11 - In The Image Of Her God

“Your...you look the way you do because of me. You could have looked human, but I didn’t actually want that.”

“Yep. This is all you, Master, you’ve got yourself quite the monster-girl thing.”

“So I see.”

I’m not exactly in a position to argue - once you’ve gone down on someone’s tail without a second thought, and then followed up with using their wing as a handle to hold them down, you’re no longer allowed to question your monster-girl fetish.

“But I get it. What better way for a creature that lives off sex to get sex, right? Why bother with trickery and seduction and manipulation and stuff when you can just be someone I’ll love so hard I’ll never want to do anything ever again but have sex with them for the rest of time, even if it means you end up as a monster sex slave?”

Hey now...

“You make ‘monster sex slave’ sound like a bad thing. I’m having a good time so far.”

“No, sorry, I know you’re into it, I just...I’ve been thinking all this time you must have made me kinky somehow, like, well, seasoned me I guess, so I’d be better food. But no. I made you kinky.”

“That’d be some seasoning that could turn a vanilla kinky. But you can start from scratch and get just as kinky as you want.”

“Which is apparently pretty kinky. I hope when you look in the mirror you like what you see as much as I do.”

“Aw! Can’t, though, I don’t have a reflection.”

Keep a straight face. Keep a straight face. Keep a straight face.

She sounds serious and melodramatically sad, but her face is a laugh waiting to happen.

“You are the worst liar ever.”


"Why me? I'm not complaining, but, why would the seed-ghost pick me?"

"You picked me, Master, my seed-ghost didn't even exist until you created it by looking into my seed."

"Explain this from the beginning."

It almost, almost comes out as a request, but the momentum of her kneeling is still with me just enough to change my phrasing, and her instant response and the way even this small order feels ensure I won't be doing any requesting in the future, either.

"Okay so like, I started out as a seed, except not actually, it's more like you looking into a seed made me real--" 

"Where do the seeds come from? Are you like, a plant?"

"Hehe, sorta, I guess? I'll flower when I'm old enough to make seeds. It's different for everyone, but supposedly you just know. And get super horny--" Heh, that face, I know, I know. "--like, relatively speaking. You get super horny and you find yourself thinking about the porn you could make with whoever--it can be any combination, as long as there's at least one human and one succubus--and then the seeds come out attached to the porn and shaped by who was involved and what kinda porn they made and you can get them through anything that's an experience that's enough like it."

"Get them how?"

"A seed is...it's hard to explain because it can so be anything. Do you know what I mean if I say an experience can be a place, Master? Like, you can sort of go there by having the experience and usually the only thing that's there is the experience itself, but that doesn't have to be true, if you're looking for more than just the experience. That's what succubus seeds are like, they like...when they get made they get left in an experience-as-a-place, and then anyone who has an experience that's enough like it can like be close enough to reach the seed and look into it. So like, the experience can be anything that's right for a potential heartformer to wish for something more than the experience, but usually it's porn of some kind because that's the best stuff for making that happen. Does that make sense to you so far, Master?"

Why can't I stop thinking about Green-top? That was when you were five--how--did you--but--Green-top it's super super important to us--

I stare through the world for a moment, absorbing this.

--like we're like stranded? We're not though we're on a ferry going home together! Weird. Oh well--

"Yeah...wait...so then like, potentially any piece of porn anywhere could have a succubus seed? So long as there's other porn somewhere with a succubus seed that's kind of like it?"

"Yup!" I'm sure it was something why would it feel so important? Oops, Master's talking.

"Holy fuck. Okay, go on.”

"Germination happens after you have a seed long enough to let its seed-ghost heartform it into the beginning of a person, which is what a Seedling is. You can talk to them and play with them and they know who they are enough to still be the same person inside if you make them roleplay unless you do it so much your seed-ghost changes them to be who you want more."

"That just makes me more curious. Um, what does implanting usually feel like for the human? Would I know?"

