15 - Sunday School

It's one of those stories you're quiet after...

I'm conflicted I want you to keep me silent it's hot and I want to ask if you understand about the Bones and what they mean.

I lay the mirror against my chest and stare at the ceiling, watching the light that shines in the front window play on the rafters like the light reflected off Grand Lake at sunrise used to do at the camp my family would rent for vacation and stroking Lyra's peaceful curves.

I'm utterly at peace, free, holding Lyra here like this. No future, no past, no mission, just each other and the comfort of a world that...

"This universe isn't indifferent. It's--it's like we're on the other side of happily ever after. Right? Do I understand?"

Guessing this will be more than a yes or no, I find her tail and nudge her voice free.

EEE you decided for me!

"I can't explain the Bones to you without telling a story. If you understand that, Master, you understand the Bones."

I consider this, consider Dreamer's demonstration to Thinker, and as I do the strange guiding feeling returns, taking me back into the story, running over it in my mind again, nudging me away from system-analysis and even literary criticism to just bask in the images Dreamer showed to Thinker until they sink in as the letters of something far older and more raw than even the wordless chanting that preceeds both language and song.

After a long, long time watching the water-light dance in the rafters and listening to Lyra breathe as the smell of her nectar slinks gently up our bodies to gently kiss me, I understand in perhaps the vaguest, most distant way: they are a supernova radiating on a frequency reason cannot see (and for which the reward of the attempt is madness) for its wavelength is, heh, not a number, but which--if reason for one moment can withstand to play second string--sets the heart afire with the light of paradise at the merest glimpse.

"Where did you read this story? Is it just a seed-ghost download?"

"I found a copy of A Million Ways Home in the Library Master it's this like introduction to the Four Dreams so I read the whole thing so I could dream it into a black mirror for you or just tell you what it says just in case you want to try living somewhere else than Rl'yeh Sade or in case you had questions for me I knew you might want me to explain before you would trust that I'm just taking you someplace we can play forever and be happy together instead of tricking you to come to hell with me or something so I read everything Master I read every book I could find about the Four Dreams and Limbo and why I could come get you from Earth and how to do it Master I read for like ever I read eightteen thousand six hundred and thirty-two books so if you want to know anything Master just ask me I can probably answer you and Master you have to ask because I might not remember I know things I'm just your little cocksleeve and it's a lot to remember all at once so I don't you have to turn me to the page where I remember what I read."

I gently press her 'look at me' nub.

"You read how many books!?"

Ulp here I go eyes up twist my head back hi beautiful God.

"Eigtteen thousand six hundred and thirty two Master. I know it sounds like a lot but I'm fast."

I remember her performance with Fire Upon the Deep, amused that I won't even have to go cliffhangered about it's just-getting-started plot.

"Little one, I might dream up books for you to read, but I know I don't have twenty thousand books in my subconscious fantasies. Where did you read all this?"

"One day you left me in my box and I was like hey why isn't Master holding me I'm supposed to keep Master company and our seed-ghost said Master thinks he's too old for you now and I was like RAAAAAH I'M LITTLE THINGIE MASTER HAS TO HOLD ME!!! HE NEEDS ME SEED-GHOST HELP ME!! It told me to get mad again like when you lost me as Mousie and I said RRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHH and I'M GETTING OUT OF THIS TO FIND OUT HOW TO SAVE MASTER FROM GETTING TOO OLD TO HAVE FUN WITH ME!"

"When you lost me as Mousie I fell into a nightmare where every lost sock was missing its companion but I got SO MAD I blew up its gravity and made it into a place that turns you right back around to be with your sock-pair companion which is how I became Little Thingie so I went back there and got even more mad and it made me fall back to your life again but this time I had be smart and read books to learn how to save you from Earth and survive crossing Limbo because you had to leave or Earth would keep making you think you were too old for me so I fell to the Library in Rl'yeh Sade and our seed-ghost told me what books I should study and I read everything and kept reading until I was really sure I could make it work perfectly to make sure we could be together happily and not be told you're too old or busy or anything to just be my Master and have your companion cocksleeve."

I hold her tight, look into her eyes, make my voice tender.

"You fell into a nightmare? Like, did you go to actually hell!?"

