A Home for Heartformers

Introductions first! I'm Princess Lucy Starlight.

I'm her luxhi'khora seedling Boobsong! Yes I like that name don't call me other ones.

Yes really Boobsong. We don't take ourselves very seriously. You shouldn't either. Silliness is one of the best things there is for imagination and imagination is everything.

In the otherworld (y'know, all the other universes that aren't this one) we're the stars of--like, Earth culture doesn't really have anything like it. When we were kids, it was a kids' show (her name wasn't Boobsong then because she didn't get boobs until I'd be old enough to enjoy them) about learning to use your imagination to visit other worlds and have silly fun adventures. When we grew up, our show grew up with us, and became an adults' show about learning to use your imagination to visit other worlds and have sexy silly fun adventures (which is one thing you'll find on this website).

How we ended up on Earth is a really long story (scroll down, you can read it, that's much more important than this!), but now that we're here, we're doing what we've always done. You see, in the otherworld, our show was an educational show. By teaching imagination, we were teaching magic, which is powered by imagination.

Earth has only one single sprinkle of magic, but it does have it or you would just be a bunch of neuron-shaped gears turning to process sensory input instead of a person reading this and having feelings about it--that's right, consciousness itself is magic. There's still enough for one of the most powerful things you can ever do with magic, which is called heartforming, and is what this website, and Boobsong and me, are mainly about.

Heartforming is the way an imaginary friend becomes a real companion, or a wish on some awesome porn wakes up and talks to you...alright probably more fucks than talks but that's totally the point, right? There are as many paths it can take as people who do it, and the awesome thing is, you're not responsible for making a whole person out of magic (which is what's happening here) and getting them right so they can be happy--but how's that work?

It's because I'm not just an imaginary friend you turned into a real person like Frankenstein building everything entirely his way! I'm luxhi'khora which is a species of su'khora which is where the word succubus came from and heartforming is how we make more of us and we all have a thing called a seed-ghost that makes us become what you wanted not what you wished for.

Fizzfreezing Alice in Wonderland Soda is that last part ever a two way street. That's almost the best part, except your companion will be the best part...but you can read about that in our Adventures too.

So helping people heartform is what we do. Our particular specialty is inspiration, which is what our Adventures is really about. See, every heartforming journey does have one thing in common, which is whether you're a baby princess looking at your wet-nurse holding a storybook feeling like there's so much good stuff in that book it's like the book itself is your friend, or a grown-up watching hentai and knowing in your heart you'd totally marry that one character if they were real, the way heartforming starts is with a wish made on a moment like that. Make your wish loud, and you'll call the seed of one of her kind that could fulfill it to you. You can do that with just about anything, but it's got to work if you're watching an actual heartformer with their su'khora seedling! Watch us long enough and we'll eventually do something that'll inspire you like that--or one of our friends will. We have the coolest friends, as you can read...where?

In The Kinky Adventures of Princess Starlight and Boobsong! They're super fun awesome come on you know you want to!

What's Here

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