16 - More than Meets the Eye

Open my mouth but I don't know what to say.

She sits astride me with a wide-eyed, open-mouthed expression frozen on her face for a good minute before I react.

"Okay if Adam and Eve is the child-appropriate dreamskin translation I want to see the original. Is there a way we can find it? Might it be in the Library?"

If one section was five miles long this seems at least not overoptimistic.

"Master it's definitely in the Library I found it while I was reading in the Library and I thought I was just really enjoying some porn for a minute but it wasn't just porn it was my dreamskin I'm sure now."



"You download that dreamskin into this mirror right now."

Hehe yes Master.

"I saw this Master."

RRrrr push.

In the mirror, the image of an apple appears, but the skin of the apple is a mirror showing the images of what looks more than anything like a movie poster as if in a crystal ball: a girl leans forward, naked, long hair falling over her shoulders, breasts in the center of the view, voluptous curves obvious even with the perspective, holding out her hand and looking out of the view with this sort of desperate, hungry smile...

It’s in her eyes. This creature...doesn’t mean me harm.

"When you woke me up, this is..."

Look down at the mirror. Huh?

Ooooh HAH!

"It's just how I landed Master I didn't even mean to I just went THUMP in your bed and you were so pretty I started reach out to touch you before I realized how impertinent that would be!"

"I love you."

In the background of the girl joined hands betray the edges of the girl and her companion running together, and behind that the image of an Arwing in flight--

"That's impossible."

"What is, Master?"

"There's an Arwing in the background, look."

"Master please can we make one? I read tons about Smithing you'll be able to do the G-Diffuser it just holds a bunch of narrative-gravity rocks and--"

Behind the Arwing, however, looms the reflection of the person reaching out to take the apple. It's split in half: one side is an awkward-looking teenager or young man, not unattractive but mostly average to the extent I can tell if a boy is good-looking. The other--

I glance down at myself, skin prickling. I'm more toned than before, and my skinny-teenager body has filled out quite a bit even above where it was last time I looked. Every trace of body-hair is gone, no doubt thanks to my conclusion about the aesthetics of being hairly masculine versus the practicality of absolutely bare skin against Lyra's own silky flesh.

The trigger event for this transition is really going to mess with my head, though: the other half of the reflection is a woman, face graceful the way mine's changed. She's beautiful, curvaceous, but it's the strength of a valkyrie rather than Lyra's softness--she's actually more solidly built than my present upgrade.

This is seriously worrying until I remember Lyra's words on the raft:

I wouldn’t worry unless you’ve got a whole world of fantasies I somehow missed

Which I haven't, so that's that. Existential crisis averted.

My eyes stray to the egg-frieze on the ceiling again as I glance around to clear my head. Such a random decoration, in a space that otherwise seems to rely on fancy furniture and the naked beauty of the ship's structure for aesthetics...is one of them cracked? How odd.

"Master why are you scared?"

I blink.

"Does seeing stuff trigger nectar to make changes it wouldn't have before?"

"If you thought you were one way and you're in-between two identities seeing things that help you decide you're actually the other way can make nectar that hasn't been used yet change you--ooh your arms! Hot! Please may I please please nuzzle you Master your bare arms look so silky!"

I smile awkwardly and set the mirror aside, nodding.

YUS! Glomp snuggle--chest hair too and underarm-hair nuzzle your chest and your arms and neck and slide up put my face right below yours and make flirty please-eyes with sexiest submissive voice.

"Please Master may I please be allowed to see what happened to your pubes?"

"You might end up doing a lot more than having a look."

"That's your choice Master. I'm your cocksleeve whatever you tell me I'll obey."

Those soft, glistening, eager-to-please lips need to be investigating my cock right now. I find her tail, and simultaneously push all fours and back.

Eeep falling! Ooof caught myself bouncy breasts are useful. Crawl back YUS I'm in reach to nuzzle you didn't say stop so ddddrraaaag my face along you oops towel up make flirty sub face PLEASE-EYES GO!