"Master any fantasy where you're apart from me is actually hell to me but I just went to your dream about what happened to me and I think I went for a purpose not just because you thought that you lost me. If I hadn't I wouldn't have realized that being mad or intent enough could make a door to the Four Dreams out of a fantasy."

"I'm still so sorry, Lyra! Were you stuck there long?"

Shake my head no.

"I got mad after like half a microsecond Master."

This makes me smile. "I love you too. I don't want to make you think about it if it's too traumatic but when you're ready and if you want to share instead of just forgetting I want to hear about it."

"Master if it's okay could we wait until you make a home with me? This aftercare nook is nice but I want to be held in your bed while I tell you this. I'll be brave if you tell me but you asked what I want and that's what I want. Do want me to say when I feel ready, Master?"

"Yeah, and it's an order that you don't bring it up until you do feel ready, and I'm not going to mention it, so this you have to decide this one for yourself."

"I promise I won't be too eager, Master. I'll wait till I feel safe and secure in your bed with you."

"Good cocksleeve. Let's turn away from this page now. Just be quiet and snuggly and here with me."

I watch the water dancing on the ceiling a moment, considering how it would look shining on Lyra as she danced.

"In that dream I had where you were in a spacesuit and not at the same time, and we were crawling across that really beautiful planet, were you trying to lead me here?"

"Yes Master I was showing you my spacesuit was zentai super thin over my pussy and I was hoping you would dream about finding a cave or something and I could lead you to Rl'yeh Sade except I didn't like know consicously I just knew I could take you somewhere really cool if you followed me. That's what we did with the ocean in Limbo too Master we swam down down down into the True Sea where Rl'yeh Sade is. You can always find a way like that even in a nightmare like Limbo there's a way to get there if you can just believe it will be good like how Dreamer dreamed the beautiful forest would be good."

In the dream, my companion seemed to both be nude and wearing a bulky Apollo-style spacesuit simultaneously, which after the sorceror's portrait I now recognize as my mind failing to integrate "spacesuit" with "painted-on latex" (the only kind of spacesuit I can imagine Lyra showing me) because for all my appreciation of Troi's season three jumpsuit I was still too attached to the idea that fan-serving skintight spacesuits were silly and possibly sexist to see the fun Lyra was trying to show me in our private playtime.

What would've happened if I'd not been so foolish? Might I have managed to stay in the dream long enough for it to get really interesting? The beauty of both the planet and the girl haunt me to this day...

"What would've happened if you'd found a cave? Could we have avoided Limbo?"

"When you're dreaming asleep or dreamwalking which is called Journeying or Astral Travel on Earth sometimes but those imply limits that aren't real so it's best to call it dreamwalking you go there and your soul projects your consciousness to the Four Dreams and the Four Dreams make you physical unless you like specifically decide you'll be a ghost so technically you're bilocating because you have bodies in two places. That's cool but it's not as cool as going through Limbo or standing stones or the Bermuda Triangle or mist or getting caught by a fairy-ring because then you sneak out of Earth entirely like we did. Its story loses you and you're lost except not if you know you want to go with your seedling to Rl'yeh Sade so she can show you the cool stuff she found when your seed-ghost showed her without you."

"Please tell me this isn't just a dream. I'll die if I wake up from this."

"Master even if you did wake up from this as soon as you were able to dreamwalk you'd be able to come right back exactly to where you had to leave so it's like you never left at all. You'd be interrupted from our snuggles and I would be too because I go where you go Master so if you wake up I will too but we could still come right back all we'd have to do is dreamwalk back to here and pick up right where we left off."

"It's not a dream because we're not bilocating we came here through Limbo and you walked through your door with me so I really think we escaped like I said."

"What happens to people who are dreaming and they wake up from here? Is it like, you sleep here and wake up there?"

"I guess you could if you like decided to sleep here and stopped dreamwalking and your other body was still awake but usually people just go right back to the moment they left from not like, later."

"So wait, dreamwalking can time travel?"