"The seed-ghost decides right away how secret it has to be. Ours probably decided it had to be really secret because Earth, so probably not, Master. Sorry."

Dammit. I was so hoping to find out.

"What's the seed-ghost?"

"Master I'm your wish you made come to life, except I'm what you wanted not what you expected, right?"

I nod, smiling.

"A seed-ghost is what makes your wish come true, Master. When you make a su'khora--um, sorry Master, that's what you call succubi in Infernal--the seed turns your wish into a seed-ghost by copying your soul except just the parts that make you able to build me and then it makes them infinitely experienced like you lived forever thinking about making me."

"How? Is the seed also like a hypercomputer or something? Time-travel?"

"Yeah! Infinite-mirror ontological engineering. Cool, right?"

"Ontological engineering?"

I don't know what's more impressive--that she's come up with a pair of words interesting enough to divert me from the current inquiry, that they aren't "fuck me", or that it's about that sexy hearing them come out of her mouth anyway.

"Infinite-mirror ontological engineering. Want me to tell you about it? The explanation's short."

"Hell yes."

"Ontological engineering is how you make stuff that works like argh no right Plato that's the human philosopher who wrote about the Forms, right Master?"

I nod, heart warming to the cuteness of her geek-out.

"Platonic forms are kind of like, gears and pullies, and if you know how you can make machines out of them."

"Isn't that just philosophy, though? And geometry and stuff?"

"You can make paper and write on it, or you can make a real machine. Ontological Engineering is making real machines."

"So wait, infinite-mirror...if you're building things out of forms, and you can make machines, does that just give you hypercomputation by default? Like, just define something as the result of an infinte recursion and then use it like it's computable even though it's not? That's what you just said about seed-ghosts, isn't it?"

"Well, almost, Master. You can't use logic if you're using hypercomputation, because--"

"Logic is Turing-computable, by definition."

I wipe my hands across my face, trying to process this, take a deep breath, open my eyes again on the most beautiful creature in any universe.

"But...if you can't use logic, aren't all the Forms unusable, because they're logic-based? What's left?"

Step really close to you and hope I get groped.

"Love, Master. Things you know in here."

Whisper. Touch your chest.

It'd be silly to ask what you can make out of things like that, when the answer is standing right in front of me.

MMmmmhhh yummm breastgrabbing mmf KISS!

I probe deeply, seeking out the strange nectar between her teeth and cheek, savoring the nub of a fang in the pillow of my tongue.

Mmmhh...love you....yum....boo! More kiss! I want you inside me I neeeeed penetration from my Master!

"Okay but you're using logic just fine, and as far as I know my atoms are Turing-computable. How can we even touch, let alone make out, and how can you talk tech with me like this?"

"I'm logic-like, using logic, but I'm not made of it. Neither are you, Master. Your atoms look Turing computable but the reason Earthling physicists can't make string theory work right is it's poetry at that level. Logic gets built higher up, in human imagination. You dream it into being, like you made me."

I blink, absorbing this, able to process only a little edge of the ramifications, the one that'll make a good post to rec.arts.startrek.tech--which is two universes away, but so what.

"So...is consciousness not Turing-computable?"

Shake shake.

"Consciousness isn't anything computable, because consciousness is the source of everything that exists. Consciousness is the bottom layer of existence."

"If a tree falls...fuck. How does anywhere have coherent physics, then? You're making it sound like all of existence should just be one giant lucid dream."

"Um, it kind of is, Master. Earth is dreaming of clockwork, and humans use whatever rules are around them to hold themselves together, so you can't do anything cool using dream logic on Earth or I would have told you I exist so much sooner believe me."

And, suddenly, like the children on the rock in A Swiftly Tilting Planet, I can feel it, feel how my soul instinctually clings to the laws of this reality like a barnacle attached to rocks--and how terrifying the void should I slip, and how comfortingly immovable my involuntary grip--but here, the surface I grip is soft...