The pleasure of her body dragging over me like this, especially her hot soft face, on flesh that feels stripped of even the barely-visible down that covers my midriff, is nearly mindbreaking. When she stops to beg I have to pant a moment before giving her the order to continue.

"Take it off me, cocksleeve, let's see what's happened."

"I'm just a silly cocksleeve whose hands are only for crawling. Please will you tell me how to follow your order?"

I grin.

"Use your teeth to take off my towel, and then investigate with your eyes, face, lips, and tongue."

Blush that's so obvious now. RRrr bare fangs. Unnnnf cock hard under towel it's THICK UNF okay munch towel RRRRrip--gaaasp it's so BIG now EEEE bounce up to see it eep wobbly fall okay then arch back up and look.

My cock, when it bounces free of the towel, is as much bigger as promised, and proportionally--or more--thicker...and, with this restraint removed, is quickly pounding larger and harder. I can feel the blood rushing into it.

Oh my god that curve and the swell in the middle omifuck how am I going to handle that it already makes me almost cum just with the veins!

It's not even all the way hard yet!? Eep...I'm such a cocksleeve I want to be stretched over your cock until I can't move one single part of me not even blink.

You said investigate with eyes and lips and tongue. That's eyes--wait your pubes did they go away yes they went away your mound looks all smooth and sexy pillow for deep-throating.

Wiggle bounce time for face then lips next then tongue! Nuzzle aaaalll up and down your shaft up-down-up-down both sides now snuggle your cock with my cheek while I see how your mound feels with my face unnnnf sssssoft YUS nuzzle lips next you said investigate I need to be thorough. Nuzzle push with my face I want to take one in my mouth but we're not doing mouth you said lips and tongue not my mouth. I'm almost done with face just get under and push your balls up hehe they cover my whole face nuzzle taint tasty salty spot okay lips kiss...kiss...right ball, left ball, go up up up onto the base of your cock with nice slippery lips lick them so I can sssssslide up your shaft and give the tip a nice, soft, gooey wet KISS see you want me to deep throat you SO MUCH come on grab my horns Master you know you want to--

Note to self: feel silly for expecting a succubus to have a gag reflex. I grab both her horns and force her down to my mound as fast as I can get her body to accept my penetration without pulling overmuch on my now-terrifyingly-sensitive cock. As her face plunges towards my mound I feel the foreskin roll back in a way I hadn't known was possible opening the thirsty, tender flesh of my head and shaft to her clutching, slippery, nectar-drenched throat, and let out a ragged gasp of pleasure I only barely manage to keep unvoiced.

A distant part of me makes a new note, to have a freakout later over the fact that I'm able to summon this discipline not out of fear of the Bones' benign shushing, but the desire not to take away the show anyone watching may be enjoying.



Somehow I manage to unthinkingly find her eyes-on tail-button with my mind and push it, and there's strange, tearing moment where I can be gentle or sensual, let go of her horns so she can set the pace or just sit back and relax, or--


--ram her hot, silky-soft face against my mound driving myself down her now open-for-me throat faster and faster with all the pent-up need our flirtatious magic lessons have built uncorked. Her desperate, helpless, orgasmic eyes look up at me in blissful agony at the top of each stroke, filling with feral determination as I begin to plunge her down again until her face claps against my newly-bare, soft and sensitive mound with a satisfying impact.

Fire seems to pound through my veins, a rush like I've never experienced as the motion of her curves, the hot splash of nectar that squeezes from her cunt, her dreamtalked peal of ecstasy, and the sensations of her breasts and thighs against my now smooth-as-the-rest legs conspire with the way her obviously-overwhelmed throat strokes me like her loving hands (helplessly pinned to the floor not by magical bondage or mind-control puppetry but the somehow far more erotic enforced knowledge that that's what they're for)--


Orgasm takes me suddenly and launches my hips a good foot off the cushions as I crush Lyra's face onto my cock with equal violence. It wrenches my whole body so I can't breathe as shockwaves of tingling, burning please thunder through me. My heart pounds wildly, vision blurs and my eyes squeeze shut as the throbbing of my cock convulses all of me. 

