77 - Chapter One

Shining from head to toe in makeup and fun jewelry, crown on my head, my party-skirt flapping and rainbow stockings glow to make Boobsong and the jewelry I commanded her shine rainbow, still smacking our gum, we zoom down the tube to the hangar and plop into the Waifu's open cockpit.


"Take your station and bring us online for launch, handmaiden!"

Slide down suggestive don't you want me to pick your skirt up and suck you off right here? Turn around and lean against your foot and plug my tail in. Wake up computer, time to fly!

The HUD snaps on with its horizon bars aligned to the Down of the hangar here and things start booting, and I take the independent-axis controls in my hands, but I don't ask my game to strap us in, because we aren't playing StarFox right now, and the one we are playing has a different way of keeping you in your seat--or not, which might be fun.

Close canopy...warp core temperature rising...nacelles open and ready...main thruster online...backup inertial damper check eep falling yes they work...wait for deflector power-up...ready to launch Princess!

I can strum her wordlessly, push one of the buttons I've made my eravahk sprout with a command in mind, pick up the Waifu's controller and give her orders, but sometimes there's no replacement for a royal command. 

"Hang on tight."

Grab your leg hard!

With my thumb on the X button:

"Activate catapult."


As acceleration hurls my head back against the headrest and turns my boobs just a little painfully into pancakes I mash X and the roar of accelerators sends us blurring out of the hangar and thundering through the water beyond it and then bursting with a roar and blur of droplets against the canopy we explode through the surface to see the swooping-brilliant waves of the Painted Sea in all their cartoon glory, and threaded all through them, glowing eerie-bright under the waves and shining in space silver and obsidian and rainbow and colors even I don't have words for, is Rl'yeh Sade--there to the right, a spiraling wave light-years long curls into a black sphere with some kind of metal frame around it, in the middle distance (relatively) what look like flecks of crystal held together like metal shards by magnetism arch into something that's neither and both mountain and castle, above us sails a kiteship so big it's got pinprick window-lights like the Enterprise-D, everywhere is so wonderful-strange I can't describe it.

"Alright, Acme Station. Which way smells kinkiest?"

Sniff smell with Acme Station sense...they're all so great I can't tell...

"Princess every way!"

Laughing, I gimbal-lock the rotate stick and make the world a spinning glowing blur until we're both dizzy, inertial dampers or no, then bring us to a stop.

"Lay in a course, conn. Second star to the right, straight line. Warp factor, oh, six point nine."

Bwahaha yes captain course laid in.

Of course I'm doing it, just who the hell do you think I am? I take my hand off the translate stick and raise two fingers by my head, then point them forward.



And they all lived happily ever after, but that's how the story starts. Read how in Starlight Princess: Search for the Monoliths, coming soon!