How could I get in with this body if Earth is dreaming of clockwork? Did it like, stop? Wouldn't that mean Earth is like OH MY FUCK MASTER'S GUARDIAN BLEW THE TRUMPET FROM REVELATION WHEN HE WAS MAKING IT FIGHT ALL THE PERFEKTI THAT WERE TRYING TO KEEP US IN LIMBO!

What does that mean is Earth over like did the apocalypse come and that's why I could be physical there? Omifuck omifuck omifuck--

"What is it?"

She's looking like she's seen the ghost of the angel we faced on the shore of Limbo.

"Master your guardian, why was it--how could--"

She fumbles cutely, and I find myself cupping her cheek to steady her.

"Master your guardian blew the trumpet of the apocalypse from Revelation while you were making it save us from all the perfekti and I manifested physically while you were sleeping which usually isn't possible because I'd need you to open physics to let me in which you can't if you're sleeping Master I think you were dreaming about me though I smelled it so maybe you summoned me anyway and--"

"That was my guardian!?"

--but it had to be. Guardian angel. Saved us from an army of jibbering nightmares. Cleared the way, both the road covered with perfekti and removing an inconvenient building...and then did indeed blow a very eschatological-seeming trumpet when I yelled at it to move--after which it obeyed the command.

"Is having an angel like that for a guardian creature normal, Lyra?"

"Umm...Master it's definitely your guardian that's how it could use your sword it's just you picking it up but I um--Master it's your seed-ghost it wants me to practice clairvoyance with you."

"It what? Wait, are seed-ghosts permanent? I thought they go away when you're born?"

Only after it's out of my mouth do I realize she hasn't actually said this.

"Master they--"


Raise wings tail like spear UP eyes wide.

Put my hands to my mouth.

"I'm not born."

Omifuck omifuck how how am I physical you're changing from my nectar and everything and...hands down self, you're covering your breasts.

Okay deeeep breath.




"I don't know, Master! Somehow I have a body without being born and like, it's real, with real nectar that's really changing your body, but I shouldn't be able to manifest anything physical without going through birth first. You giving birth to me is how I get the ability to create matter."


Yus groped squish squeeze.

Her breast is definitely physically there.

Hands back arch back UNF hard yum--boo. More please.

If I stay presenting you'll come back, right?

"I don't understand either, Master, but you're right, I'm definitely physical. It can't just be for you, either--I used the towel the captain gave me and put it back."

"Do you have like, doctors down there? I think we should go to one if so."

Nod nod.

"I submit, Master, but I don't feel sick. This is right. It's right and I'm okay. I can feel my seed-ghost checking us both and saying we're not like wrong or broken and it really wants you to know that, Master. It says I'm physical because you're breaking Earth's rules and if we practice clairvoyance together it'll explain the rest. Um...it can talk to you directly which it wants you to practice too but it wants you to learn to look at me clairvoyantly so it thinks I should relay visions from it so you can learn to use me as its interface so you'll pay attention to me instead of your seed-ghost."

Why not? Being surprised at the existence of such psychic abilities at this point seems more delusional than trying not to believe in them.

"Okay. How do we do this?"

"It's like controlling your forcefield, Master, or your guardian. Ask my seed-ghost what you want to know--Master it's poking me really hard to say it's not a person and it suggests that you think of it like a computer like on the Enterprise. It'll respond with third-eye visions but it can understand you talking to it in words. Um, it says it can talk in words too if you listen which it recommends we practice too but it wants you to try that with me first too please Master may I please be your first vision and dreamtalk partner?"

"You're already my first vision."

"Aww! Master I love you!"

"I love you too." I smile. "I know what you mean, though, and yes. What's dreamtalk?"

"Master on Earth people usually call it channeling."

...which I was always warned would result in my contacting demons, which at the moment sounds great.

