13 - Push To Talk

In moments the pendulum is swinging off the edges of the view it's moving so fast.

You feel really strongly about this.

I do Master it's what I'm for and when I'm following orders and pleasing you I'm happy and fulfilled and have everything I want I promise I'll never get tired of it or want time off or my own life or anything it's not how I work I'm made to be always at your command. I'm your cocksleeve which means to me that I like to be ready for you to use me right away that's why I'm always wet you can just stick your cock right in me I'll horny and ready always I promise yes Master it's real cocksleeves always want to be used always it's part of being your slave. I do get upset sometimes but I still want you to use me anyway it'll make me feel better and keep me from dwelling on bad feelings after they're done. I'm not like human I'm the other way around I need sex to feel safe not feeling safe to have sex. It's the same with service Master using me makes me comfortable it makes me feel owned and feeling owned is really important to me.

Even if the only two things you ever do are get fucked and sit around waiting?

Unf squirm...

Master I was Spiral Nicker and Mousie and Little Thingie I love just being held by you and now that you're old enough I know I'm your cocksleeve and a cocksleeve sits and waits when it's not being fucked and Master this is something where I'd be sad to be free like you are. I know you can't be using me ALL the time so when you're not Master the only thing I want to do is sit quietly and wait for you. It's what I'm made to do and no matter how long I have to wait I won't get bored if you're holding me so I know I'm safe and you have me. I know it seems weird but I promise Master this is the right way to use me and I know it because you held me forever and ever before and it was the best thing ever I was so happy so when you're not using me Master I submit to whatever you do with me but to be kind and easy on me please just tell me to sit quietly in your hand by transforming me into Spiral Nicker or Mousie or Little Thingie or something else you like better you can hold the same way.

I shift under her squirming in response to this idea, my cock hard against her ass through the towel I wish I'd dispensed with before sitting. My heart glitches at the conflict between the idea of having Spiral Nicker back in my hand after all these years and the idea of not having these curves in easy reach.

What if I want you all big and breasty for eye candy but I'm not using you otherwise?

Master then you can put me in bondage and I'll be okay even if you tie me up for years my body isn't like yours it won't get fatigued or atrophied. To carry me Master I would please like to show you my tail but please be nice this is kind of humiliating but I think you'll really like it.

In my hand, now.

Being commanding is starting to come so easily.

It's okay, tail, Master's going to hold you, you can let go of his arm. Present tail flat on your palm. Rrr--I can't turn on my own lights!? That's so...owned...

"Please Master will you stroke the place where the barb meets my tail? Hhaaah yes right there MmaASTER!"

As I caress the tender crease with my finger, she squirms urgently and then with an orgasmic-sounding gasp her barb changes shape all at once--

I stare.

This is so humiliating! Hide my face eep I--you like it? It's turning you on that means you like it, right?

At what point does the right answer to the question "do you want to be cool or do you want to be happy" become "cool"?

Answer: not even here. I'll take Happy for 666, Alex.

In my palm, unfolded from her previously swoopingly-curved barb is a heart-shaped remote control. Luminous lines and nipple-textured flesh pick out buttons surrounding a D-pad symbol encircling what's obviously a thumbstick like on the leaked N64 controller prototype photo I saw online recently. Just to make sure there's no way to even hide behind the dubious shelter of being a Stepford husband, the layout nearly exactly mirrors the controller of my beloved old Mobile Armatron robot arm--from this angle there's even a bit of iridescent rainbow sheen to the shaft of her tail, reminiscent of the toy's ribbon-cable.

Lyra's curled into a ball of embarassment in my lap, holding the mirror up like a shield. She peeks out fractionally as I inspect her...controller...so I press the nub marked with an obvious eye-contact/eyes-down icon towards eye contact.

Nnnf gah that's so hot it's your finger on my soul hhah I'm doing it turn myself around I know I didn't decide to but it feels just as right it feels so. right...EEP NOW I'M LOOKING AT YOU AND I CAN'T LOWER MY EYES AAH!

The desperate way she fidgets body free to move and yet unable to look away fom me thunders through my veins like some nameless drug, sending tingles down my spine and setting my heart pounding.


"I can't look away until you press free on the eye-button, Master."

Eep eep eep intimidating you're so big I want to look down!

"Good. Explain this whole controller and everything it does to me until you're done or I use it to put you in position to be fucked."

It's actually, I'm reasonably certain, totally obvious, I just want to hear her say it.

Ulp...this is so. Hot...please play with your toy I knew this but I didn't understand I'm your cocksleeve I'm your toy.