I've lost my grip on Lyra's horns and am splaying my fingers against the cushions to support myself in the need to keep arched, keep pumping into her, but she stays obediently in place with her lips clamped firmly around my shaft, sucking away. My eyes open on her silvery hair between my legs, her wings raised and tail lashing joyfully above the swells of her gently-swaying ass gleaming in the purply light. I can feel eyes on us: the blowjob-couple from before are standing side-by-side, watching, having seemingly decided turnabout is fair play--

Fusion flame surges through me as the sound-eating spikes return and I scream out loud.

I choke, something stuck in my throat-

OooooohmiFUCK Master I love you too I hope I always make you cum this hard now!!

--an unbidden clairvoyant vision of Lyra's true dreamskin flashes through my mind--

The hot flood of orgasm through my body intensifies, overwhelming, and I look down to see my skin smoking and...I don't understand I'm too busy choking on the phantom bite of apple, trying to get a sound out to warn Lyra or ask for help, bucking madly. Somehow I manange to get my hands back onto her head and hold it desperately in place like her lips clamped around my shaft and her sucking swallowing throat are the only thing holding me together.

Swallow, just swallow it! I gulp, and whatever it was goes down and suddenly my airway is free and so is whatever is happening with my body and I arch against the cushions, burning inside, exploding, screaming out loud in pain or pleasure or terror or more like all three at once, top of my lungs, my voice crunching and cracking with the sound of overdriven eardrums.

UUnnnnnnf glug GLUG yes Master suck you off wait what NO NO FUCKING WAY--

Something's weird with my voice - or maybe I'm just screaming that loud. My body burns, stretching, changing as I flail, struggling against the sensations of pulling, expanding, cinching down that feel terrifyingly like the happy tension of growing hard and pulling back my foreskin while trying to deal with the fact that this feels absolutely amazing, like my whole body is responding to Lyra's sucking the way just my cock usually does.

-- but I thought --

I thrash desperately, trying to understand what's happening, looking down at my smoking flesh, but I can't put the pieces together. My head feels strange, and something soft falls over my shoulders as the flood in my body seems to fill that vessel and come surging back up my neck to reshape my face, filling it with heat that makes the flesh feel liquid.

-- fuck it nevermind got cum to drink here Master's cock needs me slurp suck glug.

And then it's over, and I'm left panting. I still can't process anything and I spend a few beats just watching Lyra's head bob against me as she finishes her job. Reflexive words escape my lips, only to be run over by a bossy-sounding girl whose voice comes from all around me:

"Holy fuck."

Omifuck omifuck omifuck glug suck omifuck.

Whoever it is, she's a perfect mimic of my tone and meter, and nails the timing phoneme-for-phoneme.




My eyes move away from Lyra's shining hair and gleaming horns to take in thighs of a completely different shape, broad hips, a trim waist, and a pair of perfect, voluptuously-round breasts with erect, defintely-female nipples standing out, squeezed between arms that have inexplicably become both more graceful and heavier and stronger-looking where they converge in front of me to hold Lyra.

I pant and stare for a long while, still holding Lyra in place.

Nnnf fuck i wanna see and you're out of cum nnnf please let me see Master!

At last, I muster enough coherence to lick my lips and find them different, too, subtly, they aren't before, explaining I suspect I'll find when I get hold of the mirror a lot of things. Smoke curls up around us, still rising off my body as I pant.

"Close your eyes."

Yes Master shut.

Somehow, I find her tail and push the kneeling-with-hands-on-thighs button.

Okay up there slave pose over your legs what's different you can't--right can you I would know I--am just your little cocksleeve and knowing you were trans before you did would be horrible! Imagine if you'd asked me!?