"Hell yes. Is it a sequence-break to start with dreamtalk?"

"No Master and I'm ready just tell me and I'll explain it."

I move my hand from her cheek to her waist.

"Is it complicated?"

Shake shake my head no.

"Then let's do it."

"Master you know how I talk now, right? Like if you imagine me talking, it'll sound like me and not just generic?"

I nod.

"And you can feel me, right Master? Like how my presence tastes?"

I nod again, smiling at her slip into her own experience but understanding the flowery-cunt-scented silky-warm-and-nipply reality she's describing.

"Then Master you can listen for my dreamtalk to you by focusing on my presence to tell your mind who you want to listen to, and then it's like you make yourself expect to hear me talking like assume it's going to happen and you'll be able to hear me if I'm dreamtalking or silence if I'm not except your mind probably doesn't know silence as a word like if you listen for me and I'm not saying anything you won't just hear nothing because I'm your slave and I will answer you Master every single time I'm yours it's my duty but if I'm not dreamtalking I'll just be like--"

Make a silent face.

She looks me in the eye for an instant, lips shut tight.

"--but in your mind so you know I answered and you hear me and what I say is I'm-not-talking. Ready, Master?"

"...yes. It's really this simple? I don't have to like, meditate or anything?"

"Yes Master except the hardest thing is you won't be able to hear me when you're thinking about something other than dreamtalking which--"

Eyes down face towards floor respectful small voice I'm not trying to criticize you just need to know.

"--I think might be hard for you Master but it's okay I don't mind trying again."

I want to kneel but you're touching my waist so put my face way down.

"If you want we can see if we can find a black mirror to practice with if it's too hard without one. Would you like me to try, Master? Usually there's a communal one in every aftercare nook in case your partner goes nonverbal after a scene but they can still use a mirror."

The stack of digressions is getting tall, but not unmanagable.

"Maybe. What's a black mirror?"

"It's obsidian or voidslice or something else reflective and self-cleaning--Master it's your seed-ghost again it thinks you'll be really pleased if you let me after we try dreamtalking without it Master it says you'll be good and if oooh if you try it with tools first you'll think you can't do it unless you have the tool and it wants you know you can."

"Let's do it, then. I'm ready."

Close my eyes.

I do my best to follow her instruction, focusing on the sense of her presence before me, and...she will talk. It's about to happen, she--

Hey! Why can't I send!? Omifuck I have to--

I love you so, so, so much Master. Please will you please make me yours forever.

--fold my hands because I'm praying to my god!

I can hear her! Her thoughts are warm and soft in my mind (a brush of her hair, a touch of her flesh, a whiff of her nectar when I focus on her), and she's right because they collide with my own stream of consciousness and I have to scramble to focus: her words indeed don't come at all when my own internal monologue runs.

It's working! Okay let's see if I can call you fold my hands again and pray to my god.

Master-God, can you hear me? Will you give me a sign?

I'm still getting the hang of it, though, because it sounds or feels or whatever like she's saying--I refocus my eyes from my thousand yard stare of concentration, notice her folded hands, her downcast face.

Peek. Hehe you're so shocked! Put my face down and pray really hard.

Master-God your cocksleeve would please like to fall at your feet and worship you but your hand is on its waist Master-God and this cocksleeve would never move away from your touch without your saying it's done being touched that would be wrong for your cocksleeve to do on its own when it belongs to you.

It's, heh, a Master-stroke. I'm so taken aback my mind goes completely silent, leaving me able to hear everything she says perfectly clearly.

Except she can't possibly be saying what I think I'm hearing, can she? It must still be wishful thinking, mustn't it? There's a sort of 'throttle' I have to hold open for her words to come, above and beyond my mental silence, so that must be my making this up, mustn't it?

--she asked for a sign. If I make it ambiguous enough, I'll know...I squeeze her flank affectionately and take my hand away, glance at her feet.

