is a very tricky thing to make happen, because here we have something called the Bones protecting us--I see you already know what I'm talking about. The Bones protect everyone uniquely, exactly how they need to be. That means when you don't consent to something happening, and it happens while you fight it, you're in a very special case where they let that thing happen because there's something they see will make you very happy on the other side of a boundary you can't let anyone cross consensually. I know you feel like my ship forced you to be still and take the mark of Nonconsensual Pedestal, and it did. You didn't want to let yourself be tied up secretly, or made to wear it, but if you had no choice it means you can't be responsible for what happens because you're wearing one. I'm also going to try to play as much as the Bones will let me play while you're helpless, because it might be the only chance anyone in the entire reality gets to dominate you. There's something either you'll learn or experience because of this like how being nonconsensually marked for Pedestal will make you happy once you're stuck wearing it indefinitely, but it can't be given, only taken, and I will have fun taking it, and you'll be helpless all the way. I think you're very helpless right now and it's triggering submissive instincts you thought you didn't have, but it doesn't mean you need to use them normally. It just means you're in a situation where you don't have any power and the only thing you can do is fight or save your energy. When I finally play hard enough that you need to be protected from me, the Bones will set you free, I'll stop even looking at you dominantly, you'll take one look at your seedling--yes I know she's a seedling--and come right back to being your same dominant self, and either never play this way again, or stay and be my plaything, or something in between those. If you want me to play kindly, just let me have my way. If you fight I'll use my cane or crop to quiet you, and be very strict about you fighting me the next time. Cockplease, wrap us in silence, and keep her seedling inside with us."

A sort of blur seems to obscure the background beyond where Lyra is kneeling.

"I'll let your seedling help you, if she stays out of the way of what I'm doing. Anything you want to order, she can do, except conflict what I'm doing. There won't be negotiation or a way for you to tell me to stop, because if there was you would already be using it, I can tell. If you yell and make a fuss I'll be very aroused, but you can't do one single thing not anything to make me change how I'm playing except in how much you fight. If you feel like fighting, please do, because you'll be fun to make compliant. If you feel like giving in, that will give me pleasure too, and you'll be very pretty with your eyes down and mouth open for my use. Would you like to tell your seedling to be near you while you give in to me?"

"What makes you think I will?"

Everything feels strange, I'm shivery and light-headed, even as the space has become perceptibly warmer since we were 'wrapped in silence'.

"That's not how being dominated works. When I ask you something, you answer me directly, or I smack you really hard, and you answer me until I tell you to stop talking. Are you going to answer me directly?"

"Yes, I want my seedling near me."

"See, you're giving in already! Give the order quick, before I gag you!"

The Captain stands impassively, but I don't waste any time.


My voice wavers strangely.

"--hold my hand, Lyra."

Up poing bound over to you grab behind for fingers snuggle by your side until it interferes with the Captain.

My fingers wrap around hers in an iron grip.

"Can you dreamtalk with your seedling?"


From somewhere by her side, the captain picks up and regards a black leather riding crop thoughtfully, and the words come tumbling out of my mouth as inside me terrible forces battle how are you giving up this easily with something nameless, formless, unseen to me.

"I only learned half an hour ago but we seem to be okay though I can only keep a sentence or two in my head at a time without--"

"That's better. Remember, keep talking until I tell you to be silent, and the only noise you should be making without me telling you is moaning pain or pleasure. You call me Captain every time you speak to me and be gentle and respectful and think of how to use your voice to please me every time it comes out. of your mouth."

As she talks she comes closer and it comes to me that even though I don't feel any less aroused, my cock has gone quite soft, letting the captain stand with her body agonizingly just out of reach of my own. As she finishes talking, she smacks the crop hard against her palm for punctuation.

"Yes Captain. I'm to think of how to use my voice to please you every time it...comes out of my mouth."

She's practically in kissing-range, and taller than I am somehow--I was sure she was shorter before, though she seemed tall--and my eyes stay locked to hers as I answer as sexily as I can and even despite my best efforts put in an intentionally bosom-heaving sighing inhalation that seems it will make our breasts graze against each other, but maddeningly doesn't.