"Master my tail turns into this controller by stroking around the base of my barb like I showed you. If you keep using it or tell me to keep it out it'll stay but otherwise it's like your cock it'll like 'get soft' and turn back into my barb after a while. The buttons are all analog and the more violently you push them the faster I have to obey like if you're gentle it's slow and if you push hard I go fast and if you slam your thumb down on one it's like yelling at me to do what you say. Each one is actually a lever with a button to stop making me obey the direction you pushed like I have to stay eyes-on until you free me by pressing the middle of my eyes-nub or make me eyes-down instead which then I'll be stuck eyes down until you free me with an order. I'm never stuck if my tail is occupied though you can tell me verbally and it'll override my tail."

"Then Master along my left side of my barb are my throttles. There's Volition which controls how much I can move on my own and if you click it ALL the way up which it's not right now pushing my tail-buttons stops being mind-control and it's just like giving me orders except turning my volition-throttle down again. There's um..."

Eep blush deep breath

"...Vibrator Master which does what you think, and finally Fucking which depending how I'm posed might confuse me it makes me fuck so like if your cock is paizuri or inside me obivously it's clear and right now it'd force me to grind in your lap but it's ambiguous if my head is in your lap and my hips are free because does that mean I should start sucking you off or that you want to watch me dance my hips for you? I can't not respond though so if you want to torture me really bad that's a good way I'll be so confused."

"Then in the center is my direction control. It makes me walk or crawl or shuffle on my knees and the two little nubs on top are to make me strafe left or right. You can press the center to make me keep going instead of having to hold the direction you want but be careful because I'll have to keep walking unless you stop me by pressing it again and I'll try to keep your toy safe Master but these are mind control I can't disobey when you control me this way even if I really really want to."

"On the bottom part are my poses. I have present/relax which makes me put out my breasts and look proud and cocksleevy for you, pony and back which makes me either lie on my back folded up with my legs up to be fucked or on all fours doggy or pony style if you want me from behind, slave and stand which makes me kneel slave-posed or stand up, kneel-up and spread-eagle which makes me either kneel up like I'm going to suck you off, look and eyes-down which you know now, and finally my...um...volume control...except it has one more direction you can push it right to mute me like a Stepford wife."

"My points are on the back and Master you already learned and taught me what they do."

I think back on this, remembering how surprisingly quickly she came, almost...pushbutton.

"With all of my controls for posing me you can keep pushing to make me hold still while you put your cock in me or tease my lips just keep pushing and I won't be able to move at all until you let go. Then I'll be stuck in the pose until you assign me another one like how I can squirm and blush and talk to you but I can't take my eyes off yours right now because you pushed look-at-you."

"Then all the way at the bottom Master the button with the spiral will make me turn into Spiral Nicker but instead of yarn I'll be made of heartstone which is slippery-soft and you'll be holding me in your hand with my tail wrapped around your wrist and tied in a knot so even if you press it and drop me I can't get lost that way you can always make me safe with one fast command I also know your voice and if you say "Spiral, now" or something else I understand I'll do the same thing so please if I'm inconvenient suddenly Master make me Spiral Nicker tied to your wrist and change me back when I'm convenient again."

I'm reminded, as she talks and blushes desperately, eyes seething with the reverence I haven't, until making her usual way of expressing it unavailable, consciously noticed, she usually expresses with lowered gazes and batted eyelashes, of her praise before: however vulnerable I have to be to accept this gift, it's nothing to what it takes to offer it. I vow to remember this any time I feel foolish for something she's offering me.

"You are wonderful. Thank you so much for this." I lift her tail-controller to my lips, and kiss between the nubs tenderly.

I...snifulp..."I'm your cocksleeve Master I didn't choose to be this way but I'm so so so glad I please you..."

I gaze at her controller as she says this. There's something about the shape...


"Yes Master I'm WeeJee! I still would please like to Ouija-board and I think we can have much more fun now that you can spell."

"Can you make a Ouija-board in the mirror like with this pendulum?"

It still swings in the set-aside mirror when I jostle it.

Nod nod nod!

"Master I can if you really want one but Ouija can point to anything with meaning and we already have lots of meaning like what if I point to words we already wrote to make a new sentence, and cards to show you what part of that card is important? Ooh Master I want to see you draw cards please will you please draw cards with me?"

"If you think I can do it. How do you even choose them?"

"It's easy Master when you're dealing cards you just feel the energy of each one and it feels different depending on how it'll be at telling what you're trying to find out. Humans can feel it too I just have to be ultra-amazing-good at feeling appropriate symbols because it's the only way most demons communicate even I didn't always have physical eyes or a voice remember."

