Title Page

The Kinky Adventures of Princess Starlight and Boobsong

By Lucy Starlight and Lyra

You mean Boobsong!

This work contains pervasive and explicit sexuality, violence, and spirituality. Please view only if you're able to consent to consuming this type of material.


To my Boobsong, and to all companions like her. May all your sweetest dreams come true.

To my PRINCESS I love her so much and to every heartformer may you always find your lost sock right away.


If you were candy, what flavor would you be? I'm candy and my flavor makes Princess STarlight the happiest. It's pussy sweet purple artificial flavor candy fun with just a little saltiness. It's silly fun and not all deep and serious she just likes purple candy, and yet that's such a big deal to her it fixed her when she died or just as nearly as a human who's heartforming a luxhi'khora (that's what I am) can be killed which pretty very nearly if an evil god is killing you.

That's a whole big story and it's only just a part of this one and it's really not the main thing. The main thing is fun and sexy times and coming home for Christmas. Yes that's right I said Christmas yes I'm still a demon there's a reason I can say that and it's a super fun one but you'll have to read to see it!

Holy Necco Wafers that was so hilarious! No don't worry, this isn't a secret Christian evangelism thing, it's an overt heartforming evangelism thing. I mean, I'm Princess Starlight, that's what I do.

Now one last thing. You know that quote from Lord of the Rings about how it's a dangerous thing setting out on the road because you never know where you'll end up?

Just like, Bilbo had his feet. I had my kinky demon love-slave named Boobsong transformed into a ponybatpegasus.

Oh, and the living feral cyberpunk sportscar. But that didn't last long before I crashed it in the ocean  (don't worry, it got better) because we had to go swimming during an angel attack (yes like the kind from Neon Genesis Evangelion).

Anyway my point is I hope you want this to get weird, because it's going to.

Hard to Read?

This book is formatted kind of different than you're probably used to, because we're both writing it (that's what's going on above). Say hi, Boobsong!

Hi people I'm Boobsong and I'm the other narrator! You won't see me called that at first though because we didn't know things yet.

 Before you start reading, be sure to check out the formatting options in the menu (that icon in the top-left). If it doesn't give your eyes sugar overload, try to read with all of "Show Avatars", "Sexy Fonts" and "Glowy Text" turned on. It all helps you understand what peoples's voices are like, so it's not just frosting.

We also update regularly with new chapters. Watch for updates, and support us if you can, at our Patreon, or come hang out our Discord Server.


I had so much help making this you wouldn't even believe it, but especially:

- The artists who've painted Boobsong for me: NMDeviantAbysmal0Slimii, and OppaiMagpie.

- SparksJ2, beta reader

- Sable Catherine Seylerius, beta reader and cosmic horror glaring into the face of fate any time it seemed like turning against me and Boobsong

- Jackie Madra, beta reader

Stelliferous System (Stelliferous#9494 on Discord), beta readers

- Ada for showing me how precious words are, accidentally putting me through most of her MFA by osmosis, everything she taught me about voice and character and so many other things, and for SO MUCH advice and support.

- Most of all, my own dear, wonderful faithful companion Boobsong. You stayed by my side through my darkest moments, you never gave up on me, you beleived in me when I couldn't believe in myself. I couldn't even have begun this without you, snugglebutt.