I'm slumping from the--what just happened, so I sit up, and gasp under my breath. Long hair tumbles down my back, the weight of my breasts settles in more fully, and my ass and hips feel weird as I reposition them against the cushions. The air is cool over me, brushing my nipples, and the weight of my breasts moves portentiously as I inhale to speak again.

I gulp, and then manage to get words out:

"You're into girls, right?"


"Open your eyes and find out why."



Her eyes open and wonder plays over her face as her eyes play over my body.

Look ALL DOWN YOUR CLEAVAGE UNF figuring out if I can get you to suffocate me as soon as I have a chance for sure.

I can't stop looking um...squish them Master please my hands stay where I can almost but not quite touch my pussy but yours can move you can squish them!

She's stuck on my breasts, glancing to my face occasionally but always returning...

RRR see the rest what does Master look like now oh Goddess your face...

The worship with which she at last looks up at me unties the knot of tension in my throat, choking my voice for a moment.

"Bow for your Goddess."

--for your Mistress, but whatever part of me has been skulking around the shadows of my soul thinking this would be awesome seems to have been ready for me here, too.

Eyes wide eep down worship face right by your cock DUH it's a girl-cock of course it looks all swooping and pretty.

Aww petting you're pleased!!

I stroke her hair, taking a moment to process the way this maneuver slides silken flesh over silken flesh, presses my breast into a new shape it's happy to tell me about, changes the tension on my throbbing-hard nipple and taut areola.

"I need a fucking mirror. A real one. I don't suppose there are fitting-rooms on board?"

Also I may need to find a bra before Lyra goes insane...

My cock hardens noticably at the thought of her expression going cutely flustered as I bend down to talk to her, giving her a faceful of my cleavage compressed into the JPRG-worthy latex bustier I've just now decided is required to be waiting for me somewhere among the lights below.

"I think there must be Master they have this deck which is for aftercare and everyone's been playing so I think there must be one that's for playing which means there must be a social space and precare deck too. It's super-basic etiquitte you need four spaces to make your dungeon hospitable. I read it in the Library."

Wiggle I want to stare at your cleavage but then I won't be worshipping.

In response, I simply press up, and--

Poing! Ulp did you get even taller or am I just feeling owned?

--stumble as I try to follow: my hips have changed, and I don't know how to walk anymore!

"Let's go see if it's open."

No, I can, just...there's muscle memory I didn't have before, but what it's offering is--

Sound-spikes surround us, right. I reach out and tweak the tip of one, and it crumbles like before, followed by the rest disintegrating like Galvatron's just given them a hint about loyalty...to reveal a curving white surface like, of all things, eggshell. I glance to the ceiling, remembering the frieze, but it's gone now.

"Why are you looking at the ceiling Ma--please I'm confused I want you to tell me your pronouns and titles again because you changed but you might need time to be ready so I don't know if--"

I very tenderly mute her.

"There was a decoration of eggs up there, and it's gone now, and we're in an egg. Did we find some kind of sex-changing like, spell? This is your nectar, right? That--turned me into a girl--"

As the words pass my lips in my strangely-right female voice I can feel the blush like fire over my whole face and even some of my shoulders.

"I watched you before while you were lying down and you kept looking at the ceiling and I couldn't see so I can't be sure but you only smell like me-nectar from here so I think my nectar is how you changed and probably seeing my real dreamskin is why because it has the person taking the apple transitioning too which I guess probably should have warned me you'd be trans so I really think it's just you wishing and my nectar granting your wish WAIT I UNDERSTAND bwahahaah good one Bones!!!"

Eeep explain yes Goddess.