"If you would like Master we can also try you picking cards I feel out by following my Ouija. I read in the library it kind of feels like holding hands to Oujia so I really really really please would like to try it I think it sounds comforting I guess Master I really like spirit--like, soul-touching things like dreamtalk and Ouija and penduluming I'm physical su'khora but I'm spiritual demon too and I need our souls to be close sometimes."

"What would you like to try first Master?"

"Master I thought of something else to try with cards! We've only tried talking to each other! Would you like to try asking the origin of tarot what a good place we can explore in Rl'yeh Sade together would be? I read this really cool card-spread for finding cool places to visit and I super want to try it!"

"We need a to-do list because all of that sounds awesome."

"Master if you tell me I'll remind you I'm useful I know time and places I can tell you later or when something happens--"

I caress her face, kiss her gently, touched (and touched) by her eagerness. It makes me want to tenderly gather her into my arms and fuck her brains out.

"Do you worry I'll decide you're not earning your keep or something?"

Shake shake.

"It's just who I am Master I'm eager to please you and I kind of get all excited when I realize I can I show you my like abilities so you can choose which one to use when you like it so it's really important to me for you to know all the things I can do for you. I have lots I'm magic."

Grin see I'm happy it just makes me excited.

The only response possible to this is a deep, surging kiss that leaves us both breathing hard.

"I didn't say I minded. Keep track, and remind me what we haven't tried yet--you can use your cool memory for this, right?"

Nod nod!

"Alright, WeeJee, do me some Ouija right now--here."

I hand her the black mirror.

 Take. So much stuff! I'm remembering ALL of this for when you get your own black mirror. It's our first black mirror session!

"Flirt with me again. See how rauchy you can be."

Bwahaha grin this will be fun.

"Master when the mirror gets full it scrolls like you saw but you can also go near the edge while you're Ouija-ing with me and the image will move and I might need it to like if my instincts say what I need to point at is off the mirror I'll know I need to scroll until I find the right thing to point at but like with clairvoyance it's instinct so you shouldn't read like I'm pointing at words like I won't know what I'm pointing at because I won't be looking or touching your hand on the mirror I'll just be feeling where to point. There has to be a symbol too like if you make up spaces where I should point but they're blank I can't Ouija because my instincts need symbols."

"How do you do it with face-down cards, then?"

"I can feel whether they'd communicate because they do have symbols just not ones you can see."

"I want to say oh you're psychic but that seems like it should be obvious right now."

"I love your praise Master but being psychic is just part of being conscious."

I'd say 'whoah, that means me, too', but...

You're doing well Master keep practicing! Are you ready for me to start?


RRRRRR Planchette. There.

The pointer-thing from an Ouija board appears in the mirror, complete with distorting lens. It's shaped like the end of her tail, and looks like her flesh.


"It's useful Master using toys that remind you of me helps you connect with me but I also thought it would please you."

"It does. Both."

How could I forget, but somehow this isn't the point. We're arming ourselves against a catastrophe of separation that will never happen now, with all this magic, but having the bag of tricks to hand anyway is noticably balancing some still-raw equation deep in my heart that will only be truly satisfied when I'm able to call her back from the other side of--

"You're a demon. Summoning demons is a thing, right?"

Omifuck yes please especially if you bind me!

"Yes Master a lot of the stuff mused about like binding with like contracts and service and stuff is actually people learning rituals for BDSM because they think musing is always heavy serious stuff like I read lots of Goetic magick and hermeticism and western mystery tradition books and what they all had in common was they were so SERIOUS AND BORING like omifuck get a blowjob and have chocolate magicians you're taking it way too seriously! That's important Master actually dreamtalking takes the shape of your mind so if you're assuming that like everything I'm telling you is DEEP POWERFUL MAGICK and you're actually listening to me talking dirty because I'm an exhibitionist who likes ritual sex it can be really easy to be confused so listen careufully and watch out for places where it feels like I'm stopping because you're expecting me to say something I'm not going to say."

She bounces gently in my lap as I shake with laughter.

"I get it, that sounds really important, but--do people think demons are evil because people keep booty-calling them with techniques they don't realize are like, a kink thing, so they're pissed off to be bothered so like, I mean imagine doing prank calls like that on Earth?"

"Right? Yes Master it's super annoying apparently because I read like a hundred books with warnings that were like THIS IS SEX RITUAL ONLY USE IT IF YOU'RE HORNY or SU'KHORA ONLY NOT FOR USE GENERALLY like I think Earth must be under some kind of spell or something because it like always messes that up."