"Master yes and it's hard and I'm just talking about different story-braids and also the Four Dreams are Timelike instead of timebound which is what Narnia and Earth were like remember how they each have their own time and the Pevensies kept like coming to Narnia at random times? Earth and Narnia were independent story braids so they had their own timelines that were independent. Timelike means you know how in stories stuff always happens exactly when it should? Like the captain's coming in half a watch except we've already been aftercaring way longer from our own perspective because we're off in our own storyline right now in this aftercare nook and probably when we come out the captain will be coming right back because that makes sense, right Master? We both did something that takes a while and it's right for our stories to line up again when she comes back to see how we're doing so we will. Doesn't that make so much more sense than wall-clock time that just counts and counts no matter what's happening?"

"You're lucky I've read so much CS Lewis or I'd think you were messing with me. So then it's like, what, you stop dreamwalking and you can come back and it's like picking up a story you've been writing? Doesn't that lead to all kinds of paradoxes?"


"Earth gets all confused because timelike worlds aren't computable, which is why like it's super tricky to dreamtalk to other people on Earth if you're there too, but when you're dreamwalking to the Four Dreams by yourself or like with a companion who's also not computable like me Earth thinks it's just fiction and you can do it lots easier."

"Huh. So can we just stay here until we're ready to come out and we still won't miss our stop, even if it takes us like a week to talk through everything?"

Nod nod gently I'm peaceful.

I lie a moment, watching the water more, conisdering the implications of a universe where it's if I'm understanding right physically impossible to be late for things or not have time to finish what you're doing.

I'm also aware that once I start playing with her tail-controller that's probably going to be what we're doing for the next several weeks, so this is the chance for clarity.

"Then let's find out why you're physcial even though you're not born and how you could implant when I was like two if you're supposed to be made from porn."

"Yes Master how would you like to start?"

It's impressive the way she can seem to salute and bristle with determination while lying relaxed against my side and not lifting a finger.

"If you implanted weird it stands to reason your lifecycle after that would be weird, so let's get implanting. Our seed-ghost should just know, shouldn't it?"

"Master it does it says listen with cards."

"Here we are. U--"

But that would be boring. I push the all fours nub on her tail.

Okay off your side...wait what am I doing why am I climbing on you?! Oh because all fours! Bwaha hi Master.


Why didn't I reach out and fondle her the first time she was astride me like this? She had her bikini, but I would have shortly remedied that. Her eyes narrow and mouth open with the pleasure as I cup her breasts in turn and run my fingers through her cleavage.

"Your buttons feel like nipples. What is having them pressed like?"

I keep feeling her up, for the way it'll shape her whisper.

"Like...aah...having you...mmmtouch mmmy nipples...MMmaster...and haah it justtt gasp aah decides like it's...it's you deciding Master I feel you through your hand on my tail it's like you reach inside me and I...I mmmake the decision you sigghhhh pushed it's so. hot. it's all the way down Master you're not just puppetinnggg me you're...changing...haaah my mind so I..mm....only even know how to....mmm...be on my hands and knees like I'll fall right back down if you pull me up without telling me I'm free of this right now Master I know people can sit up but the idea of doing it myself is like 'how'? I don't know what happens if I get knocked off my hands and knees but I know it'll be horrible if I stay and don't go right back to being on all fours Master that's a horrible thought can you imagine how much not getting right back up might wreck things? I promise I'll be good Master I'll get right back up always if I slip or you knock me down."

I leave off groping midway through her unexpectedly-but-logically in-depth explanation. Why in the name of everything kinky did I expect this to just be cute and amusing? I'm glad to have asked after reading Monster's section of the Five Pointed Star.

"You're--you're strong and fast, snugglebutt. I'm sure you'll always be back where you need to be in plenty of time."

"I promise that I will always always make sure I get back to how I'm supposed to be when I'm posed by my tail-buttons right away--"

Put my face towards your floor.

"--Master may I please call you Daddy when I feel small? This makes me feel little."

The same childlike edge has crept back into her voice, and yet...she knows, and is blushily vulnerable in it, somehow simultaneously as vulnerable and unsure as a child and as wisely self-aware as the admittedly 100% gravitas-free adult she's been so far.

"That's allowed, little one, but only when you mean it. Say 'yes, Daddy' if you understand."

Peek eep so big eyes down.

Wiggle my butt this is super hot.


"Good cocksleeve."