The captain stands, looking impatient, when I reach the end of my sentence.

Fuck! What am I supposed to say?

"And you...only want me to speak--only make noise other than mmmmmoaning pain or pleasure if you tell me to."

She stands there, crop looking fidgety, and the part of me that's fighting gets distracted with this would be an awesome game to play with Lyra if she didn't--oh.

Will my brain even do it? The way she talks...what would I want to hear?

"Captain I really want to please you with my voice right now and...it does feel nice to speak respectfully and be pleasing by talking really submissively but I only have one thing you told me which is be silent unless you tell me to talk or I'm moaning pain..."

I gulp. I won't do it, I won't, I have to, the Captain's face is an unreadable mask.

"...or pllleasure,"

The word comes out sounding half orgasmic and half ridiculous.

 "That's the punishment for disobeying and speaking when I didn't tell you to. Next time I'll use my cane. Remember, speak on orders only, okay subbypet? I'm going to take your cock off now, may I hand it to your seedling?"

If it doesn't pull itself inside me first, I manage not to say, only barely.

"Nod your head for yes, shake your breasts for no."

Heart pounding like the end of the world, I nod silently.

"That's wise. It'll be safe and she can pleasure you! Oh subbypet I'm taking your cock off, not cutting it away! Here, see how I can do this."

The captain takes a sudden step back from me, slips her arm through something elastic, twists it in her other hand, and her forearm separates at the line of elastic around it so she's holding it in her other hand. She wiggles the fingers of the detached hand suggestively, then fits the hand back in place and undoes the elastic, leaving her arm as whole as when she started, and without stopping moving steps up and unabashedly enjoyingly picks up my cock and balls in one hand and holds them while she puts the mundane-seeming elastic over them with the other.

"Now listen to me carefully, subbypet. You aren't allowed to be so bold in how you stare into my face when I've taken your cock away, so keep your eyes down unless I tell you where to put them. I don't mind if you stare at my cunt to do it, just do it. This won't feel like anything so I'll tell you when I've taken it by stuffing it in your mouth. Open wide and be ready!"

She gently lets the elastic tighten, and before I can react wet lips are impossibly touching my cock and something soft and tasting of Lyra is--oh. Fuck. Somehow, I remember to lower my eyes to my heaving bosom and her steady one.

There's a strange, airy lightness between my legs, drafting nakedly.

"That's good, keep opening wider, you wouldn't want to bite your own cock--there, just a little more, wider, push your tongue down to let me fit some more, all the way inside. Feels great, yeah? You'll be pleasing me this way so be sure to feel what feels good as you do it. That's good, now keep your lips holding onto your cock while I put this strap around it."

Without even quite intending to, I do as she commands, and suck inward as she brings a leather strap with the circular ring that would normally hold a dildo up to my mouth and fixes it behind my head. My own suction on my cock, disasterously, feels wonderful, and I start to grow hard again, lengthening quickly down my throat.

"You like sucking yourself, subbypet? Then I'll give you the order to suck yourself to orgasm for me, and show me a very sexy pornographic climax that's a performance for me to enjoy--but I'll punish you severely if I don't believe you're focusing on me with how you have it. Here, I'm going to lock this on your head, and put your hands in these cuffs to keep you helpless for me, but you'll have enough range of motion with them to play with your body nicely for me. I'll do the same thing with your legs, because you should be doing this on your knees, so we're going to kneel you down now. Klapta, lower your tentacles for me."

She leans near so her perfume fills my lungs and does something behind my head, then the tentacles come to life again, and inexorably pull my arms down until I'm kneeling on my heels--carefully placing my legs under me, so I have no choice in how I'm sitting--with the Captain's cunt just barely in reach of lowered eyes. She's wearing tall stiletto-heeled sandals, like the ones she had before except--shapeshifting. Duh.

Sink down and kneel with you. Hold your hand tight you're doing really well Goddess.

"Now keep still while I put these on you. There will be just enough chain for you to play for me, and I'm going to feed it up between your legs, so spread nice and wide now."