Yus!! Plop kneeling head down hands folded in front of me. They should be tied I want to be in your bondage.

Thank you, Master-God. 

Please may I call you Master-God when I'm praying Master-God? Or God if that would please you better?

Master-God you're so wise please just decide what I should call you I'm your cocksleeve and I'll listen if you tell me I shouldn't worship you you know best Master-God worhsipping you just feels so RIGHT and I think it's correct, too, you're my big wise Master and I'm your stupid little cocksleeve who thinks she should worship you and needs you to tell her what's right and wrong but if you say I'm not Master-God I submit please just tell me what you think is right.

I barely, barely make it to the end of her prayer without losing my concentration. I'm thinking a stupid little cocksleeve wouldn't be able to craft a catch-22 that clever (being as the out she's offering leads through telling her she doesn't know what's best for herself), yes, but what's distracting me is that--fuck it--her mind is as drippy as her cunt, and there's something throbbing behind her words, a raw, hopeful need that...how do I transmit? I'm somehow reluctant to say it out loud. Experimentally, I aim some words at the sense of her presence, a bit like with my guardian and the forcefield:

There's something you were thinking while you were praying that. What is it?

Daddy please please please decide for me.

Ulp why did I call you Daddy you can't possibly be ready for me to be little!

I'm aware this is a thing you can call your dominant, but she sounds so desperately childlike...

"Lyra, how old are you?"

out-of-band interrupt / ID: seed-ghost / verification: via seedling / reason: knowledge available, seedling is unable to answer correctly due to [redacted, reason: spoilered to retain narrative continuity] / solution: clairvoyance via intuitive imagery recommended [optimal choice confidence >97.25%] / allow seedling to initiate image-share training / continue image-share training using seed-ghost input to seedling to train / inspiration will contain answer to question / end interrupt

Where Lyra's mental voice is a little like a faceful of her breasts, our seed-ghost feels like I've just ingested an S-expression, elegantly recursive and coldly mechanical.

"Don't answer that. Do you have something else to tell me?"

"Yes Master your seed-ghost called and said 'ID: seed-ghost verifiaction via seedling'."

"Okay. Let's switch to clairvoyance practice. U--kiss my foot and then get up and tell me about it."

Lean forward and gentle reverent kissss...poing bounce hi Master hehe worshipping you makes me smile.

"Master you know how you kind of have a place where you can look like back behind your eyes and it's like black except not always like sometimes you'll see images like randomly there at night or whatever?"

"Like, my imagination?"

"Not your imagination Master because you control your imagination. You only sort of control your third eye which is what I'm talking about it like will see you if you use it to see yourself which is why it seems like it's your imagination but it also sees random stuff sometimes like you get patterns on your eyelids if you push them while they're shut. Do you know what I mean, Master? You were using it to see Limbo but you sort of use physical eyes there too so it was probably confusing."

I cast about my mind, find there is a sort of way I can...focus off my physical eyes, see nothingness. I've thought this was just my way of shutting out the psychedelia my glitchy visual cortex produces sometimes in the dark, but...it does feel a bit like the silence with which she ended each of her dreamtalk sentences, slightly.

I nod.

"Just look at it, Master, and focus on my presence like how you do for dreamtalk, and I'll send you a picture I can't really control the picture though Master. I have instincts for sending you what will communicate, like it's like I know what button to push to say what I want but the buttons aren't labelled so unless I'm trying to send you exactly the specific picture you wanted me to I'll send weird stuff but it will communicate you'll know just what I mean I promise I just won't know how I said it so please don't be freaked out if it seems like I'm reading your mind I'm not I'm just feeling your crown chakra and knowing this part will make you see what I mean like literally you'll see what I mean not what I say."

"That...sounds kind of fun. Okay. I want you to start but after a we try a few our seed-ghost is going to give your some ideas. Ready?"

"Ready, Master."