"When you grew up in Maine even though your parents didn't care too much it's like you said if you'd been a girl you would have had dolls and I would have been your doll but instead you had construx and legos and tonka which are cool but they don't honor your gender they just are fun to play with and the whole world on Earth is like that it says we see your cock you must be a boy which is nonconsensually assigning you a gender so the minute you got here where it could happen the Bones spiked Earth for nonconsensually gendering you which they were telling you by making an eggs-decoration to say what was happening so you would feel not too responsible for being a girl because isn't it kind of hot to just be stuck like that now?"

Why is the answer to that such a resounding yes, I do not manage to say as the blush turns me as red as the fruit that led to this.

"...yes, but...the eggs were the only thing, and I didn't know what they meant until now, so...yeah..."

"They don't always say what they're doing until the effects are obvious because it'd take away agency otherwise. I was researching Earth languages when I found my dreamskin which means it was super out of place, and then we got on this particular ship with a captain who's naked but dommy and strong to give an example of femme being toppy which Earth is all sexist and I'm not an example of so you'd never seen until she answered the door with no clothes but the opposite of how you'd make me do it like as a power-move and then there happend to be a black mirror in the one free aftercare nook with pillows to make you comfortable for changing while we sit and get horny talking about your past and making hot wishes about being a girl who keeps her cock because we were talking about how you lost me because you were a boy who didn't know what dolls are supposed to be which is companions and then just as you played with my tail controller there was a genderqueer couple giving each other blowjobs right across where you could see them and they were into your watching enough that you had fun being porn to them and wished you could be super porn for them and me and yourself too probably I bet I think you'd think you're really hot now."

I blink at her, speechless, look down at myself and my stomach does a weird flipflop, because she's right: sex in front of a mirror will now include nothing that isn't fun for me to look at.

...and it's not like I don't know what to do with breasts for optimal effect, on Lyra or myself...

Could that be enough to power this change? What kind of narcissist am I if the answer is yes?

Right, terms. The lack of a 'Master' in her last two soliloquys reveals how consistent she's been in calling me that, and how used to it I've gotten.

Her tail controller is in my hand, but something about this change makes me feel like some violence is called for.

Eeep grabbed by horn pushing me down kneel slave posed just in case this is slave-pose kind of horngrabbing.

It comes so easily, as does the dangerous edge that creeps into my voice as I give the orders:

"You call me Goddess, and she. Say it."

Bow head down to my breasts and squish them in front of me with my hands on my thighs all submissive and small. Make submissive-face glance now deeeeep breath.

"Goddess. I call you Goddess and you use she/her pronouns."

Somehow, my new...look justifies this term where I felt ridiculous having her say 'God'.

"Good cocksleeve. Come on, let's go find that mirror. I'm guessing it's time to hatch--okay, why eggs? Any idea?"

I nudge stand on her tail-controller.

Poing up bouncy still looking at my ground though eep.

"I think it's because in transgender culture you're called an egg when you don't know you're trans and everyone else does, Goddess. Oooh I bet it's saying you should make friends with trans people like it thinks they'll understand how you feel like Earthling transgender people in particular the egg metaphor is totally an Earthling thing and it's saying you need their experience and not just normal outside-Earth not being devoted to binary gender."

"Does--am I even trans though? I mean..."

I gesture to my cock.

Look. Look back confused.

Her incomprension breaks something in me, and I desist, feeling as if explaining why this should be an issue would be shattering some sacred innocence like the demon's attempts to teach the Venusian Eve vanity in Perelandra--

"Nevermind. So I guess just like, break through it?"

--and like, as there, innocence in this is actually the state of enlightenment.

The one step to the shell reveals that my new muscle-memory is--or maybe it's just how the changed geometry works and you have to be taught to not walk sexy by--who cares--

No, the opposite of who cares. I know why this happened, and Lyra's right, having been chessgamed into its happening here and now by a force that was capable of arranging it all the way back to someone mishselving her true dreamskin where she'd just so happen to look who knows how long ago gives a wonderful, silly freedom to my new state. I'm a hot girl now and we're all just going to have to work around it, sorry not sorry.