The tentacles retreat from my ankles sliding their softly-alive suckers across me, and I put my knees wide on the deck, heightening the bareness between my legs--and worsening the rising desperation of my throat. Why won't it stop turning me on!? This is making me feel weird...soft leathers slips around one ankle, tightens, is tugged gently, then once hard, and Lyra dances in front of me, also on her knees, as the Captain moves to the other leg, and calming tingles spread across me from where she's touching, hardening my cock even more as I relax, the last dregs of fight going out of me--

There's a series of clinks, and all of the bondage gear falls away from me. Instantly, I pull my cock back out of my throat, spluttering and coughing, gasping at the size of what was inside of me--it'd become overwhelming, I'd been bracing for it to hit my gag reflex any moment and really make things intolerable, but what's slippery and dripping with the slickness of my throat in my hands must be almost two feet long and as thick as my wrist. How could it fit inside of me at all? How does it fit inside of Lyra?

Lyra clutches my hand, looking at me with naked admiration.

"That was much further than most dom-Virgins go their first time. You're free, just take coming out of subspace slowly--you're not made to change in and out of it fast like your seedling. You can kneel until you feel ready to stand, or lead me all over my ship, but I'm watching over you until I'm sure you've come out of it entirely."

It comes to me that it's not mandatory to keep my eyes on her feet, but for some reason I still seem to be doing it. Everything feels slow, and the tingles are still crawling over me.

I look at my cock in my hands, at Lyra so pretty sitting in front of me, at the captain's feet.

Time passes. I don't know how long. Finally, I can raise my head, and see the captain standing over me. She looks down, kindly, smiling.

"Good job. That was very fun."

My eyes seem to be stuck, gazing at her smile.

"Is there something you want to ask for?"

My lips feel parched, but when I lick them, they're already slippery and wet from being stretched by my cock.

"Um...Captain if you would still like it I think I can still suck you off."

I WOULD!? Except I was curious--

"Yes, that would be wonderful. The bondage fell off, but our scene isn't finished, is it? This cock is more the right size for you, I think. Hand the one you own to your seedling, I don't want you being distracted."

Absently, I pass my own member to Lyra.

Take your cock reverently--oof holy fuck this is heavy!

Even in my space-out state there's satisfaction in the way it weighs Lyra down so comically. In the captain's hands, going around her waist, is a harness like the one I blushingly realize has just been on my head, mounted with a green silicone-looking dildo of a relatively-reasonable length, girthy for what I realize must be my very big mouth if I was able to get my own cock inside it at all. She's adjusting the straps, boings it wryly to make sure it's secure, and gestures me over.

"This dildo is heartstone that's lifeless until you fasten this harness on someone. You'll be able to taste my life-energy--humans can sense that too, it's not just su'khora--and I'll be able to feel your tongue and throat and lips all around me--and you are going to be good and deep-throat me while I cum, I'm not going to give the chance not to be, so don't be surprised and get scared when I take your hair and pull you all the way onto me, okay?"

I nod at her silently, shuffling to place myself in front of her.

"Come up here and start when you're ready. The end of this shaft has no foreskin, so start gently like I'm already pulled back."

I rise to the height, find the green end of--she's right about life-force energy--her cock big in front of my face.

"Look at my face while you please me. Make a tight little O with your lips, and take me inside."

That's not how Lyra does it, protests the part of me that thought it could help, but I follow her orders, discovering in the process how the combination of facing ahead to suck properly with look up to look at her face forces my eyes to be flirty and submissive, and slide onto her tip so it forces my lips open.

I'm bracing for it to be bland, or off-putting to make complete the act of service I seem to be bent on giving, so when instead it feels good and a strange wild hunger wakes up I've let out a cooing moan worthy of Lyra before I even process that somehow I like this.

"Now, suck on my tip and kiss like it's most fun thing you can imagine."

That...how...doesn't take hardly any imagination. My tongue seems to want to be pierced so it can be all around her, my lips are wet with the sloppiness of my sudden enthusiasm, and as I watch her face soften with pleasure I actually get eager for her to say to deep-throat her.

"Take me a little farther, but keep watching my face, and focus your tongue on my tip."

