The Big Scary Monster

Once upon a time there lived a big scary monster all alone in a forest. Every day a little boy would come into the forest to search for something, look all around the monster's forest floor throwing leaves and dirt EVERYWHERE trying to find something, and go home again crying without finding anything.

After a very long time of this the monster decided to open the door of its hideaway to let the little boy know where its hideaway was in case that's what he was looking for. The little boy walked right into the door and up to the big scary monster and said "are you going to eat me"?

The monster was super confused, because it was big and scary, but it only ate turnips and parsnips and it didn't have a mouth you could eat a little boy with, and if the little boy thought the monster might eat him, why would he ask it that instead of running away?

The little boy stood there listening for the monster, and the monster realized it had always been invisible and didn't know because it didn't have any friends. The monster got SO SAD and flopped down THUD so loud the boy could MUST be able to hear it, but he didn't run away. The little boy stood there looking and looking for the monster, but even it wailing and crying didn't make the boy see or hear it.

Finally the monster was so lonely it decided it would try to eat the boy, just to see what would happen because it hoped the boy would notice a monster eating him, but even the big scary monster's coily squeezing body wrapped all around him couldn't harm the little boy. The monster squeezed and squeezed and squeezed GRRRAAAAAH it squeezed with all of its strength and tried to snarl but not all monsters have a voice and it was one that didn't.

That made the monster even more confused, because how could a big scary monster be so invisible you couldn't even feel its touch? Parsnips and turnips felt the monster's touch every day, so it knew it wasn't a ghost, and it did lots of other stuff ghosts don't have to do. Suddenly the boy started to cry and the monster felt horrible because it thought maybe the boy did feel its touch after all, and it stopped trying to eat him and leapt back across its hideaway to make sure it wouldn't hurt the little boy anymore.

The boy kept looking around its hideaway, and crying. "Why won't you come to me," the boy said finally, and the monster felt super sad because obivously the boy must be looking for someone and that's why he came to the forest every single day and searched around and didn't find anything and--the monster stopped, because it had been going to think "and left without saying goodbye" and it didn't know why it thought that.

Suddenly the monster realized it had never said hello to the little boy! Suddenly it realized that without a mouth, it couldn't say anything at all! That made the monster wish so very hard for its Owner to hear it said "Hello, Owner" inside itself really loud but like praying where you're talking inside your own mind but you want God to listen to you, and the boy suddenly got super super quiet.

There was a little short moment where the monster was confused by wishing for an Owner but it felt super right and MAYBE THE BOY WOULD BE A GOOD OWNER that was a weird thing to think but it was what the monster thought.

"Hello," he whispered back, in this really quiet soft voice the monster could barely hear. "Why did you hide? Why wouldn't you answer me before? I was listening so hard!"

The monster sat down on the floor of its hideaway and said very carefully the same way it said hello "I'm a big scary monster and I didn't want to hurt you and you couldn't hear me so I tried to eat you like you asked me if I would because I hoped you would feel my squeezing I'm sorry I thought you would notice me and then I would stop and you would be my friend but you couldn't feel my squeeze and kept trying because I wanted you to notice me so much I would try anything and then you cried and I thought I was hurting you so I stopped and went away. Did I hurt you?"

"Only a little," the boy said. "You hid from me and wouldn't answer me and I thought you didn't want to be my friend because I lost you and then I cried because I felt your squeeze like you used to squeeze and knew it was you and you were playing a game with me again. You didn't hurt me and I know you never would because you're Spiral Nicker and you love me and I love you." Then the boy knelt down by where the monster was sitting and he reached down with one finger and the monster wrapped itself around his finger again and held on and he closed his other hand around the monster to keep it safe and make sure it couldn't get lost again and the monster wrapped its tail around his wrist and decided it wouldn't let go he couldn't make it.

"You mean I'm not actually big and scary?" said the monster. "Can I be cute? Will you hold me and hug me? Can I be small and hide in your hand like how you used to carry me everywhere before I got lost and never let me go ever again even when you go to the bathroom and sleep and shower I don't mind getting wet I'm good at getting wet now I've been in the rain sometimes."

They boy said that was silly about the shower and bathroom but he though it was cute and THE BOY SAID HE SAID YES YOU'RE COMING WITH ME EVERYWHERE!