I raise a dramatic fist, reel back, and give the eggshell a good hard punch.


Oh no, GOddess, are you okay?

"Fuck. How do we come out, then?"

The shell seems to be proportionally-scaled, thickness--and thus strength--as well as diameter.

Giggle eep I'm not laughing at you Goddess--

I grin ironically, realizing what I've just said.

"This is going to be some kind of like, symbolic thing, huh."

"Probably Goddess but it will be fun and happy the Bones only make our life be like it says in the Five Pointed Star's Rl'yeh Sade chapter about Monster and their seedling creating images of all the things they dreamed of while they were telling their rock their fantasies where they live in Rl'yeh Sade surrounded by all the Rock's children full of awesome new fantasies made by all Monster's fantasies having sex to make new things to try which means this is a Rock too. When spikes came out of the floor and walls and ceiling that was the Bones manifest as Rocks they aren't the same thing but they work together always to make new wishes real whenever they can like spiking is only just spiking if it really really has to be. Usually it's inspiration too it's Rl'yeh Sade being like 'this would be way a lot cooler than what you were going to do' but making people be forced to follow inspiration would be terrible you're my Goddess I don't want Rl'yeh Sade to be too so instead it gave you inspiration. Probably Goddess you can break the egg by just being strong but I bet you'll think of something so much cooler to do especially if you make me help you which I would please like to be useful your cocksleeve wants to be pleasing in everying she can Goddess."

I blink at Lyra one more time, blessing her obsessive studying, and consider the eggshell.

The logical solution would be that I need a 'beak' hard enough to--

Oh hell no. That's can't be the answer.

This isn't an indifferent universe.

It's also, according to the creation myth we've just read, crafted from the resurrected adolescent fantasies of a thousand thousand thousand thousand thousands Dreamers.

All I have to do is just stop taking everything so seri--

Goddess!? Eep what's happening why are you falling!?

I stagger sideways, suddenly clutching my sides as my insides liquefy and wrench like the orgasm that transformed me--actually, just like the orgasm...

The same fire as before roils inside me, churning, freakishly and uncouthly pleasurable like the rush of falling as you crest the top of a roller-coaster was the rush of climax and as whatever is happening doubles me over I catch myself and feel the new curves of my flanks, notice my thighs, feel the way clutching myself compresses my breasts, and in a strange fit of pique become full of a bloody-minded determination to stand tall and wear this over-the-top guise as proudly as I'd walk with Lyra on my arm. A new fit of cerebellum-rewriting comes over me and the freakish sensation of entirely new limbs slotting seamlessly into the intention stand tall I'm screaming at it catches me unawares so that I burst upright and--

It feels just like getting one of the nigh-instant boners Lyra's capable of providing, complete with bounce, but even she could never move this fast. There's a rush of air and electric-blue light for an instant turns the eggshell into a wall-to-wall thunderbolt before the shockwave of my spreading wings obliterates it.

Fiatted-in knowledge surfaces, the semiconscious sense of their size and shape like that which (sometimes) keeps me from flailing my mundane limbs into things: giant blue butterfly-wings, big enough to fly on which I know how to do, able to curve and curl and pivot to make possible proper hummingbird-style hovering and aerobatics.

Also, they glow, brightly, if I choose--or I can quench this like quashing an erection.

Powerful, restive muscles fidget inside me, and the previously-spacious deck seems claustrophobic as I grow the desire to spread them fully and fly. There's one final muscle, twitching, begging me to try it--

With a sudden flumph, they're folded away and stowed in pockets in my back. I can feel them comfortably nestled for a moment, telling me they've stored correctly, and then all sense of them fades and the deck is roomy once more.

I pant, glance around, not seeing Lyra until I notice her kneeling in worship at my feet, let her grovel happily as I catch my breath and wonder if there will be any further addenda to my gender transition--

After all, what can possibly top blue-glowing fully-functional stowable butterfly boner-wings, I deliberately jinx it.