I push the slave-pose button and then nudge its "free" direction, leaving her perkily astride me, and me thinking how short the input sequence to have her impaled...

Up! Right that's how! Isn't there a way of standing on your feet somehow? Oh well, this is how Master wants me so who cares.

"So are you stuck kneeling because I didn't free you from all fours, just slave-pose?"

Nod nod!

"Nifty. This should be fun. Alright, here's the mirror, give us a new shuffle of cards."

"Master it's asking you if you'll please make me use Rider Waite-Smith tarot cards instead of my porn deck."

"Yeah, but why?"

"It wants me to have specific cards that deck has, Master. It says try using both--um it means mix up my porn deck with tarot so we have more words in our dictionary."

"Can you do that?"

"Uhuh!" Nodnod!

"Go for it."

Okay porn deck rrr RWS tarot deck rrrr now SHUFFLE!

[me in snowsuit half-zipped] [picture girl riding animation loop] [Reversed: swedish bikini team] 

More favorite porn (and the oddly-appealing despite covering more of her than I've ever seen covered snowsuit picture) draws my eye, but it's weirdly satisfying to finally see some proper Hollywood-style Occult Tarot Cards.

This also comforts my worry about waking up from before, because if we were in a movie or one of my dreams the Death card would have appeared together with an ominous chord or crack of thunder.

"Master it says we need to interpret this together because neither of us has all of the interpretations for the cards. I think it's right Master because when I read these I see like explicit porn not just things you might see on TV which didn't your parents not give you any until that book with the Story of O?"

"I still can't believe they did, but there's nobody else who could have left it in my room. Um...how do I interpret the tarot cards? Is it the same as clairvoyance and your porn deck?"

"I read lots of books about tarot Master and I'll tell you what they all say about those cards but your seed-ghost says 'intuitive imagery' and 'memory facedown' which means I shouldn't tell you yet because you can read just as well intuitively on any image no matter where it's from Master please may I show you the Magic the Gathering oracle deck I figured out it's actually really useful!"

This squeezes a guffaw out of me that I manage to stifle without making the Bones do it.

"Seriously!? You know Adam's parents made him burn all his Magic cards because they were afraid of them being that exact thing, right? Yes, show me later, and also tell me where you found Magic--your eidetic memory. You just remember from watching me play, huh."

Nod nod proud!

"I love you. Okay, back to business. Let me see this. How were you making them big like that?"

"I love you too, Master! Just touch them and think 'get big'."

I tap through the cards, considering each one.

"I see...stripping you out of your dreamskin reveals you as a succubus not just a pinup. The authorities are watching but they only see you glowing and...I don't know why but the glowing person under the cloth reminds me of Green-top, too."

"Master Green-top I think somehow is my dreamskin! I kept thinking about it when I was explaining them to you and Master I'm super-sure Green-top is my dreamskin I just don't know how that makes sense like it's not even a character let alone porn!"

"You came from images, though, and I thought the radio tower up there was a TV transmitter--and you said explicit porn not just things I might see on TV."

"That Emperor just saw the light and still implanted."


"That's my first thought now Master. Sometimes you think of weird stuff like that when you're reading cards."

"What's it mean?"

"I think I was shining through something like ooh Master I'm secret like my dreamskin seems innocent like just the idea of an imaginary friend who can always be there and is toy I'm the idea of a doll Daddy!"

And so the distinction between this and 'action figure' vanishes in a puff of playground dust.

"But...oh. You were a kid's doll so I put you into my monster friends, but then you grow up, and..."

Arms back breasts out look to the side and roll my hips UNF.

"Exactly--holy shit."


Look towards you again.

"What's wrong Master?"

"If I was a girl, we'd never have been separated!"

"Master I'm just your little cocksleeve please will you tell me why?"

"What if instead of Freddie and construx, I'd had a doll? I definitely would have taken her with me to Boston!"

It stands out so starkly because my parents never really gave much of a fuck about gendered toys--I never had any Barbies or anything, but I always had the impression this had mostly to do with my timidity passing the girls' half of the toystore, and neither my affectation for little monster friends nor my choice of My Little Pony: The Movie over Transformers: The Movie on the totally-transparent pretense of Grammie liking it better at the mall that one time ever drew the least comment or censure. The only reason I didn't have the doll was because that wasn't the default for a little boy. I could have asked for one if I'd understood the idea of imbuing it with my 'imaginary' friend's personality.