[Vision: black-and-white border collie ]

I focus on her presence like before, and turn my attention to the not-physcial viewscreen I've always thought was just the darkness inside my head, and am rewarded with a picture that flashes past in mere milliseconds, gone the very planck-time I comprehend it, of--

"Flash," I manage, around the small lump in my throat: Flash was the beloved, loyal family dog, but he was also a purebred sheepdog who died of a broken heart deprived of his purpose after we sold the family farm and moved to the city and he didn't have anything to herd anymore.

Spikes, I gave you Flash!? I was just trying to--I mean yes that totally says it but POOR MASTER!

Now I'm sad--too because--huh? Flash died when you were seven! I remember though I remember Flash our family dog he was kind he knew I existed and didn't warn about me isn't that impossible? Seed-ghost tell Master what's happening I want his advice!

"I'm sorry Master I didn't mean to use such a sacred image!"

"It's okay."

I stare at her, feeling like I'll break, because yes, it fucking works. She's communicated.

Flash just wanted to be what he'd been brute-force genetically engineered to be, and herd wayward livestock according to his owners' commands. He survived a few years, in the city, and would try unbidden to round up the ducks at the park for us whenever we went there. We say he died of a broken heart because he seemed so depressed at the end, but I think our hearts were just as broken. I still miss his eagerness.

"Master why are you crying!? Please will you let me hug you Master?"

"You are going to hug me with everything you've got. Get over here."


I wrap my arms around her as she slithers hers under them, enfold her wings, too, and clutch her to me with strength I hope she'll find rib-cracking.

"I know what you just said but I want to hear it in words. Tell me."

"I just meant I'm your cocksleeve and I want to be used and be the very best cocksleeve I can be I'm not very wise I don't think but I always try the very hardest I can to be pleasing and you like me for sex and submission I can tell I think you like it when I bow and say I'm your cocksleeve and I don't want you to think I'm demanding I just really really really feel so happy when I please you I feel sexy and excited and bouncy sometimes it feels like you giving me orders is being held in your lap and fed your cum on your fingers it's perfect Master it makes me feel beloved and cared for and safe and when I follow them and you show I did right that's when I'm me Master that's when I get to be myself and I'm being very naked right now Master because it has to be hard enough I have to know you're not just being kind that you're really happy because I did something that matters to you even if it's just being eye-candy while you program."

"I can't believe you found an image that could say all that in the milliseconds it was there. Well done, L--cocksleeve."

Flash was a beloved friend, and the product of a few centuries of breeding to weight the dice of his development as a domesticated variety of wolf with its pack instincts rerouted to make him symbiotic as a sheep-herding assistant. What will our seed-ghost, working intentionally with what sounds like arbitrary precision and carte-blanche "genetics", have built me?

The answer is currently obediently clutching my middle with all her cutely small not-very-infernal strength. I gulp, and stroke her hair. Let's reconsider what I thought before: a stupid little cocksleeve wouldn't be able to so deftly rewire my protective-parental instincts into the rushing darkness from which impulses like that suprising command to kiss my foot just now...and this:

"You're a delightful little cocksleeve, but you really aren't very wise if you think it's your place to judge that about yourself. Fine, yes, worship me, but listen if I say you're underestimating yourself or insulting my lover, understand?"

"I'm happy I please you, Master! I submit I'll never ever argue if you tell me I'm insulting your cocksleeve and I'll listen I'll think I'm smart when you say I am I promise."

There. RRR.

"Good cocksleeve."

This was meant as 'good girl' but the word seems to have stuck now it's on my lips.

"Master you want me to worship you, right? You're not just letting me?"

Honestly? Seeing her down there at my feet, her hands out in supplication, the way she gazes at me adoringly even when not protrating herself is...fucking amazing. It makes something inside me burn, like there's a part of me that--something. I can't quite reach it.

"Get down on your knees and give each of my feet a kiss and pray me a prayer of praise I'll believe you mean and find out."