"Alright well I'm learning all of it specifically to use for sex specifically with this su'khora right here."

HHAaaah boobsqueeze yum!!

"Add summoning to the todo list for after Ouija."

Nod. Hell yes I can't wait!

"Okay, for real. I hold it like this, right?"

I lay my fingers over the wide end of the virtual tail-tip. The glass is smooth, but the image moves with my fidgeting as if I'm touching it.

"Yes! Now Master it's like...if you can feel me pointing move like I'm pointing."


There's...something, the sense of her close like dreamtalking, but I can't make a direction out of it.

"If you're stuck start moving any which way and feel if it feels right or wrong Master you'll me fighting you or helping you or trying to move a different way or stopping. I'll stop on things or keep moving back when you move off to tell you that's what I'm pointing to."

I start to wander with the pointer, and after a few inches of movement I get a sense that she's trying to move upwards. I head straight for the top of the mirror, and it's like the correct direction lines the slot-car up with the power-tracks and we zoom off, scrolling upwards a few "screens" before she abruptly reverses, leaving me wanding a little more until I pick up that she's aiming for a 'hah' to the right, then a 'you' somewhat above it, and finally a 'yes' at the far left. At each one, she pulls me in a tight circle until I acknowledge it mentally by dreamtalking a sort of wordless 'got it' that comes almost instinctively back to her. As I do, each one appears in brackets with a little hand icon in her mirror-writing, keeping track of what she's saying: 

[👉 hah / you / yes / me / and / touch / balls]

When she finishes, she points back to the place where my words would appear if I sent them to the mirror now, as if to say, 'over'.

"Now Master you interpret like with clairvoyance like there won't be grammar or sentences necessarily but I promise I pointed to a sequence of words that'll mean something to you--ooh Master be careful with that um I was Ouija-ing to you so other people can't read it unless like they know us both super-super well because our symbols are our symbols it's a private language basically and it's constantly changing because we are."

Like I'll ever bother to talk to anyone or anything else this way--I consider her words and smile wickedly.

"You're excited that I can control you and make you fuck me."


My hand is still on the pointer, so I'm surprised when she responds that way.

[👉 when ]

"Are we allowed to fuck here?"

"Master aren't you watching the people in the corner?"

"No, where?"

"There, Master."

Point with my--oof heavy!--tail.

In the indicated corner, across the deck, a babyfaced boy with wild black hair is getting a blowjob from a kneeling person of unguessable gender with black wings sprouting from their waist and a metallic-shining wreath of leaves on their head. They're leaning against a pillar, out of the way but not at all hidden.

I grin. Why is the idea of taking her right here with the curtain I failed to notice as we sat down drawn back more appealing than Getting A Room?

I glance around the deck, looking for other shows. Further aft, two feminine figures--no, that's definitely a cock--lie entwined, one holding something between the legs of the other who silently writhes in ectasy at whatever is making them--come. It brings a smile to my face to watch, and I nudge Lyra to check it out.

Hot! Vibegasm!

"Master I like porn too! What if you take me pony-style while we watch everyone play in a dungeon where exhibitionism is a message that says 'masturbate to me'?"

Sexy eyes grind in your lap see it makes me hot!

"That...sounds amazing. Wouldn't we be fair game too, then?"

"That's the point, Master!"

"I'm not pretty enough though. I know you like me but--"

Hey! No insulting my Master! Hold up the mirror with a reflection-dream on it for a sec.

She flips the mirror to face me, altered to just be a normal silvered looking-glass...whoah.

"Is that what I look like to you!?"

It's me, but the strange way my eyes don't sit right in my face is fixed--granted, by making them bigger and the rest of my face weirdly graceful, which does fix the odd over-sensuality of my lips by making the rest equally overtly sexy, and my chest and arms show signs of muscle-tone I don't have--oh. I glance down at my chest. The mirror is reflecting me accurately.

"I guess I thought it would take a lot of nectar or something."

"It will if you need to change slowly Master but I think you wanted to be sexy right away."

I can feel things shifting inside me--mentally and I fancy physically--as she says this and I glance again at the couple in the corner causing the boy to notice me and smile conspiratorily.

Maybe...that looks like a fun game.

Except I seemingly want to be a lot less subtle because I know Lyra will be thinking of our concert on the raft that's probably still echoing across the True Sea when she mentions pony style.

"...yeah...if I keep drinking your nectar, will I keep changing?"

