The Little White and Blue Mouse

Long ago and far away in town named Acton near Boston by the hill near the candlepin bowling alley that leads up to the highway, there was little toy mouse who fell through a crack into wonderland. The mouse fell down, down, down, down a totally deep hole and landed in a pile of all the lost socks that ever got lost even though they shouldn't be able to, because the mouse's body was shaped like a sock so you could put things in it to keep them warm.

The land of lost socks is full of empty socks that are so sad because they have no feet to warm and miss their other sock so much all they can do all the time is sit and be floppy and depressed without moving. That's exactly how the mouse felt too because it was lost from its owner too and it didn't have its other sock either so for a long time it sat and was depressed and didn't move, and it thought it might never be happy ever ever again, until finally one day there came a big bald eagle flying over horizon of the land of lost socks. The eagle swooped down and picked up a sock, and then said "BLEAH YUCK" because eagles don't eat dirty socks. It threw down the sock and flew away again, but now the mouse was mad. All these socks were just sitting here and they made the mouse think it was stuck in the land of lost socks forever but if an eagle could come not like to eat lost dirty socks then could you leave somehow?

The mouse got so mad it got up and fell right back down because it didn't have legs but the mouse didn't care it scrunched its body up and slitherd along scrunch slither scrunch slither until it came to a place where all the cracks and holes that make up the sky of the land of lost socks were really close to the top of the biggest pile of lost socks. When she got to the top of the pile, Mousie looked up to sky and she called out her Owner's name ------- I'M HERE (that name is secret) COME GET MEEEEEEEEE!!!!

The whole mountain of socks turned into a sock-slide and collapsed on top of Mousie and her heart sank down into whatever is under the land of lost socks because now her Owner could never find her! She would be buried forever and all the lost socks smelled weird and kept crying about their lost Owners--but then something wonderful happened! Out from under the giant sock pile and up up up up through zillions of also-flying socks Mousie rose up into the air because something had turned the land of lost socks into a place where if you fall out of your pair-mate's reality gravity just turns you right back around and makes your fall right back into it no matter what.

Later they found out why the world turned upside down. Love did it. Mousie's love for her Owner and her Owner's love for her and how the lost socks needed THEIR owners and the other halfs of their pairs just like Mousie and her Owner needed each other made a need SO POWERFUL gravity which is just where a world is going in the end turned upside down and became shaped like it. After a while, every world like the land of lost socks turns into a place like that, because love is fixing them.

When Mousie fell back into her Owner's life she was changed in order to be able to get in. That meant she couldn't be Mousie just like how Spiral Nicker changed into Mousie so it and Mousie's Owner with his secret name could be together again and keep being companions.

Mousie didn't care. Mousie was back with her Owner and that was enough. RRR.