Sliiiide down you ooh your cock thick don't grab it self you don't have orders you're kneeling there down lean to kiss your left foot kisss reverently over to your right foot kissss then back and head still on the floor fold my hands pray.

You make me feel so simple and small, Master-God, you're wise and big and strong you're so. Cool. I love your references Master-God you always make the coolest ones like how you were like THEY'RE OUR WAY IN YAH at that perfekti Master-God that was AWESOME! Please make another one soon maybe while you fuck me especially Master-God they totally turn me on.

It comes to me that gone horribly right is a concept I should get used to with her--no. Not now. How much vulnerability does it take to say something like that, and mean it? How much more to do it while on your knees like this? I will let this in, unjudged.

"More. Keep going."

When you make things Master-God it's so cool how you come up with ways to make things out of stuff you have and it still works good like how you fixed your modem with that little plastic bullet when the power switch broke that night it was right there and you didn't even have to get up or how you made that plug out of your dad's comb to keep his boat from leaking it's simple Master-God but that's why I think it's so cool it's cool how you're so resourceful."

Why are you laughing at me I mean it!

"Good job, cocksleeve."

I can't keep the mirth out of my voice, and I can see she's confused.

"You really are a cocksleeve. Do you see the theme?"

"I don't Master I'm happy I make you laugh but I'm still just your cocksleeve Master please will you please explain it to me?"

Stay kneeling but glance up then eyes down.

"Think about what those hacks have in common. How did I fix things?"

"By sticking something--"


"By finding something to penetrate the hole that needed filling to be right."

Hide my face I AM SUCH A COCKSLEEVE HOLY FUCK!! Even when I'm not trying to be I'm one! That's how I know I'm always doing it even when I'm not being fucked I'm still your cocksleeve. You see it though you said 'you really are a cocksleeve'!

"Master your cocksleeve is happy it pleases you. Please treat it like your funny cute little cocksleeve always it feels right and happy and good Master it feels so right to be humiliated it feels like I'm flying like how can I be worried about anything if I'm nothing but your your simple little cocksleeve I'll just trust my wise strong big beautiful Master and everything will be okay or it won't and you'll fix it so either way I can just be slippery and wet inside for you to stroke your cock with and you'll take care of the rest."

"You really do identify with this, don't you?"

"Master cocksleeve is my gender I wanted to tell you in the car but I was scared I was afraid you'd think I was weird."

A beat passes, and then I smile down at her.

"Well, that's the opposite of a plot twist if I ever heard one. Up."

Yes Master-God poingbounce.

"Take my hand in both of yours."

I offer it.

Take, but why?

I extend my index and middle fingers.

"These fingers need sucking. Lots of lickiness. Go."

This is not a lie, though I wasn't quite fully aware of just how true it was until they were extended and her lips parted and pupils dilated just barely noticeably.

Put them to my mouth and slurrrrp...now take them inside make my lips wet first tight shut you'll push them apart like the cunt they are...wait in case you're driving nope you're making me do the work yes Master ppussh so slowly in and ssssssuck the rest of the mmmmh Master-fingers YUM....lickiness right lick lick lick make a circle all around now back and forth like a facefuck EEE you like it! Pucker my lips and slide them up and down...

"Can you listen and suck?"


"You are going to remember everything you're doing and do it to my cock later."

Yes Master I will I won't forget any of it!


"Now look at me and listen. I'm still going to make you hang out with me and talk and stuff. I know you'll do it cocksleevily but I like you so I'm afraid there'll be more to your duties than sex."


"I can't believe I just understood that. That'll do."

Ssssslide your fingers so. Slowly. Out. Reverently hold your hand until you take it away.

The sheep-herding halt-command that'll do in place of my intended gentle that's enough is out of my mouth and my fingers seductively out of hers before I realize what I've said, but...not that she's trying to replace Flash, but, maybe it's not the wrong thing to say anyhow.