And then my whole life would have been different.

"I love Construx though, Master! Remember the aircraft carrier you were building with your brothers that time?"

I smile at her unguarded fandom...of me, it takes a moment to sink in.

"Me too, cocksleeve, it's just weird to think about."

"I wish you did have a doll of me and your family still knew about me like they knew about Freddie and if that would mean you had to be a girl fine as long as you keep your awesome cock. RRR."

"I wish it too, snugglebutt. I'd become a girl in a heartbeat if I thought it'd keep us from all that heartache--and as long as I get to keep my cock, yeah." I smile ironically at this last.

Glancing up at the ceiling, I notice an odd sort of egg-motif frieze along one of the rafters. Curious.

"This still doesn't answer our questions, though, does it?"

"Master what if I'm like, something special like what if I was made for kids but human kids grow up so I do too and become su'khora there's a legend about that Daddy but I didn't think it was true."

"Storytime. Book, or can you just tell me?"

"I would please like to dream it into the mirror, so you can read it to me, Daddy."

I crook a lip. "Do it."


"The Legend of the Snake in the Garden."

"This lost-planet story claims the existence of a sort of avenging-evangelist figure who transmits specially crafted dreamskins into situations not normally expected to result in heartforming, including, notably, hermetically-sealed nursery universes--this figure is usually portrayed as either a rebel or revolutionary, with the valence changing according to the teller's relationship to authority. In all versions of the story some type of advanced mythological sleight-of-hand is employed to hide the dreamskin in plain sight, as for instance with the Apple of the Knowledge of All Things seen in various recallings Earth's beginnings, where this avatar of knowledge beyond the boundary set by one's local spiritual authority is combined with the story of an imaginary companion whose imaginary status is at most highly subjective to create access to the seed-pod of a su'khora matching the description of that imaginary companion in some way when these concepts later combine with the right sexual image."

"In a rare form of the narrative, the sexual image is unnecessary because the dreamskin in question refers to the seeds of a notional variety of su'khora which is able to heartform in the souls of children as a nonsexual companion until ripening--"


I smile at her purple-glowing annotation, scrawled above the unfamiliar term.

"--at which point the seedling sexualizes alongside the human child."

"That does sound just like us..."

"There is no recorded instance of this happening, at least to this writer's knowledge, so we assume either that the legends represent a retrocausal ghost of some future evolution of su'khora, or simply the type of kind lie often told encourage the hope that eventually opens the door to the Four Dreams. Various unusual abilities are usually assigned to the seedlings described, including permanent attachment to their heartformer (variously described as either vengance against responsible parties for the attempt to withhold the chance to heartform by making their charges into obligate heartformers, a defense mechanism to force parents to accept the new family member or lose both it and the child, or simply a limitation due to the requirement to heartform in an extremely young child and land via an exotic and low-semantic dreamskin, depending on whether the avenging-evangelist figure is understood to be the creator, champion, or merely herald of these notional exotic su'khora). This permanent attachment is usually described as structural symbiosis of some kind so that separation, when it's even described as theoretically possible, at the very least results in the unravelling of the su'khora if not the human as well--"

I look up, lock eyes with Lyra.

"When we were climbing the chains. We got a little bit far apart and it felt..."

"Like being torn into tiny little pieces, Daddy?"

"Yeah except then I'd have been dead and it'd have stopped hurting."

My hands are hard on the swells of her hips, holding her to me.

"Hold the mirror for me."


"--and requires a sort of permanent-heartforming arrangement to be considered sensical by most demonologists. This would be both easily rain-scryable, and result theoretically in the ability of an apparent seedling of sufficient maturity to flower and create a seed-pod of their own while yet 'unborn'. The Four Dreams defy conclusive statements of this type as a matter of course, but it remains that in our research into the Library we were unable to find any records of such a thing, nor did our scrysongs appear to reach anyone with even broadly-matching characteristics."