My eyes have been drifting to her breasts and mound, oops. I pin them back on her eyes and--fuck it--flirt a bit, glancing down and back up slowly as Lyra does for me as I move her deeper, press my tongue against her where there should be a gag reflex, but isn't.

"Now keep that going, warmly look up at me, and say through your eyes to me you want to be pleasing and used by me to cum by."

Thoughtful on her shaft, I flirt up at her again, then gather myself up and arch my back and thrust out my ass and peer up at her out of batting eyes and moan as I move a bit in and out, thrusting as much as I dare without orders. My mouth is too full to express much, but I smile anyway, hoping it reaches my eyes. Even this little motion makes me aware of the weight and motion at my chest--and the lack thereof between my legs, even as Lyra's reverent grasp makes a far more intimate version of her handholding before.

"That would feel awesome."

And her hand is in my hair and she's driving me over and over to bury my face in her mound, throwing me back and forth with surprisingly strong fingers twined through my locks. It hurts, it feels amazing, I'm liquid, waves crashing against this same rock over and over, my body pounding with desperation and squirming, but she's fucking so fast I have no space or desire to fight even though it's only my gag reflex that's missing--the rest of my body still protests, gives in, succumbs to a strange rushing freedom...

Suddenly I'm mashed by both the captain's hands into the musky perfume of her mound--her pussy is right in front of me, just on the other side of the cock that's inside me--and she's bucking against me, letting out rough screams of climax, holding me in position while my throat, heedless of my commands to relax, keeps trying to swallow her.

"There. Next time I'll use one that cums in you. You're free now, I'm letting you out of my grip in three, two, one."

Her hands release from my hair, and places them on my forehead, gently pushing me off to look up, holding my chin with her fingers, tenderly arranging my hair.

"Do you want me to keep you?"

There was something she said before, something important. Why isn't the answer immediately no? Or should this be why isn't the answer immediately yes?

I glance at Lyra, cradling my cock so reverently, out the corner of my eye, and everything changes--not immediately, not right away, but something starts to rise in me like a fever breaking.

 "It would mean keeping both of you. I do understand that."

There's a strange, almost grief-stricken moment as the fever breaks fully and I know it won't be my answer, and I wait there, gazing into her caring, calculating face, watching her size up my value, the pleasure I might bring, the things I might be taught, and wonder what it would have been like if she'd used the dildo that cums in me, until I'm able to bring my legs under myself, and, balance still wobbly in a new body that's been through a wild ride, stand on my two feet...

"Then I'm giving you a challenge. Always be ready to try being dominated, to understand what it feels like for her. If you were this hungry to try it, and I still couldn't seduce you now, there's no way you'll give in to anyone who tries it later. This was the most vulnerable you'll be, with your gender roles from Earth pushing you to act female as you understand it, before this world can teach you other ways of being feminine. I don't mean to be discouraging! You were very fun to play with and look really sexy kneeling and your seedling is the very pinnacle of female Earthling gender, but you and me are different, aren't we? Our makeup means we can't be broken permanently, so we can fearlessly try anything we want. Remember that, every time you're curious. Promise me."

"The thing is, I think the Bones protected me because you were about to break me permanently--when the bondage stuff fell off, I mean, that was the Bones doing that, right?"

"No, it was you not needing to be bound to try to please me. The Bones did make my locks come apart, but they did it because you needed to be freed from the concept of asking to be pleasing meaning you'd not be able to escape me after. That's what they were spiking--ask them, they'll show you how they showed me while you were looking up at me. Does that make you able to promise to fearlessly try anything you feel like trying?"

"Yeah. I'll try anything I want to fearlessly, because I can't be broken permanently."

"Congratulations, that promise makes you ready for what I'm going to tell you now. Are you ready to be social with me, or would you like some time to breathe?"

I feel strange--the weird, soft referred-to-the-captain lust of submission is ebbing, leaving the kind I'm used to pounding in its wake. I need...Lyra. And my cock back...

"I think we need some time. Cocksleeve, get up--beside me and snuggle close."

Poing bounce over to you snuggle hi Goddess.

When she comes near, I nestle her silky warm body to my side, protective.

"Would you like me to give you the space-loop I used to take your cock off your body? I can always make another."