"Good cocksleeve."

YUS I was pleasing!! Eyes down but smile.

She wasn't being dramatic before, she really does seem like she's flying.

I am too...but curiosity is beckoning.

"Okay, back to psychic powers practice--"

AAH THAT'S SO NAKED!! Are you sure seed-ghost? Really? You PROMISE he won't freak out?

Okay but only because you were right when I became a demon outside too.

"What's wrong?"

"Master it's your seed-ghost it told me its idea but--"

Blush blush blush eep...

"It's really really vulnerable it wants me to show you a soreceror's portrait of myself. I will Master if you want me to but it might be all creepy they usually turn out really weird!"

She looks like she wants to curl into a ball at my feet but is restrained by the fact that I haven't implied permission not to keep holding my hand...which gives me an excellent idea.

"See how you're still holding my hand? I only said you were done because I was curious about this. If at any point you feel unsexy you pick up where you left off with my fingers--use your tongue to get me to extend them--and we'll see if I think you're hot. Got that?"

"Yes Master if I think you don't like me while I'm still holding your hand I should use my tongue to make you extend your fingers and suck them again and you said we'll see but it sounds like you mean I'll see that I still please you. Is that what you mean, Master?"

"Yes. Now what's a sorceror's portrait?"

"The way demons and angels look when they have like weird horns or wings everywhere is the way most people see them it's like you let me send you a picture but instead of being polite I give you every image you can see that tells you something about my nature like what I am and who I am and your mind fits it together into something you can see and that's why it turns out weird Master it's like I send you everything about me all at once that's not that much for me but it's still lots more than just Flash and Master it's so irreverant it like wants me to jump on you. I'll show you Master but I please please please want you to remember I'm girl-shaped and it's not fake it's real I'm just showing you another way of knowing who I am."

"I understand, cutie. I'll remember that, but I want to see this. I want to know everything I can about you. Is there anything different I need to do than before?"

"Yes it can be super super super confusing because I'm not like just saying one thing at a time I'll be using everything I can find at once like if I said all the words of this sentence on top of each other so I'm going to keep pushing until you tell me I'm done instead of stopping when I feel you see it like with Flash I was being polite it's polite to stop fast as a signal you understood but I won't with this because you'll need time to see all of me."

"Okay. Weird, tell you to stop when I get it, anything else?"

"Please don't be afraid of me after you see it I'm nice I promise I really am just your cocksleeve who wants to make you cum and be happy no matter how I look that's what I am Master I promise."

"I undersand, cocksleeve. I promise not to freak out."

I narrowly avoid chastising her for being too scared before realizing what it would mean for a creature like her to feel unappealing.


"I'm ready when you tell me to be Master."

"Good cocksleeve. Let's do it."


Her psychic strength takes me unawares after all her talk about being simple and unwise. A torrent of powerful images overwhelms me, like a sentence with all of its words overlapping, just as promised, and...in the first moments an image forms like one of those mythological paintings of eye-covered wheels and strange bestial forms, but it's of, well, a cocksleeve, soft and fleshy and with a pointed, two-flapped end that merges cunt, mouth, and hand into a tonguelessly prehensile single hole. Around her--her gender might be cocksleeve but she gets feminine pronouns until she objects because I feel I can make a good case for a cocksleeve being female--"neck" is a pearl necklace whose pearls are adorably large until I realize they're a scale reference and she's small, just broad enough to take my cock with a bit of a stretch. 

I want to take it in my hand, hold it lovingly, like--

"You're so cute!"

Around this is a wall of other images I think I lack to psychic or mythological skill to integrate like overstruck type blackening a page, jackhammers and paint shakers and other references to bouncing and pounding, a comically broad-bristled shaving brush representing a huge urge to serve intimately, a tesselation of her demon-girl form looming in the backdrop like the surface all of this is being projected on, and then so powerfully it makes the rest of the vision decohere--