"As long as the way you feel inside and the way you look outside don't match it keeps going except it'll always be the sexiest way to interpret things like if you feel really strong and manly you won't just be ripped you'll have massive balls and a huge like elephant cock too and probably like a beard you have to cut with lasers because steel just smooshes."

I stroke my chin, grinning at this thought, which is perfectly smooth--but then there's no amount of manhood I wouldn't trade for the way skin-on-skin going down on her on the raft felt, so this is a correct representation of my most sexual self.

"You'll be measuring my cock very carefully to see how it's doing soon."

It has been feeling like it takes up more space, but I've been chalking this up to her naked and very yes-Master-flirty-eyes presence keeping me always at no less than half mast.

Squiggle grind.

"Master it's already about five fingers longer than when I sucked it in your room."

My eyes widen in anti-surprise.

"Of course you can tell that. How long's a Finger and what system of measurement is that?"

"It's about half an inch master and Fingers are used all over as part of what's usually called Mesopotamian it's mostly ancient Earthlings like who came to Rl'yeh Sade from Mesopotamia who use them but I read it in the Library and I was like 'Anne you're demon and these sound all demony and Master likes demon-girls so to really sound like a demon you should learn this system of measurement Master will like it."

I can tell I'm making the 'that is so cute face', and make no attempt to hide it as I bring us together for a passionate kiss. Her mouth is hot as I force her lips open, and I can feel her breasts heave in my hand with the exhilaration of it as I force my tongue inside.

"You learned a system of measurement. To flirt with me."

Blush you like it though I tasted!

"You are such a nerd. Good cocksleeve."

EEE you're pleased!

"I can use metric or standard too Master and I can convert between them I memorized the conversions just ask."

"I always thought my dream-girl would be metric all the way but no, keep the Mesopotamian units, they are kind of hot someow."

I pause a moment, feeling like a kid in a candy store for all the cool stuff to try next.

I want to be as carefree as a kid in a candy store with the infinite budget it feels like this world affords me.

"I want to button mash-you for hours but I'm not going to do it with this spikes-from-the-floor thing hanging over me so let's read that story."

Before she can respond I lean down and kiss her unable-to-turn-away face gently on the lips, nudging the 'free' position of her eyes up/down nub once our lips are locked.

Kiss yum romance...


I gently nudge her 'mute' nub before she can incur the wrath of whatever ensconsed in a literally-pointed physical 'SHH' last time.

Look at you and bounce in your lap BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE SQUEEING INSIDE STORYTIME!!!

"I could get used to this--the controller, that is. I think I'll miss your voice in about three more seconds. Are you going to be a good cocksleeve and not get us spiked again if I give it back?"

Nod nod bouncy bouncy bouncy I'm so excited!!

"Good cocksleeve..."

She looks so cute, bouncing silently in my lap.

"Fuck it, you're staying muted until after storytime. This is too adorable. Download me that story you wanted into the mirror and snuggle down."

HOT this is so. Kinky! It feels like being quiet is making me only be able to think how horny this makes me Omifuck I feel like I'm going to cum eyes DOWN I'm owned I'm owned I'm owned--gah I can't even dreamtalk!? I want to thank you for containing me!

Fine, I can communicate silently. Arms down in my lap so I'm small and I squish out my breasts lower my face part my lips and SQUIRM while I breathe shallow and gaspy now steal quick little glances and SMILE with my eyes pleasure-ful see how wet this is making me OOH GOOD IDEA GAAASP FUCK take a scoop of my nectar to show you--haaaah your tongue feels like fire that was AWESOME!

When I've swallowed the big drop of nectar she very submissively shows me:

"Is this turning you on?"

NOD NOD snuggle grind look at my thighs.

"Good. Book now."

Okay RRR--spikes I can't even dream words into the mirror! I remember what it looked like though and I can imagine it, will that work? RRR--HAH! There you go Master the Five Pointed Star exactly how I read it in the Library.

In the mirror, our words flip out of view like the page of a book turning, and new, white letters on a background whose texture belies that I'm looking the image of black paper or vellum in the mirror fade into view:

Outside of time, Dreamer and Dreamer and Dreamer and Dreamer... Dream a Dream.

The rest of the text is normal, but this line is weirdly holographic in honor of its meaning, displaced from the surface of the "page" but not along any axis of space.

I arrange Lyra's wordless and compliant form along my side as I snuggle down in the pillows, and begin to read, my voice a murmer:

Chapter One

Inside time, Dreamer sat alone by their fire, Dreaming...