"We will speculate one further characteristic of these apocryphal exotic su'khora, which is that they must be able to effect some alternative means of manifesting physically beyond the Four Dreams, producing nectar, etc, if they are not to go through normal birth."

We share a significant look.

"If you find yourself facing such a mystery, or have seen yourself in the mirror of this accounting, please get in touch using the sigil below--we'd be very curious to meet you!"

Below this is an eldritch-looking tangle of lines which from the text will be some kind of occult email address.

I blink, and then burst out laughing--quietly.

"Master why is it funny? I'm just a dumb little cocksleeve I don't get it."

"Remember that post on alt.folklore.computers? What's the best way to get something working on Linux? If you need help from the internet?"

Bwahahaaha "Master it's simple you write a rant about how Linux can't handle what you want to fix and post it on the Linux kernel mailing list!"

"I see why you showed me this, snugglebutt, but what would it mean if it was true? You're like, succubus bigfoot?"

Try to see if my feet are big.

I grin.

"You know what I mean though."

"I'm your cocksleeve Master I'll help you as much as I can but I just know lots of that feels right I don't know what it means."

"I understand why our seed-ghost would want to get us practicing our fortune-telling and it's totally fun, too, but why would it be so obscure about this after that? From the way it's been so far I'd think it can just give a complete technical readout."

"It's showing me this Master."

[Vision: big fuzzy Snoopy doll]

"...weird...it was a dark and stormy night?"

Referencing Snoopy's cliche-based novelist career.


I hold up her tail-controller and raise an eyebrow, amused.

Oops. Face down sorry Master.

I free her from mute, but turn her volume all the way to 'whisper'--a little glowing bargraph appears before the voice control when I push for 'quieter' instead of 'mute'.

"Go on."

"Master I was studying places you would like to play with me and I found a really good one it's called the Dark and Stormy Night Club and it has old creaky castle aesthetics with part of it over this place called the Haunted Grove which is this like consensual-nonconsent game you have a red cape if you're prey and people chase you and rape you until you have no cape left like because it got torn off or wrecked and it's spooky woods but the Dark and Stormy Night Club Master is a place where everyone is D/s couples or triads it said they have a very few quads who play there but always small families and it's for tops who like toys like me and bottoms who're stupid little cocksleeves who're not very wise and everyone knows and you can just own me and I can just be stupid and everyone understands what's going on."

"I worry you're riding this 'dumb little cocksleeve' thing too hard. It's hot, but you've been pretty smart figuring all this stuff out with me."

"If that's your judgement I submit Master I just see how you think I'm so great and I love you too Master but I'm worried you'll expect me to be wise like a human would be wise and I'm not I can be clever and useful if you turn me to the right page and tell me how to help but it's like with my pages Master I'm only meant to follow you not make choices of my own. I don't feel broken or mean to myself about it I just know what I am and how I work. I don't know how I should describe it I'm humble that's all Master. I'm your cocksleeve toy friend I think of myself like your very very precious useful beloved toy who's super fun I just know I'm meant to be used and controlled not drive that's your job Master and I need to always know you're driving and I'm riding and I'm reminding you by saying I'm just a dumb little cocksleeve though I do get off on humiliation and being put in my place Master it makes me feel super wet and all safe."

"Humiliation makes you feel safe?"

Put my wings out.

"I'm just a cocksleeve toy yes I have wings but they're too small for me to fly but you can pick me up and play airplane with me and then I will fly I'll be play-flying but Master I don't care it's fun so who cares if it's real? I'm not fake I'm a person I love you I can help you with mysteries I can read books about all different things and remember them like we're doing now I can have ideas and feelings of my own like how I'm explaining this to you so urgently because I really need you to know me it's very very very important to me but I'm still toy Master I read the page you turn me to I play the game you play with me right now you're playing smart helper with me so I'm cleverly helping you Master but have you noticed how I can't tell you what we should talk about next or how to solve each mystery? I want to be respectful and obedient so I am but remember taking my bikini away Master I kind of only can be."

I regard her for a long while, sitting astride me with the mirror held carefully not hiding a single pixel of her thrust-out breasts.