"That would be awesome, yeah!"

"Then if you want, try keeping your cock off like now and using a strap-on harness to fuck with as long as you don't think the harness gets in the way of fucking her. Try and keep it permanently detached except special occasions, because you really do look sexy with the place between your legs empty and your mound standing out all proudly that way."

The captain looks me up and down appraisingly, and the memory of what the mark means slowly sinks in.

"You would fit some clothes I have. Then you can wear panties, wear the harness on the outside, and fuck without having a hole in your clothing--I know that sounds very trivial, but you'll be surprised the way it changes how you see your body. I think it will really be happy for you and your seedling both. Follow me if you can wait five more minutes to have sex with her?"

I glance at Lyra, glance at the captain, then down at my own body, and finally work up the courage and curiosity to reach a still-shaky hand down and feel where my cock was...and find nothing but the smooth softness of my mound, going all the way back to where my ass begins, contoured so (presumably) it would look like a pussy under tight clothing.

Bending does nothing to get my breasts out of the way so I can see, but it feels totally convincing--the skin the portal would be covering even seems to feel my fingers pressing like it would if it were really my skin--

The captain is smiling, and jerking her chin over her shoulder, and curiosity gets the better of me--anyway, maybe there will be dressing-mirrors if there are dresses.

"Alright. Come on, little one. And thanks."

Following Goddess. Your cock is so heavy! It smells like the inside of your mouth I need you to kiss me before I cry from this...

The captain pivots on her heel and strides off, clapping her hands to dismiss the blur that surrounds us and bring the aftercare deck back into focus, and I follow with Lyra in tow.

 "Your cock being off makes your thighs very nice to see sliding against each other inside. You should think about making sure the clothing you wear doesn't hide them."

The captain stands aside suddenly, ushering us into a stairwell. It's single-file wide, and only as I place Lyra in front of me to watch her descend from behind do I as my wings fold away reflexively to fit in the narrow passage with that strange pounding-weightless feeling in my chest realize I've just been maneuvered the same way myself--and that I'm disappointed we're descending where she won't get the optimal chance to enjoy my apparently-appealing thighs. They do feel very silky rubbing aginst each other as I walk...

"Go to the first door after the bottom of that staircase. I'll be following so I can watch the pretty way your hips move and imagine how I'd take you from behind. Isn't it disappointing I didn't get to try your ass before? Seeing your cheeks bounce along my stairs makes me imagine pulling them wide and pushing myself against your hole until you open and slowly push yourself down over this green cock I'm still wearing, using your own saliva from the blowjob you just gave to make it slippery."

As I flounce down the stairs, not quite sure if the way I find myself climbing is just how I walk with wider hips or if I'm flaunting what she's praising, her words wash against me like riptide, dragging as if to pull me out to sea. I can see just how I would do it, leaning up against the doorframe ahead with my ass stuck out, ordering Lyra to kneel and wait what the captain plays with me, the words I'd use to offer my ass up to her...and yet strangely, she doesn't quite knock me off my feet again, despite how curious I am as to what it would feel like, and an odd happy confidence that I really can try anything fearlessly.

Maybe she'll figure out how to get me to ask her to use me again, but not this time.

It does leave the question of what would happen if she tried what she's describing, however. Would I even try to fight?

"Wait while I get the lingerie-case out, please."

We've reached the bottom of the staircase and are in a softly-lit, wood-paneled corridor, narrow, and the captain doesn't try very hard not to brush against me as she passes to open the door, turning herself sideways with a grin to make us almost hug head-on in the narrow space, spicy perfume heady and black braids bouncing against my breasts, and then she's past, fitting a key into the lock of the evident closet, and disappears behind its open door.

Something in her departure changes a gear in my mind, and I seize on the chance to check on Lyra, who's standing obediently with my cock held reverently in her arms, glistening here and there with the deep-throat slickness it's dripped on her, looking Disciplined.

The poor thing--this situation must be giving her an even more confusing existential crisis than I'll be having when I get my brain back from the pleasant pink mist the captain brings me. I start to whisper, then realize there's a much more secure way to check in on her.