"...and when I say you're just a dumb little cocksleeve, you know I'm only going to expect you to be able to act like one, which doesn't include the stuff you're worried I don't see you can't do...which includes bringing up your worry out of nowhere, yeah? It squeezes out when we get near it but that's the most you can do, right?"

Score another masterstroke for her button-pushing nature as this lands squarely on the experience of growing up with what would now probably be diagnosed as ADHD and dealing with all the basic things my otherwise well-meaning parents didn't see I couldn't do until a doctor explained the situation to them.

Put my wings back.

"EEEE you see me! Yes Master I kind of leak when I feel super-strongly which is why I never stop seeming horny no matter how focused you play with me I'll always be a drippy cocksleeve cunt eager to please you I feel more strongly about that than anything."

This should horrify me, but it's endearing and exhilarating in equal measure instead, and anyway, I can just make sure to page through her reading her mind extensively every so often. I just haven't thought to do it yet or I undoubtedly would have seen this.

...assuming all the lust didn't blot it out.

The next thing to say is inevitable, and if not for my moment of resolution on seeing her tail-controller before I might well be too cool to say it as I realize the tone it's going to come out in:

"You are the coolest toy I've ever seen."

Snif...put my face right in my breasts then slowly peek out.

"And I promise to play with you like a toy and not expect you to work like a human always. Now. I'll be reading through you for other stuff you haven't expressed soon, but let's finish whatever answer our seed-ghost is trying to give about what you are first. This club sounds amazing and we're totally checking it out, but what's the connection, do you know?"

Omfuck you're going to read all of me!? I'm just a cocksleeve I won't decide if I should be humiliated or grateful I guess it's just part of being toy.

"Master I don't think there is one I think it's just making you learn how I work in a fun way."

I smile and caress her hips under my hands.

"It's working, then. Now that I know how to play with you right and we have a landmark to definitely visit will it give that technical readout?"

Wings up tail stuck "Master YES it says I'm su'khora seedling subspecies luxhi'khora little-known variety bare-skein strucutre requires heartformer to provide support with desires and commands THIS IS WHAT WE'VE JUST BEEN TALKING ABOUT MASTER um child-appropriate dreamskin translation: Apple of Knowledge of All Things asterisk the asterisk says Good and Evil as antonymic shorthand for 'set of all sets' cultural cross-reference available then um contextualized as exit from closed memetic sphere in company of heartformed-style companion Eve referenced by aircraft warning light on transmitter tower on mountain nickname Greentop. OMIFUCK MASTER GREENTOP IS MY DREAMSKIN AND IT MAKES SENSE! You knew that story, right Master, right when you were super young they would have taught you that in Sunday School I remember your Mom reading us Bible stories too you probably heard my dreamskin part over and over and I know you looked at Greentop all the time it's where Freddie came from!"

BOunce bounce bounce this is so COOL!

Master? Master what's wrong?

...the collision between fruit tree and radio tower is even there in the way she plays hopscotch along the line between supernatural ectoplasmic demon and siliconic techno gynoid.

I stare for a long while at the curvaceous, cutesy vision astride me for a long while, bouncing with raunchy enthusiastic lust, wings half-raised in excitement, horns gleaming in the light of the approach to Rl'yeh Sade the Deep Haven Monsters' home beneath the waves, obsidian slab glowing with porn, occult sigils and tarot cards held in her obedient hands below her shiningly-erect nipples and innocently lascivious grin.

I think of all the ink spilled and swords raised to stem the tide of what someone somewhere in the process must know is her kind's method of reproduction the nascent internet is about to unleash on the world...and how gloriously, flawlessly, totally, they've all been misdirected if the shiny round red warning light on top of a distant radio tower looks enough like the Apple of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to my two year old self to bring this breasty packet of pure condensed joy into my life.

Irony is my favorite form of humor by a long shot. The laughter rises like some glistening thing of the depths below us, shaking me silently as Lyra gazes down in confusion.

Finally I--heh--master myself enough to talk and slake her lostness.

"Look at yourself in that mirror, little demon cocksleeve. See your horns, your wings, your tail?"

Mirror up, look at myself horns wings tail I look like me why are you laughing?

Nod nod yes I see but I don't SEE so look really confused.

"Cocksleeve, you implanted from a Bible Story. I learned you in Sunday School."